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Would you have done better at Murder than Chris Watts did?

When we run scenarios in true crime, we’re not trying to commit murder, nor are we trying to commit the perfect murder. We’re trying to see the logic [or lack of] in heinous crimes, and why they were committed to begin with.We’re also doing a kind of True Crime IQ test, except what we’re testing for is criminal acumen and criminal logic, which is different to normal psychology and common sense. Chris Watts’ murder of his family was particularly heinous but within the context of criminal psychology, was it logical? Just how illogical was it?

The idea for this particular post comes from Sylvester’s comment [read it before reading further], and his idea of how the Watts crime could have been better executed. Could Watts have gotten away with it?

Murder is dumb as it is, but committing murder only to be caught a few hours later, and then to undo your own stupid schemes a few days after that is even dumber. No argument there. The question is: how dumb was the execution itself, and by extension, how dumb was Watts.


In Sylvester’s Scenario:

Watts murders his family and then goes to work leaving their bodies in the house. Perhaps he takes her ring and some jewelry. When enough time has passed he can call 911 and have them checked on. The idea when they’re found is a burglary gone wrong. Maybe they got in through the back door.

What’s good about Sylvester’s Scenario is it’s a better story than Watts’ story in the sense that Watts theoretically doesn’t really have to come up with any explanation of Shan’ann visiting a phantom friend or why she left behind her phone, car and medication.

The bad thing about this scenario is it doesn’t solve the original problem. The original problem was that the Watts home and the homes surrounding it were a kind of spider’s web of digital surveillance. There were layers and layers of digital security. So if it was tough to take bodies out of the house without being seen [and Watts almost succeeded], it’s equally tough proving anyone came in with malicious intent. It’s not just the doorbell cams that wouldn’t show approaches from the front and back, it’s the hi-tech Vivint system that wouldn’t show anything either.

In theory Watts could have disabled the home system himself and then failed to account for it [as happened in the Ramsey case].

Fullscreen capture 20190410 121105

When I first stumbled into the Watts case, I remember thinking if he had only broken a window somewhere in the house, it would have given the idea of an interloper [someone who had come in and taken the three of them] some credence.  But it seemed Watts cared too much about the expensive house and maintaining it to break anything, let alone purposefully. But if he had, he would have set off the perimeter layer alarms. Probably the Vivint protocols would have automatically alerted authorities to check on the house. This is why Watts seemed to want to use the dodgy garage door sensor as his go-to explanation for how Shan’ann left on her own volition. It was a hole in the perimeter security.

The other issue facing Sylvester’s Scenario and effectively any scenario is, well, Nickole Atkinson. If Watts murdered Shan’ann at 05:00 or completed the execution of that phase of the crime [including washing up and removing bodies from the home] at about that time, then he only really had until 08:43 to get a headstart. Because that’s when Nickole contacted Shan’ann. If the bodies were in the home, the cops would have found them very early in the game, and would have provided [arguably] the best evidence against Chris Watts much earlier than they actually got it, and in a much better state of preservation. Time of death, cause of death, manner of death, crime scene, all provided to the cops on a silver platter.

If Watts had acted more like Patrick Frazee, and responded to Nickole’s message and perhaps even posted something on Facebook along the lines of…


…maybe he could have bought himself some time. Probably not though because any response posted on her phone would have pinged from wherever he was, if he had her phone.

Posting a message on her Facebook while he was still home was another option, but it would be very unlikely Shan’ann would go to bed after 02:00 and be up at 05:00 posting declarations about her day. Not completely implausible, just something that might raise suspicion.


It’s important to remember, if this was a premeditated murder [and I believe it was], Watts himself also ran through many scenarios in his own mind. What was clever about the execution was he had the end result – the evidence – mostly taken care of.

He also hid almost the entire fabric of the crime within the plausible deniability of just going to bed, waking up and going to work like he always did. It didn’t quite work, because he didn’t typically head out to the well sites first thing, but only someone close to his colleagues would know that. Also, if caught, because of the flight delay he’d have to explain how a lot happened between him and Shan’ann in three hours instead of twice that time.

If Shan’ann had arrived on time, maybe Watts had a different plan involving the Lexus, and maybe it would have played out better. Maybe there would have been time for a late night fake Facebook announcement. 48427215_736786590028657_1063860525886078976_n

My view is that the technical aspect of the crime was executed fairly well, as heartless as that is to say. If Watts had the resources to afford an elite defense lawyer, and if he’d stuck to his first confession, who knows, he may have pulled a Casey Anthony.

