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Deeter goes to Hospital, Baby Monitor Footage, Bella putting doll under Green Blanket, Shan’ann mocks her husband and the Trip to Punta Cana – Watts Family Photos February/March 2017

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Notice in the image below, the sheet in the background is of the same type used to dispose of her body.

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Here we see Bella wrapping her father and her doll in a blanket, which goes some way to showing that it is possible she wrapped the doll in the twister mat. 

fullscreen capture 20190126 224832fullscreen capture 20190126 224904fullscreen capture 20190126 224953

If Watts was a dutiful husband, this sort of thing couldn’t have been very encouraging especially posted on social media. Scroll down to read the comments.

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  1. Carolyn

    To visit Shanann’s life via YouTube makes this tragedy so personal. Of course, there have been numerous tragedies like this one; but, it feels as though we know Shanann, Bella, and CeCe. We even love her little boy, Niko. The fateful encounter between Chris Watts and Nicole Kessinger has affected the hearts of millions. No exaggeration. Star crossed is misleading and too gentle a description; evil, blackness, dark depavity, hell bound, Chris Watts and Nicole Kessinger. Rest In Peace, angels. We won’t forgive or forget.

    • thetinytech2018

      Star crossed has nothing to do with this. She was incapable of living in reality and was quite delusional, and he will die much like he lived, like a coward. I’ve seen her YouTube, but it’s just one big superficial shill for yet another terrible pyramid scheme she got into that led them to even more money troubles. Those videos are what she pretended to be, not who she was.

      • Teresa

        It’s not a pyramid scheme shame on you

  2. Shannon

    Wow, there has to be a million pictures she took, the last few years. But as usual she’s in every picture. Where’s her so called friend Nicole A.
    Yes Bella could have wrapped that doll. Kids do that, wrap them play toys.
    These pics almost 2 yrs ago.
    We don’t know for sure if Chris saw all her posts.
    He’s never responding to any of them. You see everyone’s comments, but his. Interesting.

    • DCFan1911

      You won’t see his comments because he had deleted his Facebook, thus, any comments he would have made would have disappeared. We thus will never know what he may have been saying about any of this…

      • Love/hate true crime in equal measure

        Sorry DCFan1911, didn’t see your comment before I posted almost the same thing! 🙂

      • Shannon

        Clarification. I meant on her posts.

    • Love/hate true crime in equal measure

      It is likely that all his comments/likes etc disappeared when he deleted his facebook account.

    • thetinytech2018

      I know that she had control of his Facebook for a while, probably so she could post about that pyramid scheme she signed him up for when she joined. I wonder if that’s why?

      I know on at least one occasion she posted from Chris’s Facebook pretending to be him and sang her own praises, so to outsiders looking in it appeared it was him. That’s so weird.

      • jillkristina

        omg she did all that??! Thats is a new kind of control freak. More like extreme insecurity. wow.

  3. Sylvester

    I had a terrible thought – even the dog was somehow sick -sick mother, two sick children, and now the dog

    • marielangford3311

      Sylvester,, I thought the same!

      • marielangford3311

        Those type dogs do have lots of back problems though.

    • terry

      Likewise ….How weird the dog was sick too!

    • Marcie

      Oh my gosh Sylvester- I’m reeling after seeing that Dieter was sick too!

      And Shanann just rolls with all of those medical terms. She did take some LPN courses. And then dropped out. But she sure liked the lingo. Just not enough to get a real medical job.

      No doubt in my mind at all now, that Shanann was a totally Munchausen and Munchausen-by-proxy disordered nutcase!

  4. CDB

    I’m sorry… where did Shannan mock Chris? There are a bunch of posts of her saying how much she loves him. There’s the photo of the two girls sitting on her lap, and him making a funny face, and that is obviously just a joke. Kids get really attached to their mothers.

    • Shannon

      Just here going on about kids want mommy all the time. Her in chair with kids, dieter.
      Chris sitting by himself.

      • marielangford3311

        Shannon, her snarky comments to other people made it worse too ! Kids pick up on that

  5. Windriver

    I dont think Chris was a narcissist or psychopath…..My bet is Asperger’s Syndrome…they seem like the sweetest people but, no empathy or ability to think about anyone but themselves.

    • nickvdl

      I wonder how Kessinger fell in love with him if he never thought about her?

      Aren’t there one or two videos of Watts doing things for other people like the laundry, feeding his children, cutting their hair. Or doesn’t that stuff count?

    • Shannon

      I take it you haven’t read any of the posts, comments, transcripts.
      Chris did many, many things for his family, and barely anything for himself.

