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Debunking Gladwell’s Analysis of Amanda Knox: #7 “Look into my eyes…they’re not objective evidence”

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“I was angry.”

“I was angry…thinking about what Meredith must have been through.”

Fullscreen capture 20190918 230744

“I think everyone’s reaction to something horrible is different.” She’s right!

Why is it that when her housemate was murdered, Knox forgot to feel afraid. A murderer was on the loose and she wanted to carry on studying as if nothing had happened. Why?

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“I did a split [in the police station, while Sollecito was being interrogated as a murder suspect]. It felt good to know I still could…”

What happened to the exhausting and abusive 53 hour police interrogation?

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“The lead investigator had doubts about Knox from the start…”

Oh, weren’t they justified?

In the Jodi Arias case friends of Travis told the detective to look into Jodi Arias.

Oh, weren’t they justified?

In the Chris Watts case friends of Shan’ann told the detective to look at Watts’ phone; to check the well site…

Oh, weren’t they justified?

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“Her behavior was completely inexplicable…”

Not quite. Not so fast…

Fullscreen capture 20190918 230840-001

“Quirky people aren’t criminals…”

Fullscreen capture 20190918 230959-001

“The Amanda Knox story deserves retelling because it happens all the time…?

Oh really? When last were you randomly accused of murder, and then you went on to make a killing, earning a $4 million jackpot deal for your story about how you – and your boyfriend [who got $1 million for his book] – were falsely accused.

Fullscreen capture 20190918 230959

“There is no trace of me in the room where Meredith was murdered…”

All things being equal, if you were perfectly innocent, wouldn’t you have noticed Meredith had gone silent early on, tried to get hold of her and found a way to break down her door? Why is it that there isn’t a trace of you? Why is it that you were there that morning – you admitted you were – and yet there’s no evidence of you?

“There is no trace of me in the room where Meredith was murdered…”

No, just on the murder weapon, and did you forget your reading lamp on the bloodstained floor of Meredith’s bedroom? And why would a trace of your boyfriend’s DNA be on Meredith’s bra if you weren’t in the room? And how come Meredith’s bra was cut, and Meredith stabbed, and your boyfriend was a knife freak, he was carrying a knife in his pocket on the night he was arrested. If there was no trace of you, but Meredith was assaulted – including a sexual assault – why is there this fantasy rape story where a brother directs his brother to commit a rape? Why are there psychological traces of you within the scene?

“You’re trying to find the answer in my eyes…”


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Coming Soon [in July 2020] the first “MAJOR ACCOUNT” of the Chris Watts case

Hold your horses. Stop the press. Everyone on YouTube STOP. The professional is here. Well, almost. He’ll be here in about a year. Until the New York Bestselling author’s book The Perfect Father comes out, none of the research, blogs or books that have come before matter. CrimeRocket probably doesn’t matter either. Nothing matters. This does. Because when John Glatt’s book comes out we’re going to get a proper true crime narrative for the first time.


We know because in the description of Glatt’s book [which is already on Amazon], he describes his book as the “first major account” of the crime. The first major account two years after the fact…? Well, I guess that’s still normal timing, normal pace for the proper print publishing industry.

Fullscreen capture 20191022 164907

Shall we wait, hold all coverage of the Watts case, until the most credible figure has his say?

Thus far it appears [from the description at least] that Glatt seems to buy into Watts swinging both ways. What else does he mean by “sexual ambivalence”? If Glatt does go down that windy path – good luck.

Fullscreen capture 20191022 184414

Glatt also suggests when Watts made his first confession he admitted to smothering his daughters. Oh dear, that part’s not right either.

Fullscreen capture 20191022 184356

And his confession didn’t happen less than 24 hours after his plea to media. He confessed at around 16:00 to part of the crime on Wednesday afternoon, August 14th. The media visited Watts’ home on Tuesday morning to record his Sermon on the Porch.

Getting the “True Story” of Chris Watts might turn out to be a lot harder than it seems.

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Bella’s Last Words suggest the Watts Children WEREN’T Smothered at the Well Site

In TWO FACE ANNIHILATION, I analyzed and interrogated the notion of “Bella’s Last Words”. That was the headline act of the Second Confession, and the headline Dr. Phil ran with.