It was all hidden in the fabric of the average work day, in plausible deniability, not only the digital traces of the home, but the GPS traces of the truck. Watts also went to some length to send fake messages of concern and make fake calls to Shan’ann’s phone. It shows he was ready to play.

But the social aspect of his game was abysmal. Maybe his mistress had led him to believe he really was a kind of Rain Man who could do [and get away with] anything.


But Watts was a bad liar and an even worse actor from the get-go. Even so, it took a massive law enforcement team several days, and many hours of continuous questioning and data analysis to crack him. Watts did crack, but not completely, not even close to completely. He didn’t spill the beans during the first round. He cracked and revealed a little information.

True to his introverted nature, he has never fully revealed what he did, when or how. And the fact that many of the people closest to the case and charged with prosecution it still don’t know what really happened suggests Watts wasn’t so dumb after all.AP18233621618014-600x400

A Game of Thrones over the Permian and the baby dragon in an egg that was the Chris Watts Criminal Trial

US oil companies are locked in a real life Game of Thrones over the Permian basin, specifically Anadarkos assets there. It’s an area described by the Financial Times as “the thumping heart of the US shale oil boom.”



Fullscreen capture 20190212 001141

But what do the takeover bids circling through the media now for Anadarko Petroleum Corp have to do with Chris Watts?

Put on your thinking caps. You don’t need to know economics to understand the context of what follows; you just have to compare and contextualize dates and big numbers to other names and dates.

Worth playing for?

On June 15th, 2018, Anadarko signed a purchasing agreement with Centrica and Tokyo Gas for the rights to extract liquid natural gas [LNG] from the massive Mozambique field off the Southern African coast.

Fullscreen capture 20190425 125931

While this deal was still in the offing, and before it had been finalized, an obscure employee at an obscure site in Colorado [CERVI 319] used one of Anadarko’s fracking batteries to dispose of the remains of his murdered family. The case soon made local, then national then international headlines.

Bodies of two Frederick girls found inside oil and gas tanks, sources say – Denver Post [August 16th, 2018]

Father ‘stuffed daughters’ bodies in oil tanks so they wouldn’t smell, police say – New Zealand Herald [August 16th, 2018]


Had the Chris Watts trial been allowed to fulminate in the public space, and a full-blown criminal had played out, it would have been the equivalent of burning down the entire marketing apparatus the Anadarko brand had spent millions setting up and putting in place.

It wasn’t good timing for bad publicity. Barely six months earlier, Forbes reported on  a consolidation wave sweeping the oil and gas industry. Majors were gobbling up oil minors and minnows at bargain basement prices. Deals were being made left and right with explorers that were going bust, pulling out or losing their nerve. A public relations implosion could burn away billions…

Fullscreen capture 20190425 130317

One of the big players in this push for the Permian Throne was Anadarko. And after a pause between August 2018 and March 2019, and Anadarko making itself prettier by December 2018, by April 2019 the game for the greasy black Permian Throne was back in full swing.

Fullscreen capture 20190425 133249

[E&P = exploration & production  company]

So what caused the pause in the game, in August until April? Well, headlines like this on August 21st, 2018, just 8 days after the Watts Family Murders rocked Frederick Colorado.

Anadarko: Mounting Risks, National Headlines, Inept Management, And Terrible Tragedies

Frederick is close to ground zero for Anadarko’s impressive Platteville run fracking portfolio.

But one assessment described Anadarko in the summer of 2018 as “becoming the foremost public enemy for anti-oil [anti-fracking] activists.” A disastrous home implosion at Firestone [neighboring Frederick], lead to several deaths and prompted political moves [known as Proposition 112] to regulate the oil and gas industry across Colorado, and beyond.

Had the proposals been implemented, they would have cost the entire industry dearly, and Anadarko in particular.

Anadarko spent almost $7 million in campaign finance to lobby the community to vote against Proposition 112, far more than any other entity, and more than triple the total raised by supporters of the proposition.

In sum, the oil-funded opposition raised almost $32 million in campaign funds, the biggest chunk as noted from Anadarko itself. The opposition barely raised $1.5 million.

Fullscreen capture 20190425 142743

Despite disproportionate campaign fundraising, Proposition 112 was narrowly defeated, with just over 55% of voters voting “No”.

