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The Biggest WTF Moment in the Chris Watts Case

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Fullscreen capture 20191022 164530Fullscreen capture 20191022 155255Fullscreen capture 20191022 164551Fullscreen capture 20191022 205841Fullscreen capture 20191022 210150Watch and listen to clearer footage at 5:07 at this link.

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  1. haliehill

    Strangled makes it sound like she lashed out in rage which is what he was whispering to his father earlier, according to Ronnie’s interview later that week ( next day?) Shan’ann was cursing him and dropping the f bomb and so on. Evidently Ronnie had seen her “go off” a number of times including Nut Gate. So he was ready to believe something like that happened and his DIL snapped and attacked the kids. Smothering doesn’t fit with that furious arm waving italian got tempered thing he was feeding his dad. And yet we know he smothered them both – why he didn’t say he saw his wife holding the pillow over someone’s face is a question. Based on the amount of makeup smeared on his wife’s pillow it seems he may have pressed it on her face while strangling her to muffle the noise- only one side of Shan’ann’s neck had the deep bruising.

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