      • marielangford3311

        That is true Shannon! And she repaid him by embarrassing him and putting him down. And then she would post how much she loved him,, No man wants to be treated that way.

  6. EJ

    I am sorry for being off topic but I really don’t like her nails, so tacky.

    • Rebecca

      Supposedly she had her nails done every 2 weeks up to her death. Huge cost! $35-$45 plus tip each time. And that’s just for a manicure not pedicure. That’s a lot of money when you are broke. Things like this in her photos speaks volumes.

      • Sally D.

        Rebecca, I agree — in addition to the manicures, her large closet was crammed full of clothes and shoes, and Bella and CeCe never wore the same things twice (those NFL jerseys aren’t cheap and the girls probably outgrew them very quickly). They had many different special holiday-related outfits that would only be worn once. A large house with way more space than they needed. All their furniture looked fairly new. Add all that to the school expenses, medical bills, and all the other usual expenses of a family with two toddlers. It’s no wonder one or both of them were stressed about finances.

      • Ralph Oscar

        Since you brought up the nails – some of those photos of the patterned nails just *scream* “Jamberry” to me. Shan’Ann apparently wasn’t a Jamberry rep, but I wonder if she had a “friend” who was and they were trading product between each other… If so – and this is pure speculation at this point – then Shan’Ann was paying for the Thrive products she was using to purchase those fancy nail wraps. More money down the toilet, but those products would go toward her own sales numbers.

    • Marcie

      Or eyebrows. She had such delusions…….

  7. kaylaC6500

    So many of you judging her lifestyle. So what is it to you? Tell me you don’t live beyond your means. That you have NO credit card debt, your house and all your vehicles are paid off. This is how society is. Thank goodness she took a lot of pictures, now her parents & brother have those beautiful faces to remember. I am sure she took a lot more pictures that are not selfies. What did her private facebook post show? My favorite picture is of the two sisters holding hands in the vehicle.

    • marielangford3311

      Kayla, her “lifestyle” contributed to her murder. Responsible people in society are not all up to their ass in debt the way the Watts were. My home and vehicle are paid off because I worked and paid for them. She used her husband as an ATM. There are also videos of her giving away cash money in her schemes.

      • Eve

        I don’t think that’s true at all. I think they were both very irresponsible with money. If he didn’t really want a big house like that and she did, that’s still him being irresponsible. He didn’t make a ton of money. Do we have evidence that “she used him as an ATM?”

    • Ralph Oscar

      “Tell me you don’t live beyond your means. That you have NO credit card debt, your house and all your vehicles are paid off. This is how society is.”

      Just because YOU live that way doesn’t mean everybody does, kaylaC. All our vehicles were purchased with cash. We have NO credit card debt. We paid 50% cash down on our house, and we’re making double mortgage payments – we have enough money in investments we could pay it all off if we chose to, but since our mortgage is only 2.99%, we can earn more investing elsewhere and take advantage of the mortgage interest tax deduction (or at least we used to be able to – who KNOWS what fun surprises the changes to the tax code will have for us this year?). There *are* people who live within their means, and they don’t: miss mortgage payments, fall behind on their HOA dues, file bankruptcy, require student loans for their kids to go to college, need to pay their medical bills over time, or struggle under the catastrophic stress of a crushing financial tsunami poised directly over their heads.

    • Tonya

      I completely agree with you 👌🏻
      Why do these people go on and on ranting negatively about her? She’s not alive to even take up for herself. 😢 it’s really quite sad. Thanks ☺️ God bless 🙏🏻

  8. Mustang Sally

    I love that picture, too.

    I also don’t think I’m an anomaly, but I do not have any credit card debt (no credit cards), no mortgage or rent, and vehicles are paid off.

    • Mustang Sally

      …in reply to Kayla. I’m sorry, I thought I hit your reply link!

  9. rmkenned

    Remember when they were looking for her purse in the house when the police first got involved? That purse was a Dolche and Gabanna purse. Retails for $500-$3000. Sw did not have inexpensive taste! All of this information is important and helps you understand the family dynamics.

    • nickvdl

      I’d love to know exactly how much that purse cost her.

      • LGW

        Do we have a clear pic of this purse? Because I know a thing or two about labels and designers and I was stunned the first time I heard she had a Dolce and Gabanna purse. I mean, that’s something Kim K would carry around! Could Nikole have meant “Dooney and Bourke” and just mis-spoke?? I mean, SW had a Lot of handbags, but they didn’t look like D&G type stuff. Those are the type of purses you put in special dustbags, etc. I just really am curious about this purse. If she really was carrying around a D&G handbag, that would have made no sense!!