  1. Serious incongruity in the semantics [Bella’s Last Words] – why didn’t the FBI, CBI or the media pick up on this inconsistency?
  2. Intertextuality versus circular reasoning – he’s using the video to prove the children were still alive, and the video supposedly corroborates what he says. And he brings it up as supporting evidence. Interestingly, the agent, when questioned on this admits, “It’s hard to see.” But reading between the lines he doesn’t sound convinced. And just like the First Confession, Coder gets this Confession by leading Watts through it.
  3. How does True Crime Rocket Science interpret the data – what happens when we interrogate the cloud of semantics, given the extensive case file, and given what we know about the Silver Fox?

There is a psychological mirror in Nut Gate. So when Watts sounds emotional about Bella saying:

“Is the same thing going to happen to me as Ceecee?” This is something Bella repeatedly said, but not at the well site, and not about smothering. About dying in her sleep because of an allergic reaction. Remember, they were sickly children, and Shan’ann’s meltdown over Nut Gate didn’t happen over a single day – it was still stewing during Bella’s birthday, it was still boiling over when Watts was in North Carolina and he wanted to go see his parents. And most crucial of all, we know from the babysitter – McKenna – that as late August 11th, the last day and night of her life, Bella expressed her concern about Ceecee. She said she was worried if she went to sleep, when she woke up Ceecee might not wake up. And this concern for Ceecee naturally affected Bella herself.

“Is the same thing going to happen to me as Ceecee?”

Could the same thing happen to me as Ceecee?

There’s also the criminal psychology aspect. Just as the disposal of the children’s bodies was duplicated, one little body in one tank, another in another tank, it’s also very likely the way they were killed was the same. And it’s for this reason that the irony rings in Watts’ mind, of his own child asking…

“Is the same thing going to happen to me as Ceecee?”

Because in a premeditated scenario, when Bella asked these words, Watts – in his mind – knew what he was going to do, and he knew the answer was yes. And it’s for this reason, when Coder asked him what he answered when Bella asked what’s going to happen to me, Watts claims he can’t remember. But notice the words he uses.

“I don’t remember…if I said yes, like a horrible person…”

Because it would take an especially horrible person to say that in his mind, meanwhile pretending that everything was going to be okay, when it wasn’t.

And hence the scenario he sketches of taking the kids, alive, to the well site, is the same sly scheming as the premeditated murder itself. It’s subtly allowing people to believe what they want to believe, meanwhile in the background the Silver Fox is smiling a cunning smile in his heart of hearts. You may say he’s a bad liar, but he’s fooled the media and he’s fooled most of the armchair detectives who consider themselves experts on what really happened.

There’s a reason Chris Watts can’t remember Bella’s Last Words

In the next episode I’ll be dealing with first my response to the original Dr. Phil show dealing with Bella’s Last Words, as well as what I stated then, in early March, was the original theory of True Crime Rocket Science. This analysis is explicated in rigorous detail in the 7th book in the TWO FACE series – ANNIHILATION.

Dr. Phil Reveals Paternity of Niko Lee Watts in Emotional Show with Shan’ann’s Parents and Brother + TCRS Revisits Original Theories

“Chris Watts has an IQ of 140 – he’s almost a genius”

According to Chris Watts – he’s a genius. During the Second Confession, when asked how he was doing mentally his IQ came up. 135 or 140. Which is it?

Fullscreen capture 20191016 065409

I know my IQ, and according to the graph below it’s higher than way more than 80% of the people out there. If Watts is to be believed – and just those words ought to give us pause – then he’s in the elite 2.1% of the human race.

Fullscreen capture 20191016 065642

Really? Is he?

In the SILVER FOX series I deal with this aspect in more detail.  We must be careful treating official reports or rumors of official reports as gospel. For example, we don’t know if the Autopsy Reports are complete or not. But one thing is clear – not a single image from the autopsy has been made available, which sets this case apart from virtually all other high profile cases. From JonBenet Ramsey to Scott Peterson, from the OJ Simpson case to the West Memphis Three, from Amanda Knox to Casey Anthony, the media have always been able to get hold of post mortem images and material. Not this time.

The irony with the Watts case is that most people seem to think he’s not only stupider than he really is [especially with regard to the execution of this crime], but a substantial number think he’s smarter than he really is.

