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The Atkinson Transcripts – “I’m not putting my friends through a ‘fake happy Chris’…he doesn’t care that he’s hurting me…He’s done…I might go masturbate to relieve stress.” [#9 of 15]

On the night of August 14, CBI agent Greg Zentner was dispatched to Boulder to interview the most crucial witness in the Watts case. The transcript below is an excerpt from a 72 page document spanning 3223 lines of text.

CrimeRocket is the first to reproduce and analyze this critical transcript in-depth. The entire transcript has been broken down into 15 sections.

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The Atkinson Transcripts #9: “He doesn’t care that he’s hurting me…He’s done.” – Patreon

The nineth part includes:

  • Detailed explanations behind the gender reveal, why it was cancelled and how Shan’ann felt about it.
  • Shan’ann wanting good news, wanting to know the gender directly but Nickole wanted to see Shan’ann’s face when she heard so they both decided to wait…

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The audio for the above transcript is available here.



  1. Sylvester

    If anyone has been through a breakup – you know what this feels like. You start dropping weight, you can’t eat, you just stare off into nothingness, you need to talk to anyone and everyone about it, people try and help but you are so needy nothing helps. And, you still have the hope that the person will just come to their senses and remember what you had together. It’s even worse when they aren’t telling you what the real problem is, you feel they are holding something back – you can tell because they are distant, not making eye contact. You are just miserable – and she had the responsibility for her daughters. She couldn’t spend the day in bed but that’s probably what she wanted to do. Then you are angry that someone you lived with for years has the power to crush you like this. Even worse for her because she was pregnant and how was that going to play out – 3 kids, she knows she can’t make it promoting LeVel, she’d have to move in with her parents for a while. As she sat there at the Arizona conference it must have all sounded so hollow to her. Like F LeVel.

  2. ganana

    That statement by Shan’Ann is so loaded, I can’t even…

    What a shame that two innocent little girls died on the altar of their parents’ stupidity and self centeredness.

  3. Ralph Oscar

    Nick, slightly OT, but are you old enough to remember the “Green Beret Murders”, in which Dr. Jeffrey McDonald, a Green Beret captain, murdered his pregnant wife and two young daughters? Here’s a link to a story about the sensational crime: One hypothesis:

    “Former Green Beret Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald was obsessed by a secret woman-hating rage that, unleashed by diet drugs, drove him to kill his pregnant wife and two young daughters in 1970, reported the author of a new book on the case.”

    At one time, I worked for an upscale restaurant, and one of my fellow servers was a distinguished silver-haired gent. He had been a young lawyer with the firm responsible for prosecuting this case. They dumped it on him, the new guy, because it looked unwinnable. I spoke with him about this case at some length – he mentioned that they put a board on the wall and started putting up bits of information. It soon turned out McDonald was involved with many other women.

    But the most amazing part of the prosecution journey, which ended up making a superstar out of my coworker (however briefly), was that blood-typing technology came online during the trial. And it turned out that every member of the family had a different blood type! Investigators found that each person had been killed in a different room on the basis of the blood, and that McDonald’s blood was in the bathroom, contradicting his story about a murderous home invasion.

    Anyway, this is simply another “family annihilator” case with some very similar details, and it came to mind, and I thought of you.

  4. Ralph Oscar

    I ran across another damning MLM article from the FTC – just putting it here to add to the background:


    “FTC officials warned that “multileveling” poses “an intolerable potential to deceive.” MLM is the direct descendent of classic, no-product pyramid schemes. With expansive pay plans and an endless chain of recruitment, MLM assumes both infinite and virgin markets – neither of which exists. MLM is therefore inherently flawed, uneconomic and deceptive. As powerfully demonstrated in Appendix 8A, in all of the 30 MLMs for which average income data was presented in Chapter 7, the “income opportunity” is blatantly misrepresented to prospects. And as reported in Appendix 8B, deception is the name of the game in MLM, as over 100 misrepresentations used to promote and defend MLM are presented and debunked.”

    “According to Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch and

    Every company I have looked at has done at least one of the following.

    – Made misleading statements that could frighten people into taking dietary supplements they do not need.
    – Made misleading statements of product superiority that could induce people to buy products that retail stores sell more cheaply.
    – Made unsubstantiated claims that their products would prevent or remedy health problems
    – Uses research findings to promote products without noting that the findings are not sufficient to substantiate using the products.
    – Uses deception by omission by making statements about the biochemical properties of various substances without placing them in proper perspective. An example would be stating that a certain nutrient is important because it does this or that in the body but omitting that people who eat sensibly have no valid reason to take a supplement.
    – Exaggerated the probability of making significant income.”

    “For almost everyone who buys into an MLM program, it turns out to be a losing financial proposition. This is not an opinion, but a historical fact. For example, in the largest of all MLMs, Amway, only 1/2 of one percent of “active” distributors make it to the basic level of “direct” distributor, and the average income of Amway distributors (not including dropouts) is about $40 a month. That is gross income before taxes and expenses. When “pay to play” purchases and operating expenses are subtracted, it is obvious that nearly all suffer a loss. Even making it to “direct distributor” in Amway, is not a ticket to profitability. When the Wisconsin Attorney General filed charges against Amway in the 80‟s, tax returns were gathered from all distributors in the state. It was found that “direct” distributors (approx. the top 1% of distributors) in Wisconsin suffered an average net loss of $918! And in all of the hundreds of MLMs I have studied, the founders and a few at the top of their pyramids of participants are enriched at the expense of a multitude of downline participants, approximately 99% of whom lose money.”

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