      • L

        It is a Dooney & Bourke bucket purse. Much cheaper than Dolce and Gabanna! The bucket purses run in the $200-300 range on average. I’m not sure what this one sold for because it is a much older style. It’s not an expensive, in season handbag. So either she bought some of her purses second hand, or she took good care of her purchases. The rich fashionistas of the world would have known it wasn’t current (and yet not old enough to be vintage), and those who are wealthy are more likely to avoid overly “branded” items. However, those trying to impress tend to buy more things with recognizable labels. And the middle class, wanna be weathly folks will recognize designer labels but won’t notice if it’s current season. My sister works in the fashion industry and she taught me you can usually tell by the size and prominence of a handbag’s (or Polo shirt, etc) label who is old money, who is new money, and who is wanna be wealthy.
        If you go to QVCs website and search for item A82293 you can see the purse.

    • JC

      These Dolce & Gabbana prices are insane. A key chain retails for $400. Seriously? She likely paid something in the 4 figure price range for this particular purse unless it’s a knock-off she bought in Mexico. I’ve seen these at upscale consignment shops for $200 plus but I’m guessing she paid retail. That’s what most would consider an extravagant, unnecessary purchase, especially if there are monthly expenses that are going unpaid. You’re paying for a label and perceived value – a display of wealth. Do you think CW knew what she paid for it?

      • Shannon

        Probably a knock off. The purse.
        Shoes are not that expensive. I have about 40 pairs plus all kinds of boots. I have 2 pairs worth 300.00 each and their sandles. Then other shoes anywhere from for 20-200.00.

      • Shannon

        I have a guess wallet, for 250.00.
        But I made 90.000.00 a Year.
        Actually working.

      • LW

        Thank you, L for clarifying on the purse. I KNEW Nickole must have meant “Dooney and Bourke” – much more reasonable than D&G!

      • JC

        I’m sorta relieved to find out the purse was “just” a Dooney. The prices on the D&G website startled me. – perceived value is such a weird phenomenon, CW was, in a way, re-branding himself…simplifying his premium life of Lexus, Dooney & Bourke, and tropical beaches to the more rugged branding of Toyota trucks, Patagonia, and volcanoes.

    • Christie

      She could have gotten it at a thrift shop or given to her by some one as a gift, her parents maybe even chris. Who knows . I have 3 name brand purses my ex boss Tracy have to me for helping her clean her new house

  10. Kaye

    It’s interesting that she tags Cindy Watts in almost every picture she posts of Bella and Cece. If she were really trying to isolate Chris from his family, she wouldn’t bother including Cindy on the posts.

  11. Eve

    I used to really like this website and the comments section in general because of the in-depth analysis going on and the the talk about relationship dynamics, especially compared to people on YouTube who must “picks sides” and if you say anything about her at all, she’s 100% perfect and he’s 100% monster and you are saying she deserved it, or it’s ALL her fault, which is insane for obvious reasons let alone that that everyone forgets about the most insane part of the crime and why it’s even famous-the girls.

    I still like most stuff here but this comments section is almost completely just a shit-on-Sha’naan session with little constructive information. Talking about getting your nails done every two weeks and wondering how much a purse costs and if it’s a knock-off and how it “contributed to her murder” as someone said is a bit absurd, feels a little “Team Watts” and a bit like asking what a rape victim was wearing. People always say “I’m not saying it’s her fault but…” and list these things. If he also spent money he didn’t have or pretended to be ok with her doing so, he’s complicit. And if her nails and purses contributed to her murder, did it contribute to the kids’ murders? If not, then you are by definitely by definition “victim blaming.” And this is coming from someone who would never make it in a relationship with her, hates the social media stuff, would feel suffocated by her, I thought the “wanting Mommy 24/7” thing was mean but I can also see a lot of good in her as well. She is basically in a commercial when we see her usually, and I’m 100% positive that if you’d dug her out of the ground in real life yourself, you’d maybe cut her a break.

    • nickvdl

      “I used to really like this website…but this comments section…”

      Eve you might find at some stage this site will offend virtually everyone. If it doesn’t, it’s not doing it’s job. Its job is to turn every stone and investigate every aspect. In terms of the comments, you should see that as a barometer of public sentiment. Some comments are censored, but overall I try to allow people to speak their minds, and invariably someone is offended. Your wish to sanitize this says a little about this crime, doesn’t it? By pushing away the things we don’t like, do they go away? Like all things in life, if you don’t like something, you’re free to ignore it and go somewhere else.

