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The Atkinson Transcripts [#8 of 15]

On the night of August 14, CBI agent Greg Zentner was dispatched to Boulder to interview the most crucial witness in the Watts case. The transcript below is an excerpt from a 72 page document spanning 3223 lines of text.

CrimeRocket is the first to reproduce and analyze this critical transcript in-depth. The entire transcript has been broken down into 15 sections.

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The eighth part includes:

  • Nickole’s knowledge of problems between Shan’ann and her husband.
  • Knickole’s knowledge of Watts’ parents “not liking” Shan’ann.
  • Nickole describes being at the Watts’ home on the 8th of August.
  • Nickole explains the circumstances surrounding the gender reveal party and why it was cancelled.

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The audio for the above transcript is available here.



  1. mitzi2006

    What is with the Chris name and family annihilators? Chris Longo, Chris Coleman and now Chris Watts. Odd coincidence

  2. Sylvester

    How about all of the “Nick’s” involved with this case? NVDL, Nicolas Atkinson, Nichole K., Nickole Atkinson, Nick Thayer, Niko

    • CBH

      I’ve noticed that, too. Quite strange, indeed. 🤔

    • Ralph Oscar

      It’s very confusing.

    • mitzi2006

      Yea, that quote that the universe is too lazy for coincidences comes to mind, such odd stuff

  3. Sylvester

    CBH and Ralph – do you think an “emotional conversation” took place – but possibly on the 10th? After they returned from NC Chris is being very unpleasant, distant, no pretense of being social any more. In my opinion they did have that emotional conversation – but it happened before she left for Arizona and not the minute she arrived home. Therefore, he was able to draw on his memory, in listing the details of such an argument – the mascara running down her face, crying, a conversation about selling the house, that he wasn’t in love with her anymore, that he didn’t want the baby, everything but an affair, making it all sound recent, when conveying it to Agent Coder, as if it happened at 4 a.m. on the 13th and not before. Then, consistent with being a two face, he assured her they would talk after she returned from Arizona, get couples counseling, so she would go on and go and he could have what he might have thought in his mind would be one last explosive date with Nichole K.

    • CBH

      That’s an interesting thought. It hadn’t occurred to me but now that you’ve mentioned it, and illustrated it, it’s quite compelling and very probable. And very likely as you say he was able to draw on it while making the agent believe it had only just occurred.

      It’s often said that lying/fabricating comes easily if one uses true incidents as a touchstone.

      Good thinking. 👍🏼

    • Ralph Oscar

      My initial thought is “No” – no conversations coming out of that gray rock (Chris). But I like your scenario – that would go a long way toward explaining her “not being herself” on that trip to AZ, her dark mood, her being so unhappy etc. And I think we need to be on high alert for details that are *factual* that Chris is providing, only in a different context so as to sound honest and convincing, which you picked up on. Like the “emotional conversation” that happened on a different day; like the “rubbing her back and shoulders” which wasn’t to “wake her up” but to put her off guard so he could strangle her; like how Bella was blue… Chris was giving out details right and left; they’re just mixed into the wrong contexts.

  4. CBH

    Addendum: I also think he agreed to couples counseling, romantic weekend in Aspen because he felt he could appease her temporarily without needing to keep his promises: He must at that point have known that she wouldn’t be around much longer.

  5. Sylvester

    Yes, and he wanted her to go on that trip! I think it has to occur to someone who is about to commit murder that after they do, everything changes. He can’t really anticipate how the disappearance of three family members will really play to his girlfriend – will she believe him that they just walked out, or will she suspect he had something to do with it. He also doesn’t know if he’s going to get caught. But he must go through with it, in his mind, and so he needs at least one last night with the person he (now) loves, like a warrior preparing for battle. Sick.

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