“Chris Watts is the dumbest criminal ever…”

More Proof Chris Watts was a Lovesick Fool [Updated]

Would you have done better at Murder than Chris Watts did?

Chris Watts Family Homicides were far from a “Perfect Murder” – HERE’S what a perfectly executed murder looks like

Why did a very bad liar think he was a good one? Chris Watts and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

In the animal kingdom, a silver fox is a pretty clever, pretty crafty creature. In human terms, a SILVER FOX may be good looking, smart, or both. But I’m not going to deal with that sort of detail or analysis here except to break down one particular area – the finances.

Fullscreen capture 20191016 070803

For a dude nicknamed Rain Man, Watts’ memory is supposed to be pretty sharp, right? And yet he doesn’t know Shan’ann’s username for the banking, or her password for her phone. He forgets the sheet at the grave site, and seemed to have no idea how the family finances got so out of whack, not just once, but twice.


The incredible thing – listening to the clip – is the moment they started falling behind in their mortgage payments – December 2017 – is the very same moment Shan’ann quit her job – officially at least – to stay home and sell Thrive full time.

Fullscreen capture 20191016 082406

Did that decision turn their finances around?

Did that decision work?

Bear in mind after falling pregnant in late April/early May, Shan’ann then went to North Carolina for six weeks, ostensibly on a work trip. During this period her Live Videos, part of the bread and butter of Thrivers conducting their business on social media, declined to virtually zero.

Fullscreen capture 20191016 083127Fullscreen capture 20191016 083301

In the clip, Watts isn’t even sure if the bankruptcy was in 2015 or 2016. [The couple filed for bankruptcy protection in July 2015, for the record, and it appears the Rzuceks also filed in May of the same year.]


According to Watts, their financial problems started after their wedding. If this is true, then the couple’s finances were messed up from the beginning, and only got worse. That doesn’t say much for his ability to the run the numbers if they were wrecked from start to finish, does it? And this might also account for the incredibly daft decision – from both him and her – to have a third child given the crisis state of their finances. This aspect alone seems to show the extent to which he was delusional. Delusional about money, delusional about love, delusional about life and death.

And what about the Three Confessions – all contradictory in some way, all implausible in some way, and all reinforcing the notion of Watts as a dunce in some way.

In the First he forgets to perform CPR on his kids.

In the Second he doesn’t know why he’s taking his kids to the well site, then murders them seemingly at random, after “he just snapped” with Shan’ann. He repeatedly said he didn’t know what he was thinking.

In the Third Confession he bungles the murders of his children while his wife is in the house.

When Shan’ann accused him of having an affair, Watts slyly told her:

“You know that would never happen…like, you know the kind of guy I am.” This statement speaks volumes not only of his intelligence, but of how he believes he’s able to manipulate people.

Fullscreen capture 20191016 071404


Perhaps the dumbest thing Watts did was sign a plea deal and throw the towel on his own defense. Now, a year later, it seems like he’s had a change of heart and is wondering if he might get out at some point.



Debunking Gladwell’s Analysis of Amanda Knox: #6 “The Foxy Knoxy nickname had nothing to do with sex”


Fullscreen capture 20191009 064913

“She was twenty and beautiful, with high cheekbones and striking blue eyes.” Her nickname was “Foxy Knoxy”…

“In fact, the ‘Foxy Knoxy’ nickname had nothing to do with sex.”

Errr…are you sure about that?

Fullscreen capture 20191009 064913-001Picture 35






120523102109-exp-early-trending-foxy-knoxy-marvel-comics-00002001-horizontal-large-galleryFullscreen capture 20191015 180211

[Paraphrasing]: Grief – or lack of – has nothing to with guilt.

Nonchalance is often how the guilty try to project their innocence.

Fullscreen capture 20191009 064926Fullscreen capture 20191009 064926-001

“Amanda didn’t hug Sophie back…”

Why is she warm and cuddly to her boyfriend, but not to Sophie?

Why is she warm and cuddly to Meredith’s boyfriend, but not to Sophie, nor any of Meredith’s other friends?

