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Watts Family Photos [December 2016]

Shan’ann promotes Thrive as this great freedom giver, but on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day she’s still actively promoting Thrive. How many people want to [or feel they have to] work on those days?

Shan’ann also states explicitly that Celeste is allergic to cashew nuts which are a kind of tree nut.

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  1. LW

    Sigh. She’s always low-key complaining about being a Mom. (Yet she took more vacations in 2 years than I have in the past 8 years – kids or no kids).

    • Diana

      I think Shan’ann complaining about the kids so much was her way of selling Thrive. Her spiel was all about needing to be full of endless energy while caring for two toddlers who were either very rambunctious or sick. She seemed to be thrilled to be a mom in her posts while pregnant. It’s obvious to me that she truly loved her girls – that’s more than I could say about killer dad Chris. When I see videos of Chris doing anything for his kids, I see a dad only doing those things out of a sense of duty, then again, I’m biased knowing how it all ends.

  2. Sylvester

    The thing about those vacations – they were working trips, sponsored by LeVel. I’m sure there was scheduled downtime, but basically you are there to get motivated to help you sell, to be educated on whatever new stuff is coming out so that you can be the first to buy it and then promote it to others so they will buy it. Since Chris was also a promoter he would have had to attend the seminars and workshops. All of the smiles and picture taking and posting is to suggest what a great opportunity this life is and how you too could be sunning yourself on a boat in tropical weather absolutely for freeeeeeeeeeee! It’s all B.S.because part of it is fake frivolity and the other part is it ain’t free. But juxtaposed between their sunny vacay spots and snowy fun in the snow shots is realty. Trips to the hospital, throwing up, medical emergencies, not just the routine stuff of children building up their immune systems but real emergencies. And so I think Shan’ann had these complex layers to her personality on the one hand being the high achiever, but on the other hand needing those medical emergencies to overcome and be hailed as triumphant over. Similar to Richard Nixon, for which it was said needed constant crises over which to prevail.

  3. ncam619


  4. Ralph Oscar

    A couple decades ago, I knew someone who claimed she had chronic fatigue syndrome. But I noticed she had plenty of energy for anything SHE wanted to do.

    Unlike another friend from earlier who geniunely had chronic fatigue syndrome – she was truly disabled. In a given day, she could do a load of dishes or wash her hair. One or the other. And that’s her day.

  5. Lynn Dee

    Breaks my heart.

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