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Bella’s Last Words suggest the Watts Children WEREN’T Smothered at the Well Site

In TWO FACE ANNIHILATION, I analyzed and interrogated the notion of “Bella’s Last Words”. That was the headline act of the Second Confession, and the headline Dr. Phil ran with.

  1. Serious incongruity in the semantics [Bella’s Last Words] – why didn’t the FBI, CBI or the media pick up on this inconsistency?
  2. Intertextuality versus circular reasoning – he’s using the video to prove the children were still alive, and the video supposedly corroborates what he says. And he brings it up as supporting evidence. Interestingly, the agent, when questioned on this admits, “It’s hard to see.” But reading between the lines he doesn’t sound convinced. And just like the First Confession, Coder gets this Confession by leading Watts through it.
  3. How does True Crime Rocket Science interpret the data – what happens when we interrogate the cloud of semantics, given the extensive case file, and given what we know about the Silver Fox?

There is a psychological mirror in Nut Gate. So when Watts sounds emotional about Bella saying:

“Is the same thing going to happen to me as Ceecee?” This is something Bella repeatedly said, but not at the well site, and not about smothering. About dying in her sleep because of an allergic reaction. Remember, they were sickly children, and Shan’ann’s meltdown over Nut Gate didn’t happen over a single day – it was still stewing during Bella’s birthday, it was still boiling over when Watts was in North Carolina and he wanted to go see his parents. And most crucial of all, we know from the babysitter – McKenna – that as late August 11th, the last day and night of her life, Bella expressed her concern about Ceecee. She said she was worried if she went to sleep, when she woke up Ceecee might not wake up. And this concern for Ceecee naturally affected Bella herself.

“Is the same thing going to happen to me as Ceecee?”

Could the same thing happen to me as Ceecee?

There’s also the criminal psychology aspect. Just as the disposal of the children’s bodies was duplicated, one little body in one tank, another in another tank, it’s also very likely the way they were killed was the same. And it’s for this reason that the irony rings in Watts’ mind, of his own child asking…

“Is the same thing going to happen to me as Ceecee?”

Because in a premeditated scenario, when Bella asked these words, Watts – in his mind – knew what he was going to do, and he knew the answer was yes. And it’s for this reason, when Coder asked him what he answered when Bella asked what’s going to happen to me, Watts claims he can’t remember. But notice the words he uses.

“I don’t remember…if I said yes, like a horrible person…”

Because it would take an especially horrible person to say that in his mind, meanwhile pretending that everything was going to be okay, when it wasn’t.

And hence the scenario he sketches of taking the kids, alive, to the well site, is the same sly scheming as the premeditated murder itself. It’s subtly allowing people to believe what they want to believe, meanwhile in the background the Silver Fox is smiling a cunning smile in his heart of hearts. You may say he’s a bad liar, but he’s fooled the media and he’s fooled most of the armchair detectives who consider themselves experts on what really happened.

There’s a reason Chris Watts can’t remember Bella’s Last Words

In the next episode I’ll be dealing with first my response to the original Dr. Phil show dealing with Bella’s Last Words, as well as what I stated then, in early March, was the original theory of True Crime Rocket Science. This analysis is explicated in rigorous detail in the 7th book in the TWO FACE series – ANNIHILATION.

Dr. Phil Reveals Paternity of Niko Lee Watts in Emotional Show with Shan’ann’s Parents and Brother + TCRS Revisits Original Theories


  1. Shannon

    Forgive me if this has been discussed.
    Why would Chris, risk the time and unlocking the tanks to unload 2 small bodies in 2 different tanks? He would have had to have the Right tools to unlock them.
    Why not put both in the same tank, at least they would be together.
    All 3, are in complete different burial sites.
    It’s not, like he had alot of time, oh but then he works on them, so he would have known how long climbing up, down,walk, grab 2 bodies…. different times, different tanks….did he have his own set of tools, or are they left at the site?
    It’s strange how he mentioned, the fetus coming out of Shannan as he plopped her into the hole. Not many would know that the fetus would be expelled.
    One more thing….I read part of the Deal is that the autopsy reports are to remain sealed…. forever. I think strange how this would happen, they usually show these pictures.

    • nickvdl

      It took seconds to “unlock” the tanks. Simply open the hatch at the top and then it’s open.

    • katherineurbahn

      I think putting them in separate tanks has to do with not displacing the oil levels too much, and setting off the sensors.

    • katherineurbahn

      I think the reason he put them in separate tanks was to possibly avoid enough displacement in the oil levels that would set off the sensors. I will never be able to wrap my head around the senseless murder of those babies. 😭

  2. Sideaffected12

    I think a lot of people mistakenly believe that the agents and the prosecutor believe Chris when they don’t very explicitly say “I don’t believe you about this very specific thing.” A ton of people used the prosecutor’s statement when the second confession came out-when he said something like “most of what he said was true”-to be like “SEE!” And same with the detectives, ppl don’t seem to realize that they’re playing along. In the 2nd confession he asks him several times “are you sure” and “is there any reason you wouldn’t want to fell me they weren’t alive”? It’s obvious that he knew he was lying but went along with it to get him to talk as much as possible and because Chris often accidentally tells the truth. He said before that because of something SW did, he “did the same thing to her” when really because of something Chris did (killed the kids, affair etc.) he himself did the same thing to her. I’m sure the agents learned to look for the truth in his lies and the constant projection with him.

    I have no idea why the media reported it as fact or if they even believed it, but just knew they’d get clicks but many many people did believe it. It’s unexplainable really except they’re gullible, easily manipulated, and too trusting, or not very bright, or they don’t do their own research and if their superior says it’s true, it’s true. FBI did not believe it and neither did the prosecutor-the prosecutor wanted ppl from a certain YouTuber’s site to stop calling them and demanding NK be arrested (I believe there was even a petition) so he wanted to not rock the boat.

    Frankly anyone familiar with true crime or with any psychological savvy knows the kids didn’t come out alive. The kids said nothing before he killed them because he did if when they were asleep and if they awoke it was to try to scream just like SW didn’t pray, she probably let out a muffled gasp. People don’t tend to be so cogent mid-Murder. Chris just feels like he has to have an answer for everything so when they say « what’d she say? » he has to make something up cause he’s talked himself into a situation where they would have been awake.

  3. doc

    I’ve listened to the August 15, 2018 confession numerous times. What Watts actually says that Bella said, according to my ears, is “Is that the same thing that happened to me as Cece.” When Coder asks him again what Bella said, he repeats that sentence word for word a second time. This is also how it’s transcribed in a CBS video clip on YouTube.

    Bella might have meant something else, but the words that she did say, according to this recollection by her father/murderer suggest that what just happened to Cece, being smothered, had previously happened to Bella herself. And, according to Cheryln Cadle and her book Letters From Christopher, it had previously happened to her. I haven’t read the book yet but it seems that CW confessed in at least one letter that before the argument with his wife he attempted to smother his two daughters in their beds, with pillows from those beds. However, they weren’t dead. He wrote:

    “After Shanann had passed, Bella and Cece woke back up. I’m not sure how they woke back up, but they did. Bella’s eyes were bruised and both girls looked like they had been through trauma. That made the act that much worse knowing I went to their rooms first and knowing I still took their lives at the location of the batteries.”

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