Why did she hug Giacomo?Meredith’s boyfriend reveals the moment he suspected Foxy Knoxy had killed his lover – Evening Standard

Fullscreen capture 20191017 153054Fullscreen capture 20191017 153456

Fullscreen capture 20191009 064932

The couple…ignored Sophie…”

Fullscreen capture 20191009 064932-001Fullscreen capture 20191009 064955

Fullscreen capture 20191009 064955-001

It’s not a case of no emotion, it’s a case if inappropriate emotion.

Knox is indignant at the idea that Meredith didn’t suffer.

“They cut her throat…”

How did she know?Fullscreen capture 20191017 153456

Fullscreen capture 20191017 154549

“The Foxy Knoxy nickname had nothing to do with sex”

Fullscreen capture 20191017 155010

Amanda Knox makes court room declaration of innocence – The Telegraph

Fullscreen capture 20191015 180049

Nichol Kessinger wanted to be FIRST in Chris Watts’ Life

Never settle for second best. Shan’ann didn’t. Which was why everything she had was the best. The best house, expensive car, expensive school for her kids, a husband at her beck and call etc.


But what happens when what’s best for you isn’t someone else’s idea of what’s best for them? What if what’s best for the other person isn’t you? What should that person do? After all – isn’t this all about making 100% sure you get what you deserve – which is for you to be the #1 person not only in your life, but in someone else’s life?

Isn’t that the fairy tale?

Unusually, we’re going to be interpreting this idea of being first not from Shan’ann’s perspective, nor from Watts’. We’re going to follow the psychology from the perspective of the mistress.

If Nut Gate was about Shan’ann knowing what was best for her child [and perhaps her inner child], Deeter Gate was about Nichol Kessinger knowing what was best for herself.

Deeter Gate happened when Kessinger went to the Watts home. On the first visit Watts made lunch for them.


Fullscreen capture 20191014 122226

But the second visit two weeks later was different. Kessinger admits in her interview that she was impressed by the house. Even awed by it. And probably more than a little intimidated by what she saw at face value.


Fullscreen capture 20191015 064503.jpg

We get a tiny glimpse of additional insight into what really happened during that second visit to the house on July 14th, via the Third Confession.

Fullscreen capture 20191015 070109

You wouldn’t know of Kessinger’s “despair” on that second visit from the discovery documents, nor from CBI agent Kevin Koback’s interview with Kessinger on August 16th.

Fullscreen capture 20191015 064336

Incidentally, it was on the same day as this interview that Kessinger surrendered some of Watts’ clothing that he’d left at her house, as well as other items of forensic worth – his birthday card to her on July 3rd, and his letter written on July 30th, the day before he flew to meet with his family in North Carolina.

Fullscreen capture 20191015 064313

But Deeter Gate had such a profound impact on the affair, and on Watts, it was still at the forefront of Watts’ mind two weeks later. Deeter Gate was effectively the moment Nichol was confronted for the first time by the reality of Watts family. This shocked her, and her shock and despair in turn caused Watts to panic.

The semantics of that despair matter immensely. What his mistress was communicating was something Watts knew all too well within his family – this feeling of being second. Nichol didn’t want that, and Watts understood that. He wanted to make sure she knew how much he cared for her, and he wanted to make sure she wasn’t second. Not just that she didn’t feel second, but that she wasn’t – in reality – second.

At first glance, looking at the love note dated July 30th reveals about as much as the drone did during its first reconnaissance over CERVI 319.

Fullscreen capture 20191015 034930

Fullscreen capture 20191015 034710-001

But looking closer, there are clearly idiosyncrasies hidden in plain sight, hidden – effectively – in the detail.

Fullscreen capture 20191015 034916Fullscreen capture 20191015 035415

The word first appears five times in the 86 word love note [excluding the lyrics at the end]. The final instance of the word is in ALL CAPS. That’s once instance approximately ever 17 words, or basically one out of every two sentences. The last sentence also includes an indirect reference to firsts, where Watts states, reassuringly:

And I want to keep having them [firsts] with you…

Bear in mind he’s about to leave for North Carolina. He likely slept at Kessinger’s home before departing very early the next morning for the airport.


Probably he wrote this note at home, after sorting out the dog and alarm – and possibly one more thing. Getting a supply of Oxy from the basement.

