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Watch the moment Watts retrieves Shan’ann’s ring from the master bedroom

At 34:35 in the clip below, Watts heads into the master bedroom and comes out holding Shan’ann’s ring.

At 38:48 Officer Coonrod heads back into the bedroom and asks:

“There was no note or anything by the wedding ring?”

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  1. Fred Gonzalez

    It’s a very interesting sequence. Watts is seemingly under major suspicion and Officer Coonrod is just observing him. Watts is forever occupied on his phone and I’m sure everyone there is wondering why he doesn’t the least bit concerned. He might as well be waiting on a pizza to be delivered. The best is the way he comes out of the room with an odd way to display the ring. I would say it’s almost very distant, not the way I would hold my missing wife’s ring, clutched in my palm. The reaction he gets is also strange. Nicole doesn’t seem to react much other than put her head down and Officer Coonrod doesn’t say a word or acknowledge it from what I can tell. I think Chris even seems like “ah man they dont buy that she left me”. If there was a meter of innocent/guilty at upper the right screen, like a video game, by this point in the video it would be way past the halfway mark.

    • Eleni

      well said.

    • Pam Foldesi

      Fred Gonzales:
      Derek van Schaik’s body language video of these sequence is so obvious.
      I know Nick doesn’t like posts of other observers, but Derek van Schaik’s interpretation of that scene is so obvious.
      Chris touches his pocket where he has her ring.
      Officer Coonrod speaks, interrupting Chris Watt’s intention of going into the bedroom to retrieve the ring.
      A moment later, CW goes into the bedroom alone, and comes out with that ring on his extended finger like a gun.
      There is no escaping what this expert has picked up on.
      You will have to search for Derek’s video on this topic, I suppose I should not post it.
      Derek also says, in that video, “If you’ve never seen a grown man shit his pants, watch…”
      I laughed my ass off about that one.

      • Fred Gonzalez

        That’s one video I haven’t come across. I will definitely check that out! Yea I saw how he pats his pocket and I thought that was weird or foreshadowing what he was about to do.

  2. Eleni

    Is there any way that Chris Watts has a brain tumor that has driven him mad? Could what he did have an organic cause? It makes no sense on any level.

  3. Kaye

    He’s sucking in his bottom lip too when he is holding out the ring. He makes that strange face when he’s doing something deceptive, almost like he’s trying to nurse off an imaginary baby bottle!

  4. Karen

    He may as well have put that ring on the end of a 10′ stick. It was just another way of distancing himself

  5. Diana

    Obviously Chris wants Nickole and the police to believe Shan’ann left him, why else would she leave her wedding rings behind! It disgusts me when I envision him slipping those rings off Shan’ann’s cold dead hand. I gave this subject a lot of thought over the months and I’m thinking those rings are what he grabbed out of the Lexus that Monday when he arrived home to Nickole and the police waiting to get inside. I think Chris went to load Shan’ann’s body into his truck and caught sight of her rings right then and saw dollar signs, after all, that was a nice size rock. He probably made a snap decision to hurriedly toss them in her car that was conveniently nearby at that moment, and tell whoever that night that he “found” them on the nightstand, but “finding” the rings in front of the police and Nickole would make it appear he really did just find them at that moment. I noticed too that the passenger side door of the Lexus would be closest to you if you were in that garage and were, perhaps, loading dead bodies. He didn’t want to risk having the rings in his possession in his work truck. Driving home that day he came up with his Plan B – grab the rings on the way in and fake like Shan’ann left them behind in front of a captive audience. He knew enough to know the police would investigate him and find out if he pawned them, so this would be the perfect time to show how the rings innocently came into his possession. Maybe he pondered the cops hauling the Lexus away to look for forensic evidence and figured he HAD to get the rings out of it ASAP. If you recall his mind was on money that morning too. Remember, he called the realtor and took the kids out of school. This scenario with the opening of the car door incident makes the most sense of all to me.

  6. LaraLeon

    The way he holds their symbol of commitment is the way he felt about it,with so much disdain, almost disgust, like he didn’t want to touch it with his hand. But of course he is clueless and cant understand other people can see that so clearly.

  7. Sylvester

    I think two things when he’s retrieved the ring. If Nickole replays that moment in her mind did she notice if the ring was there prior to him going into the bedroom alone, and coming back out with it on the end of his finger – and that it matters to him what she thinks of him, and that is why he first presented it to her, like some specimen – and proof that both of his stories make sense – she was leaving him when she disappeared, and/or she left in a hurry without taking her (phone) and ring so might she have been taken?

    But it’s also obvious that he has been following Nickole around everywhere she’s wandered – upstairs – even though he’s also on the phone. He is very worried, to me, that she might see something he has forgotten to hide, clean, or move out of the way. He’s more afraid of her than he is Officer Coonrod, or Nicolas Atkinson.

  8. ncam619

    Before he enters the bedroom he put his phone down on the table outside of the room in preparation for the set up. It was so noticeable because it was the first time he puts that stupid phone down. Does he know that the cops are recording his every move?? It’s hard to believe anyone is that stupid.

  9. Diana

    ncam69 I’ve said from the moment I got to see these videos that he acts like he has no idea that he’s being recorded. I’ve seen on other forums where people defend him when they call him dumb. Everyone is smart in some areas and not so smart in other areas. He’s not dumb, his actions just tell me that he’s not an experienced criminal or mass murderer.

  10. Sylvester

    I agree with the things you have said Diana. This is why he’s so fascinating. Could any of us kill? We want to say no – what circumstances would align themselves such that we could kill? What stops us? Why couldn’t he stop himself. He seems naive to me – if he were pretending to be happy all along he was being inauthentic for a very long time. Then he sort of woke up with Nichole Kessinger. He began to feel things and I don’t think he wanted to go back to the way he had been being. So he had to kill the old Chris along with everything that represented Chris and who he had been. That’s one possibility, like an existential death but look what he has now in it’s place. He’s just as good as dead now spending the rest of his life behind bars – and probably not put in with the general prison population just yet for his own protection – only interaction might be with prison guards. Dead.

  11. Ralph Oscar

    I’m thinking like Diana. On the way out to the truck, Chris realized he could use Shan’Ann’s rings for two purposes. First of all, plant them at the house to support his thesis that she had decided to leave him since their marriage was over. Rings being the most potent symbol of the marriage and all. Then, he could either sell them ($$$) or repurpose the stone(s) into a nice ring for NK.

    For the rings to have been placed into the Lexus, Chris would have had to have been carrying the bodies through the garage to load them, or at least passing through the garage. Loading his tools and that gas can would be good reason to go through the garage. Are we certain he didn’t just bring them out the front door? I remember the neighbor’s video showing Chris’s boots but now I can’t remember if he was coming through the garage or not. Of course he couldn’t just put the rings in his pocket and carry them around with him all day – what if he was caught and searched?

    Did the police sweep the master bedroom before Chris “found” her rings there? If only he’d taken the 45 seconds to run the rings back upstairs earlier, that would have made his life much easier.

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