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The Atkinson Transcripts [#4 of 15]

On the night of August 14, CBI agent Greg Zentner was dispatched to Boulder to interview the most crucial witness in the Watts case. The transcript below is an excerpt from a 72 page document spanning 3223 lines of text.

CrimeRocket is the first to reproduce and analyze this critical transcript in-depth. The entire transcript has been broken down into 15 sections.

The fourth part includes:

  • Nickole’s concerns and suspicions when Watts arrives and immediately ducks into the garage
  • Watts strange entry into the house

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The audio for the above transcript is available here.

The fifth part deals with Nickole’s impressions inside the house/crime scene in more detail.


  1. Sylvester

    So – I think he opened that Lexus car door to provide a distraction, and get them away from the front door, where they would have been able to peer through the side door panels and see that he wasn’t coming around to immediately open the front door, but he ran upstairs – or possibly he ran down to the basement but that would have taken more time. I think he needed to do some adjusting in the upstairs bedroom – either he ripped the sheet off the bed and the pillow cases, scattering the pillow and comforter – then down to the kitchen trash – before opening the door, or he had pocketed the wedding rings from the truck and put them on the nightstand. Someone ought to run a test with a stop watch and see how long either activity might take. Anyone with a large house and stairs want to try it? I don’t think he put anything in the car, or took anything out, just my opinion.

    • Nick

      I think he definitely needed to plant the phone.

  2. Sylvester

    Yes, that is a key ingredient here – but couldn’t he have planted it the morning of the murder? It would be very helpful to know what time it was turned off.

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