Fullscreen capture 20191005 231155-001Fullscreen capture 20191005 231155Fullscreen capture 20191005 231155-002

We know for a fact that he had the notion of FIRSTS on his mind [firsts with Kessinger]. We also know for a fact that Kessinger specifically didn’t like the idea not only of being second to Watts wife, but of having seconds in other respects, such as child bearing. She wanted to be first.

Fullscreen capture 20191014 123524

Interestingly, on July 4th when she’d visited his home the first time, and they’d argued, she went to a baseball game and expected to meet someone there she’d contacted on eHarmony. But apparently this person had stood her up, as had many other suitors on the App. So she was keeping her options open, putting herself first, and yet there’s a sense that pressure was being exerted on him to put her first.

Meanwhile, Shan’ann was doing the same. She wanted to be first, and as a result of Nut Gate, she even wanted Watts to have nothing to do with his own parents. So in a very short space of time, two women very close to him were sort of twisting his arm, saying prove to me I’m #1 in your life.


If folks are adamant about narcissism, and how narcissism relates to the Watts case, well this is where it certainly does. Is it narcissistic to want to be treated as valuable by someone else? When is it healthy narcissism to demand to be treated better, and when does it become unhealthy? Was is healthy for the mistress to want to be a priority? Was it healthy for Watts to not want to be in a marriage where he felt second best? Was it healthy for Shan’ann to demand that Watts sacrifice his relationship with his parents as a result of Nut Gate, so that her hegemony over his existence could continue? We can see that this issue – of how much we are valued – isn’t unique to the Watts case, it’s universal. This is why conflating narcissism with true crime, or with this case in particular, makes no sense and reveals absolutely no insight into the authentic dynamics of this case. This is because we are all narcissists, and the relevant narcissism in this story is no different to the narcissism in all our stories.

Fullscreen capture 20191015 071709

When I read the love note for the first time the part that stood out the most was the word addicted. Sometimes when people are in love they act like people who are drunk or on drugs. You can get addicted to another person. You can feel like you are dependent on them for your happiness, or even that your life depends on being with them.

The part I missed was the true significance of the firsts. While I was aware of him trying to reassure her of her priority in his life, especially with his departure imminent, I didn’t realize what he was doing here was exactly what he was always doing – generally, during the First Confession, the Second and the Third. He tells people what they want to hear. And he knew Nichol wanted to hear she was first. Not only did know that, he wanted to make that happen. The murders were about putting her first.

Fullscreen capture 20191014 024735

The first thing he did when he got to North Carolina was try to get rid of Niko. That was so that she could give him his first son. Nichol knew he wanted a son, and at that moment, it was the one thing Shan’ann hadn’t quite given him yet. Little did Kessinger know, that door was closing fast in her face as well. But Watts did know. And he wanted to close it if he could.

Part of Kessinger’s desperation and urgency, I think, lay in the comparative reality that her best friend Charlotte was engaged and about to get married. Not only was Kessinger struggling with her love life, she was effectively single.

One has the impression she wanted to snap her fingers and not be left behind. And the horrible manifestation of this insta-fairy tale, was Watts magically transforming his home situation so that Nichol could walk right in, and his family would simply have vanished.

Vanish is a word he used to the FBI and to the media. It has magical undertones. Watts was trying to perform a magic trick to make his mistress happy, so that she want him and felt wanted in return, so that she felt like she had what she deserved and so that he deserved her.

Fullscreen capture 20191015 061414Fullscreen capture 20191015 061515Fullscreen capture 20191015 061912Fullscreen capture 20191015 061912-001Fullscreen capture 20191015 051314

Deeter Gate Tipped Chris Watts over the Edge

If Nut Gate happened on July 9th, Deeter Gate followed just five short days later.  Watts was caught off guard by Nut Gate, and was still sort of finding his mojo in how to deal with Nut Gate, or respond to it, when Deeter Gate happened. On July 14th he was faced with another emotional emergency that distracted him from his wife’s crisis with his parents in North Carolina.

First things first – what was Deeter  Gate?

And why Deeter Gate?

Deeter Gate was an emotional conflagration that erupted between Watts and his mistress on July 14th, when Nichol Kessinger visited 2825 Saratoga Trail for a second time. We know from various sources that Nichol was at the Watts home on the 14th, including from Watts and Kessinger respectively.

