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“Does her family call her Shan’ann?”

At 11:19 in the video clip below, Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Tammy Lee asks Chris Watts [on the record] how to say and spell Shan’ann’s name. Watts answers:

“So the way they spelled it, it was like Shan Ann. Like with an apostrophe…She was named after Sha Na Na.”


  1. Ilovedogsandcats

    Chris and all of her friends pronounce her name “Shah-nan” but her parents say “Shannon”, so it’s confusing

  2. ncam619

    His parents call her shanann (pronounced shannon). If she was named after “sha na na” then why isn’t her name spelled shanana ?? He lies in about the dumbest shit

    • mitzi2006

      Didn’t he also say that you pronounce it as in “shenanigans?”

      • LW

        I think Nickole Atkinson said “as in shenanigans” to a detective.

    • Ralph Oscar

      If the “Sha Na Na” thing is true, then “Shannon” sounds more like “Sha Na Na” than “Shan’Ann” as in “shenanigans”.

      There’s *definitely* shenanigans, though.

  3. Sylvester

    Haha ncam

    • Sylvester

      Sha na na played at Woodstock so maybe Frank and Sandi are hippies

      • EllTee

        They also had a short-lived variety show back in the late seventies or early eighties.

        Such an obscure act to name one’s child after, but hey, I’ve seen way more “outrageous” names than hers. I have a soft spot for the actual name “Shannon”, though. I had a good friend by that name, and I just think it’s so pretty.

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