      The idea that one should cut anyone a break in true crime, as you put it, is a slippery slope. So should some get special treatment? Should we open our eyes to certain areas and close our eyes to others? Who decides what’s fair game and what isn’t? Should some areas be off limits? For example, in a court case, should a victim’s dead corpse not be shown out of respect for the dead? Out of respect, we don’t want to see the injuries they suffered? If you were murdered – this is a serious question – would you want people to see what your murderer did to you? Or would you prefer it hidden away?

      It reminds me of the special treatment Reeva Steenkamp got in the Oscar Pistorius case. In the end, the victim was so silenced and blacked out she ceased to exist. The court narrative eventually found Pistorius guilty not of murdering her, but of murdering an anonymous unarmed intruder [Dolus Eventualis]. At the sentencing, her father took the stand and pleaded with the court to release photos of her injuries. He spoke of plunging needles into his own body to feel the pain she felt where she felt it, and said, even that didn’t work.

      As part of my work I unfortunately have seen numerous autopsies. These images have been burned into my mind permanently, and with that, a visceral sense of sympathy and sadness and support for how a life was literally destroyed. It also evokes a sense of rage against the smarmy perpetrator who acts as if everything is fine, and they’re not guilty of anything.

      You seem to be suggesting you’re speaking for the victim when you say out of respect please don’t talk about Shan’ann, or examine her life.

      • Ralph Oscar

        “If you were murdered – this is a serious question – would you want people to see what your murderer did to you?”

        After JFK was assassinated, his wife Jackie’s chic pink Chanel suit was spattered with blood. Aides asked if she wouldn’t like to change, and she said, “No. I want them to see what they have done.”

      • Sideaffected

        Well when you just quote the “I used to like this site” part..hehe. I do like this site. I got into the CW story late-probably Oct. Probably searched something like “what’s..oil..battery..” and it led me to that looong post about I think oil and rocks and I believe there was an equation involving energy and tank levels and it was wild .I knew I’d find my spot.

        I do think the comments say much about the crime and characters involved of course but much more about us. What does it say about me that I can read through gruesome autopsies that make me feel solemn yet calm and yet people gossiping sort of pettily about Sha’naan (which is sort of how this thread “felt” to me) made me-not offended in the sort of phony PC way that everyone’s offended by everything, but I just had a feeling of wanting to be protective a bit and that she’s somehow become the “underdog.” Even though I’d like to think here we understand the point is not justifying barbarity nor painting victim’s white, that blame and taking sides is juvenile, it happens subtly. It’s become less and less about Chris or even the dynamics and more about her (or Kessinger.)

        No, I am all for talking about her, but I never hear very much positive, unless it’s just a vague “ohh I can’t believe he did that to his lovely family.” I’ll do it, even though it’ll have some negativity probably cause I don’t wanna be disingenuous: however she met them, whatever their jobs, she had good and was a good friend. It may have a little of “I’ll scratch yours if you do mine” in it but her friendships seem mostly genuine. Despite everyone calling her a narcissist, (but who isn’t in popular opinion), she is 100% not. As in she had no NPD. Self-absorbed, all the inherent narcissism that comes with social media, controlling? Yes. Also codependent, insecure, at least somewhat self-aware. But reading through she and Chris’ texts today from the last month of she and girls’ lives, the juxtaposition between their natures is evident. Her “Hold me Tight” is about love (would I ever read it? Of course not, but she’s tryin) and his “hold me tight” is about (misplaced) hate. Plus, I really liked how she admits her faults sometimes and her controlling behavior and I even believe she says she picks on him and is passive-aggressive, something akin to that. Finally, I think one of if not the biggest deep-seated motive for him was feeling trapped between his family and his other family. Nuts happened, whether or not she’s malingering (I don’t think she is based on her reaction-she was genuinely livid and not just being a drama-Queen IMO which makes me think she’s more of a hypochondriac) she really was wanting what was best for him by telling him that he needs to stand up for himself-she says “no one ever protected you from your Mom and someone should have long before me.” My Mom is similar to Cindy on a lesser scale, but does hurtful things on purpose and pretends you are crazy and her motives are pure. so I know what she means, and honestly whenever someone has recognized that it’s been important to me. My Dad is passive like Ronnie and also very important to me..I have one older sibling…ahhh don’t let me near your children! Or..porches

        And speaking of victims being blackened out and ceasing to exist, who haven’t I mentioned this entire novel-length post?

        This isn’t a new thing, I read a whole article about how all these Detectives in England were so mad and frustrated because there was a similar case and they said all anyone talked about was her behavior and how she drove him to it.