#6 July 9th, 2018: Nut Gate: “My heart is still racing 30 mins later and tears of anger…” #1yearagotodayCW

#11 July 14th, 2018: Watts and Kessinger head to the Mustang museum in Boulder – Shan’ann made at least 10 unanswered calls to Watts #1yearagotodayCW

Fullscreen capture 20191014 122226

Fullscreen capture 20191014 121843

Why Deeter Gate? If Nut Gate was about nuts, Deeter Gate was about Deeter.

Fullscreen capture 20191014 031438


Fullscreen capture 20191014 033146fullscreen-capture-20190706-144327 (1)181207_3842777_Bodycam_Footage_Shows_Chris_Watts_Lying_To_P7007024-6460209-image-a-1_15439496153127007026-6460209-image-a-16_15439498700337007042-6460209-image-m-18_15439499699357007048-6460209-image-m-17_15439498861497007064-6460209-image-a-10_15439498251777007032-6460209-image-m-29_15439505664805bf313ba2000005e060294a3Fullscreen capture 20191011 235650

Fullscreen capture 20191014 123524

Fullscreen capture 20191013 113409Fullscreen capture 20191014 024735Fullscreen capture 20191013 113546Fullscreen capture 20191013 113604Fullscreen capture 20191013 113619Fullscreen capture 20191013 113700Fullscreen capture 20191013 113421Fullscreen capture 20191013 112903Fullscreen capture 20191014 024639

Nichol Kessinger wanted to be “first” in Chris Watts’ life.

Crime News – September 2019


One year after the Christopher Watts case

September 30th, 2019

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Fullscreen capture 20190915 195507

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New technology—especially the smartphone—allows us to produce a narrative of our lives, to choose what to remember and what to contribute to our own mythos. For Eichhorn, this is the latest instance of a long-held, if mysterious, practice. “Long before children were able to create, edit, and curate images of their lives,” she writes, “they were already doing so on a psychic level.” Freud called these images “screen memories”—no pun intended—and he thought that we used them to soften or obscure painful experiences. Humans have always tried to cope with the difficulty of memory, to turn it “from an intolerable horror to something which is reassuringly innocuous and familiar.” Social media just makes us more adept at it.

On the other hand, Eichhorn writes, such media can prevent those who wish to break with their past from doing so cleanly. 

September 27th, 2019

Fullscreen capture 20190919 224954

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The first work, a watercolour of flowers, was snapped up for 220,000 euros ($240,000), slightly more than expected, auctioneer Johan Kiggen told AFP. The second piece, a charcoal drawing of a jug, went for 140,000 euros, just below the estimated price. “Everyone is happy,” Kiggen said, who added that buyers could only bid in person.

“The two works went for a very good price for the buyers,” he said. The two buyers, who wished to remain anonymous, were both Belgians and pledged to keep the works in the country, which was a request of the seller. Kiggen said the works have been certified as authentic on several occasions, and are featured in Van Gogh catalogues.

Dated to 1883, the works bear little resemblance to Van Gogh’s iconic works. They were made before the troubled master was inspired by the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists in Paris. Van Gogh is one of the most expensive Impressionist and modern artists, with 12 of his works having gone for more than $30 million at auction.

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September 16th, 2019

1. Chris Watts’ body language told detectives that he had murdered his wife and children – Meaww

 A few days later, he confessed to murdering all three, though the reason why he did so is not clear to this day.

OBLIVION, the best rated book in the bestselling TWO FACE series, now available in paperback at this link

2. Why Joker Is Sparking a Backlash Over Its Portrayal of Incel Violence – CBR

3. Gavin Watson was ‘already dead’ at time of crash – report – News24

September 15th, 2019

1. The Exact Moment Chris Watts Lost Everything

2. Casey Anthony’s parents avoid foreclosure

3. Another life line for Jason Rohde as SCA grants appeal for refusal of bail judgment – News24

September 14th, 2019

1. There’s a rumor going around that Weld County are releasing more discovery on the Chris Watts case on Monday.

2. Reaction to Skylar Richardson Verdict – CrimeRocket2

3. Maricopa County taxpayers have paid more than $169K to defend prosecutor Juan Martinez – AZCentral

September 13th, 2019

1. TCRS Assessment of Chris Watts’ Affect – ANALYSIS #1

‘Capturing Chris Watts’ Documentary Dives Into His Life Before He Committed Murders –

