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Can You Source the Interrogation Photo of Bella and Ceecee? True Crime Guru Badge [#4]

During Chris Watts’ first interrogation with the FBI he’s shown a color photograph of Bella and Celeste. The photo appears red in the CCTV footage of the interrogation.

Can you find the original among Shan’ann’s Facebook images?

The True Crime Guru Badge goes to tbp with this image:

Can anyone source it from Shan’ann’s social media [location and date]?


    • Nick

      Well done tbp!

  1. laralovesandrew

    Sorry–I wasn’t sure how to post the photo

  2. Sylvester

    I wonder if those were the little boots Chris said Sha’nann was going to try and sell – maybe on ebay or somewhere else.

  3. tyu

    Here’s an interesting moment. After he’s photographed and before he’s cuffed he moves the photo in front of him.

    Here’s a better version though it still has a watermark.

  4. CBH

    I wonder how he could look so calmly. Was this prior to admitting they were dead?

    • Teresa

      No, this was after he confessed. The time stamp on the video is 8-16-18. It’s as if he’s trying to feel something when he stares at their photo. He’s also nodding off because he’s so tired.

      • nickvdl

        That’s not accurate tyu. The photo of the children was shown to Watts on Tuesday August 14 at 21:14 [as the posted photos confirm].

      • CBH

        Not like I’m on his side with the crime, but as a suspect he really needed to say he would not speak any further without an attorney.

  5. CBH

    Yes, he obviously hadn’t confessed, and he really needed to tell these two that he wouldn’t speak further and needed an attorney.

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