  12. Shannon

    Funny. I was thinking almost the same.
    No pun intended, but some of the Posts….aka Headlines, really have nothing to do with them being murdered.
    Who cares about clothes, shoes, nails, furniture.
    They all add up to the Financial aspects.
    This is how there lives were being lived. No body should be faulted for how they live.
    They could have lived in a trailer park with nothing. And this still could happen and it does.
    We need to concentrate on why Chris felt he needed out. Many topics, excellent comments.
    He did what he did, because he felt no other options for him. He didn’t want a divorce. He wanted to sell his house, be by himself, with or without an affair.
    He said he started to Hate shanann about a yr before their demise. So Obliviously, he wanted out before the affair. Time alone for 5 weeks and feelings, opened his eyes.
    The Why…., is all right in the topics and comments. Could it be simple, or is it complicated..
    In reality, only one person knows this answer, and he’s not talking…..yet.
    And I don’t believe he will.
    I love Nick’s writings, they are brilliant.
    Will I continue following, Yes of course….will I still comment…yes…but more selectivity.
    I just feel, sad. The little ones, who are somehow pushed to the side, are gone. No matter how sick, or what their parents were going thru….they are no longer…
    The world is a cruel place, and we need to cherish the air we breathe.

    • nickvdl

      Deep stuff Shannon. When someone dies I think we should examine how we live our lives, in part by looking at how they lived theirs.

      • Ralph Oscar

        “When someone dies I think we should examine how we live our lives, in part by looking at how they lived theirs.”

        You’re right, Nick. And analyzing the dynamic here has caused me no small amount of anxiety. I’ve even had related anxiety dreams. So I’ll go to ground for a few days, but I always come back 🙂

        I think I’m normal in that I have areas of my life that I’m proud and confident in, and other areas where I feel guilt and shame because I haven’t administered them ideally. And this case, where it truly appears that Shan’Ann’s contribution to the dynamic looms so very large, casts such a giant overwhelming shadow over the situation, really drives home how what seem like inconsequential irresponsibilities, deluded decisions, and casually taking things for granted can have catastrophic consequences.

        I could see reacting negatively to your site because of the anxiety the analyses bring up. But that’s not the *site*’s fault! I’m only reacting that way because there’s something I’ve done that is similar enough to what Shan’Ann was doing in some way that I am both frightened and ashamed that I did that so blithely, so carelessly, so unconcernedly. (It’s actually “somethingS”, but you know…) And one of the reasons I come back is because your site helped me gain obviously much-needed perspective so I could change my own behavior – and motivated me to do so. I’m deeply appreciative toward your commentariat as well – you’ve grown a good community here, and that’s to your credit.

        It’s very difficult to power through feelings of horror, culpability, anxiety, and dread when one sees too much of oneself in a victim like Shan’Ann. Far better to never speak ill of the dead, and her murderer was a loose cannon insane nutjob psychopath rabid dog needing to be put down. THEN we never have to deal with any bad feelings, right? THEIR problem, not MINE!

        I tell you what, Nick, I have changed my life because of your site. For the better – definitely. There’s always something to learn.

      • Mustang Sally


        ❤️ It’s posts like yours and the penultimate post above from Nick that I appreciate profoundly…and keeps me immersed in the conversation. It’s not simply about the murders so much as it’s what I’m learning about myself, life, and love. The ability that some of you have to articulate your thoughts Is a privilege to read while the brilliance of Nick’s psychology as he applies it to criminology as well as to life in general is as revelatory as it is masterful.

      • Shannon

        I think what it is with me, is that I go on some real gruesome sites, showing videos of actual deaths. From all over the world. I also read alot about killings, death. Also I have alot of books. These sites are not for the faint hearted.
        There was a professor who was fascinated with the topics of the books I would buy. I would be the only person in the Crime area.
        Last nite I was reading about Necrophilia.
        My Mom was like, really honey……lol.
        This is my first True Crime blog. I find it interesting. So many different thoughts and ideas.
        I think sometimes we forget actual people are being killed. No matter how much we try to justify the actions of the perp.
        Why we have good and evil, is beyond me.
        Are these people wired to kill. Is it in the parents genes, passed thru generations. Their upbringing. What makes them turn on someone they love, or loved.
        Research with the brains is not conclusive. Even a psych evaluation, unless you really got a fuck up in front of you. Mentally unstable.
        But most of these murders are by people who we look at and say…..Him, Her, you got to be kidding me, never would I have thought, they would do this.
        You really can’t trust anyone, today to much stress, people are basically fucked up in their minds.
        Life is not simple anymore.

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