2. An Ohio woman who buried her newborn in the backyard will serve no more jail time – CNN

IN THE DOCK  US cheerleader, 18, ‘smashed newborn baby’s skull and buried corpse in garden to hide secret birth’ days after her school prom  – The Sun



3. Saved! Casey Anthony’s Parents George & Cindy’s Home Foreclosure Case Dismissed – Radar Online

September 12th, 2019

1. Tuesday Crime Stories: Killer Dad Chris Watts gets fan mail and wants a do-over on his conviction while murdered Shanann’s family gets death threats – CrimeOnline

Auction of convicted murderer Christopher Watts’ Frederick home rescheduled for next year – Longmont-Times-Call

The Case of Chris Watts – Part 3 – The Confession

2. Nora wasn’t as “limited” or “vulnerable” as we’ve been led to believe – CrimeRocket2

3. Understanding Dark Thoughts

September 11th, 2019

  1. The Case of Chris Watts – Part 2 – The Polygraph

2. Innocence and Innocence Lost: A Tale of Two Noras – and a six-year-old poem – CrimeRocket2

3. Jennifer Dulos investigation highlights hurdles in cases with no body – NBC News


NYC Marks 18 Years Since September 11th Attacks – Spectrum News

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September 10th, 2019

1. The Case of Chris Watts – pt. 1

2. MADDIE HOPE Madeleine McCann’s parents given ‘boost’ in hunt for their daughter after little girl lost in Russia reunited with her parents after 20 years – The Sun

3. Nora Quoirin: Funeral Takes Place For ‘Gentle, Innocent’ Girl Who Died In Malaysian Jungle – HuffPost

Nora Quoirin funeral: Mourners told she was a ‘special girl’ whose death brought ‘unspeakable pain’ – Belfast Telegraph

On the Day of Nora’s Funeral in Belfast – two distasteful stories – CrimeRocket2

Nora Quoirin Funeral Photos + Full Transcript of the Homily – CrimeRocket2

Meabh Quoirin arriving for the funeral mass of her daughter Nora at St Brigid's Church, Belfast. Photo credit: Liam McBurney/PA Wire

September 9th, 2019

1. Christopher Watts Tragedy House Auction Now Delayed Until 2020 – Westword

Guest Post: “Let’s talk about Chris’s first attempt on the life of his wife in North Carolina”


2. MAKING A MURDERER: Avery attorney announces $100K reward for “real killer” – ABC Action News

3. Are violent crimes being glorified in Netflix documentaries?  –  The Boar

4. One person dies every 40 seconds from suicide, WHO says – CNN

September 8th, 2019

1. Who is the most MYSTERIOUS woman in the Chris Watts case [it’s not who you think]

From: #34 August 6th, 2018: “This has been the worst week of my life” #1yearagotodayCW


How Long Can a Person Survive without Food? – Scientific American

Review of NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST posted on True Crime Rocket Science Closed Facebook Group

3. ‘STAY TUNED’  Making A Murderer – Steven Avery’s lawyer says ‘big announcement’ is coming Monday – The Sun

Read the TCRS assessment of the Avery case at this link.


September 7th, 2019

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1. This is the Moment Chris Watts Gets Angry when interviewed by the FBI

2. Sermon on the Porch #2? Lie Spotting: Test your true crime lie detector nous with the Fotis Dulos caseFotis_Dulos_Has_Message_for_Those_Who_Think_He_s_Guilty

September 6th, 2019

1. Chris Watts Babysitter “Chris Is A Monster” – Scott Reisch

TWO FACE: CHRIS WATTS – A CrimeRocket Production 

2. From the archives:

Read The Day After Christmas trilogy at this link.


September 5th, 2019

1. Irish Media contacts CrimeRocket + CrimeRocket’s Response

Rocket Science publishes NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST 3 weeks after the mysterious disappearance of Nora Quoirin in the tropical jungle of Malaysia.


3. Arizona appeals court to livestream Jodi Arias hearing in October – KTAR News

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