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“Chris Watts has an IQ of 140 – he’s almost a genius”

According to Chris Watts – he’s a genius. During the Second Confession, when asked how he was doing mentally his IQ came up. 135 or 140. Which is it?

Fullscreen capture 20191016 065409

I know my IQ, and according to the graph below it’s higher than way more than 80% of the people out there. If Watts is to be believed – and just those words ought to give us pause – then he’s in the elite 2.1% of the human race.

Fullscreen capture 20191016 065642

Really? Is he?

In the SILVER FOX series I deal with this aspect in more detail.  We must be careful treating official reports or rumors of official reports as gospel. For example, we don’t know if the Autopsy Reports are complete or not. But one thing is clear – not a single image from the autopsy has been made available, which sets this case apart from virtually all other high profile cases. From JonBenet Ramsey to Scott Peterson, from the OJ Simpson case to the West Memphis Three, from Amanda Knox to Casey Anthony, the media have always been able to get hold of post mortem images and material. Not this time.

The irony with the Watts case is that most people seem to think he’s not only stupider than he really is [especially with regard to the execution of this crime], but a substantial number think he’s smarter than he really is.

“Chris Watts is the dumbest criminal ever…”

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In the animal kingdom, a silver fox is a pretty clever, pretty crafty creature. In human terms, a SILVER FOX may be good looking, smart, or both. But I’m not going to deal with that sort of detail or analysis here except to break down one particular area – the finances.

Fullscreen capture 20191016 070803

For a dude nicknamed Rain Man, Watts’ memory is supposed to be pretty sharp, right? And yet he doesn’t know Shan’ann’s username for the banking, or her password for her phone. He forgets the sheet at the grave site, and seemed to have no idea how the family finances got so out of whack, not just once, but twice.


The incredible thing – listening to the clip – is the moment they started falling behind in their mortgage payments – December 2017 – is the very same moment Shan’ann quit her job – officially at least – to stay home and sell Thrive full time.

Fullscreen capture 20191016 082406

Did that decision turn their finances around?

Did that decision work?

Bear in mind after falling pregnant in late April/early May, Shan’ann then went to North Carolina for six weeks, ostensibly on a work trip. During this period her Live Videos, part of the bread and butter of Thrivers conducting their business on social media, declined to virtually zero.

Fullscreen capture 20191016 083127Fullscreen capture 20191016 083301

In the clip, Watts isn’t even sure if the bankruptcy was in 2015 or 2016. [The couple filed for bankruptcy protection in July 2015, for the record, and it appears the Rzuceks also filed in May of the same year.]


According to Watts, their financial problems started after their wedding. If this is true, then the couple’s finances were messed up from the beginning, and only got worse. That doesn’t say much for his ability to the run the numbers if they were wrecked from start to finish, does it? And this might also account for the incredibly daft decision – from both him and her – to have a third child given the crisis state of their finances. This aspect alone seems to show the extent to which he was delusional. Delusional about money, delusional about love, delusional about life and death.

And what about the Three Confessions – all contradictory in some way, all implausible in some way, and all reinforcing the notion of Watts as a dunce in some way.

In the First he forgets to perform CPR on his kids.

In the Second he doesn’t know why he’s taking his kids to the well site, then murders them seemingly at random, after “he just snapped” with Shan’ann. He repeatedly said he didn’t know what he was thinking.

In the Third Confession he bungles the murders of his children while his wife is in the house.

When Shan’ann accused him of having an affair, Watts slyly told her:

“You know that would never happen…like, you know the kind of guy I am.” This statement speaks volumes not only of his intelligence, but of how he believes he’s able to manipulate people.

Fullscreen capture 20191016 071404


Perhaps the dumbest thing Watts did was sign a plea deal and throw the towel on his own defense. Now, a year later, it seems like he’s had a change of heart and is wondering if he might get out at some point.




  1. richard

    And don’t forget that Chris was dumb enough not to get a lawyer the moment the police mentioned a lie detector test.
    Also dumb enough not to know that Shanann had changed the passcode on her phone.
    Dumb enough to have cancelled his facebook account so he wasn’t aware of things like the doctors appointment on the Monday.
    Dumb enough to think shanann was just wasting time chatting with friends when her flight was delayed (he could have checked that up on the internet).

  2. richard

    oh. just had another thought.
    Nickvdl had picked up on the fact in a past posting of Pre-meditation and Post-meditation.
    I think Nick is bang on the money here.
    Plenty of Pre-meditation planning but no Post-meditation planning at all. Did Chris really think it was all going to be a field of roses after the murders ?

  3. Recovering Baptist

    I had no inclination that he was, like, a genius. Lol.

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