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Coming Soon [in July 2020] the first “MAJOR ACCOUNT” of the Chris Watts case

Hold your horses. Stop the press. Everyone on YouTube STOP. The professional is here. Well, almost. He’ll be here in about a year. Until the New York Bestselling author’s book The Perfect Father comes out, none of the research, blogs or books that have come before matter. CrimeRocket probably doesn’t matter either. Nothing matters. This does. Because when John Glatt’s book comes out we’re going to get a proper true crime narrative for the first time.


We know because in the description of Glatt’s book [which is already on Amazon], he describes his book as the “first major account” of the crime. The first major account two years after the fact…? Well, I guess that’s still normal timing, normal pace for the proper print publishing industry.

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Shall we wait, hold all coverage of the Watts case, until the most credible figure has his say?

Thus far it appears [from the description at least] that Glatt seems to buy into Watts swinging both ways. What else does he mean by “sexual ambivalence”? If Glatt does go down that windy path – good luck.

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Glatt also suggests when Watts made his first confession he admitted to smothering his daughters. Oh dear, that part’s not right either.

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And his confession didn’t happen less than 24 hours after his plea to media. He confessed at around 16:00 to part of the crime on Wednesday afternoon, August 14th. The media visited Watts’ home on Tuesday morning to record his Sermon on the Porch.

Getting the “True Story” of Chris Watts might turn out to be a lot harder than it seems.

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  1. Janie

    Darn it! Is it that hard to check, then recheck, then recheck, then one more time check that all facts are correct before publishing a book? Still worth the read though to find out how closely he comes to Crime Rocket’s analysis and conclusions. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Richard

    Can’t someone just water board the truth out of CW.
    So many lies and half truth’s that people have to read through

    • Janie

      I don’t even think waterboarding would work on him! He’s very skilled at telling people what they want to hear onin order to keep peace in his life. He lied when he looked happy during Shanann’s Facebook spiels. He told detectives that he hated being involved in those videos. That I believe. He lied to Nicole K about getting a divorce and then felt bad for her when he told the detectives that he didn’t want her to get caught up in the investigation, and to leave her out of it. That I believe. He had to try and keep the peace between his family and Shanann which may have included having to lie. That would be believable. The follow up “second confession” with detectives,and now these authors, again shows him giving them what they want to hear, shocking details to sell books and satisfying the curiosity of investigators. Not believable!

  3. JC

    So, this man’s “facts” include CW confessing to killing the girls in his first confession? He missed the part when CW accused Shanann of strangling/smothering/hurting the girls and letting his story stand for 2+ months?

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