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The Atkinson Transcripts – Nickole describes Shan’ann and Chris Watts “screwin’ like rabbits” before her trip to North Carolina [#7 of 15]

On the night of August 14, CBI agent Greg Zentner was dispatched to Boulder to interview the most crucial witness in the Watts case. The transcript below is an excerpt from a 72 page document spanning 3223 lines of text.

CrimeRocket is the first to reproduce and analyze this critical transcript in-depth. The entire transcript has been broken down into 15 sections.

The seventh part includes:

  • Nickole describes Shan’ann and Watts “screwin’ like rabbits” before she left for North Carolina
  • A strange initial denial that there weren’t any relationship problems between Shan’ann and her husband
  • Nickole describing a “falling out” between Shan’ann and Watts’ parents
  • Nickole making the obvious comment about “of you wanted to leave someone why wouldn’t you take your bag that was already packed…

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The audio for the above transcript is available here.

The next excerpt deals in more detail with the dynamics of Shan’ann and Watts’ relationship from Nickole’s perspective.

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  1. Ralph Oscar

    Wow – that “rabbits” comment. Was Chris trying to make Shan’Ann think everything was just ducky between them so she wouldn’t suspect everything he had planned for while she was gone? If they were truly “intimate” with that amount of frequency, I think it would have been easy for Chris to seduce her once she got back with lovey-dovey expressions of how much he missed her and how much he’d been thinking about being with her once she got back from her trip. Shan’Ann wouldn’t have suspected a thing.

  2. ncam619

    During one of his interviews with cbi chris said the last time they had sex is when the baby was conceived. He said that he always initiated sex and she often “shot him down”. So who’s lying?? Imo, i think chris was telling the truth…for once. Shanann was used to controlling how often they had sex and was distraught when he suddenly began to shoot her down.

  3. EJ

    I did not like Atkinson from the beginning; I am not defending CW but I would kick her out of my home, her and her son. They were there all the time while the police was talking to CW. Why? They’ve done their part, police came and at that moment they should leave. Her and Shan’ann were friends? Through Thrive…some kind of friendship.

    • Ralph Oscar

      “Her and Shan’ann were friends? Through Thrive…some kind of friendship.”

      Yeah, considering that Atkinson then used the publicity surrounding Shan’Ann’s murder to advertise her own LeVel Thrive “business” – they were competitors in the MLM. While I applaud Atkinson for calling in the police so quickly, most everything about her squicks me out.

      Once the police have identified a scene as a homicide scene, as the police officer did, don’t they rush everybody out so as to not contaminate the crime scene?

      • mitzi2006

        When did they declare it a homicide scene? The initial visit when nickole and her son were there was not a homicide investigation, it was a wellness check, they came back with a warrant later, but I don’t remember them saying at all that first day anything about a homicide, just the first officer saying he called the detective in because this was a strange one

  4. Shannon

    I didn’t line NA from the beginning either. Especially her and son in his house. I always said…..get rid of them.
    If only he had been smarter, after the fact.
    I bet Shanann controlled when sex also.

  5. Truth

    Sounds like the nosy neighbor from HELL. Nickole might have meant well but damn this woman was all up in Shannan’s personal business. She’s the type of friend who could break up a marriage.

    • Shannon

      Correct. Very nosy neighbour.

      • nickvdl

        Her nosiness helped bring a triple murderer to justice. There are so many cases where the neighbors hear something but ignore it, or see something and do nothing or worse, don’t notice anything. In almost every high-profile case where neighbors are aware of something, they invariably don’t act.

        It’s refreshing to see someone who was close to the victim who made a material difference to the outcome, and put the suspect off-balance very early on, including right there at the crime scene. Her sense of urgency seemed to activate the interest of the neighbor as well, and so the dominoes began to fall…

  6. Mustang Sally

    What is the point of attacking Nickole and then filtering your perceptions to however she would or would not fit into your life? She was Shan’ann’s friend, acting upon instinct, “nosing” around at the direction of Shan’ann’s mother and their other friends with whom she was actively communicating on the phone during that search, and has since tried to honor her friend while in the glaring spotlight of public opinion.

    This is the type of labeling I have referred to in some of my past posts that I believe blinds people to the person beneath the labels they have been slapped with based upon limited perception, a rush to judgment, shallowness, or simply an unwillingness to look for anything more.

    The biggest losers in those scenarios will always be the person who doesn’t have the time or inclination to peel away those layers as it’s likely to expose someone quite different than you thought they would be.

    Adding the cliche that no one is perfect is just as useless because there is no such thing as psychological perfection; we are all just trying to muddle through life together as best we can with as much empathy, understanding, compassion, love, caring, giving, and taking as seems fair from as clear a perspective as we are willing to manage. So many qualifiers in that statement…as there are in life.

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