If Nut Gate happened on July 9th, Deeter Gate followed just five short days later.  Watts was caught off guard by Nut Gate, and was still sort of finding his mojo in how to deal with Nut Gate, or respond to it, when Deeter Gate happened. On July 14th he was faced with another emotional emergency that distracted him from his wife’s crisis with his parents in North Carolina.

First things first – what was Deeter  Gate?

And why Deeter Gate?

Deeter Gate was an emotional conflagration that erupted between Watts and his mistress on July 14th, when Nichol Kessinger visited 2825 Saratoga Trail for a second time. We know from various sources that Nichol was at the Watts home on the 14th, including from Watts and Kessinger respectively.

#6 July 9th, 2018: Nut Gate: “My heart is still racing 30 mins later and tears of anger…” #1yearagotodayCW

#11 July 14th, 2018: Watts and Kessinger head to the Mustang museum in Boulder – Shan’ann made at least 10 unanswered calls to Watts #1yearagotodayCW

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Why Deeter Gate? If Nut Gate was about nuts, Deeter Gate was about Deeter.

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Nichol Kessinger wanted to be “first” in Chris Watts’ life.