Fullscreen capture 20190425 142915

From October 2018 [one month prior to the first hearings in the Watts criminal trial] Anadarko’s share prices fell, and continued to fall until the spring of 2019. What Anadarko were faced with, and what they had to do at all costs, was tame the dragon. And they did.

Fullscreen capture 20190425 155533big_1502707705_imagemaxresdefault (1)

At the time the new environmental safety proposals were voted on, in fact the same day, Chris Watts’ “unexpectedly” took a plea deal in a rushed status hearing.

The status hearing itself was strange for its suddenness. It was announced late on a Friday afternoon [at 16:20 on November 2nd] when the District Attorney filed an innocuous sounding notice of a status hearing. It caught many off guard.

Chris Watts: Deal or No Deal? [Novembert 5th, 2018]

So did the hearing itself. What was dressed up to appear as a mere formality turned out to be quite shocking. A plea deal was announced.

Watts admitted guilt on all charges essentially shutting down the prospect of a high-profile criminal trial, one that was set to eclipse the liked of OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias.

Chris Watts reaches plea deal to avoid death penalty in deaths of pregnant wife, 2 daughters

DA addresses Chris Watts’ guilty plea in the murder of his pregnant wife, two young daughters

Chris Watts Cried in Court, Wore Bulletproof Vest While Pleading Guilty to Murdering Pregnant Wife, Daughters

That was November 2018.

A lot of discovery had to be dealt with over the following weeks and months, over Christmas, and into the first few months of the new year. Chris Watts’ mistress, a safety officer was interrogated on social media. The media however, was almost completely silent on Nichol Kessinger, as was Kessinger herselfFullscreen capture 20190425 152553Fullscreen capture 20190425 152626.

Then, when the dust had finally settled on the Watts case, this, on April 24th, 2019:


Anadarko Petroleum (APC) Stock: Climbing On Takeover Offer

A bidding war breaks out as Occidental Petroleum makes $38 billion offer for Anadarko, topping Chevron’s 

Anadarko Changed CEO’s Potential Payout Before Chevron Deal

Occidental Petroleum tops Chevron’s deal for Anadarko

Occidental seeks to outbid Chevron with $57bn offer for US explorer Anadarko

Occidental makes competing offer for Anadarko Petroleum

Cramer: Chevron’s Anadarko merger won’t be the only oil deal this year

And remember that exploration purchasing agreement Anadarko was pursuing off the Southern African coast? In February 2019 Anadarko was still pursuing it, and apparently “closing in” on the supply deal.


Then, on February 5th they finally signed their deal.

Anadarko inks new Mozambique LNG supply deal



Fullscreen capture 20190425 135544

Fullscreen capture 20190425 135913

Fullscreen capture 20190425 140149

Fullscreen capture 20190425 143613

More: Black Sunday and the demise of the American shale oil industry

“The McCanns insisted they had given their children nothing more potent than Calpol, which is a painkiller and has no sedative effect.” – Sunday Times, 9 September 2007, Victims of the rumour mill?

It’s a popular misconception that Calpol Night helps children to sleep.

Is it really?

On the same day the McCanns finally arrived home at the end of a disastrous summer in Portugal, the Sunday Times published an analysis of how the well-to-do British parents [both doctors] had been unfairly victimized by Portuguese cops and Portuguese tabloid media.

Fullscreen capture 20190423 150830

One of the “most powerful rumours” quoted in the article was this one:Fullscreen capture 20190423 151722

The inference is that the gossip surrounding the use of a Calpol as a sedative cannot possibly be true simply because – medically speaking – Calpol isn’t a sedative.

Do a Google search of “Calpol sedative” and Google will inform you that:

Fullscreen capture 20190423 151317

This must mean that the article in the Sunday Times, especially the bit about Calpol having “no sedative effect” was 100% accurate, right?

Well, it depends on “when”. If the question is: Does Calpol Night have a sedative effect today? the answer is no. The date of the article cited in the Google search [February 16, 2005] seems to predate the incident involving Madeleine McCann by over two years.

The problem with the assessment that the active ingredients have no sedative effect is that they don’t refer to the actual active ingredient that does: diphenhydramine hydrochloride.

There are three important points to raise in this respect:

1. While the original Calpol Night did contain Paracetamol, and while Paracetamol is a painkiller as opposed to a sedative [confirming the accuracy of the text above] the other active ingredient is used to treat coughs and runny noses.Fullscreen capture 20190423 155708

It dries nasal secretions and is, as such, an antihistamine. Antihistamines are famously sedating, and diphenhydramine hydrochloride is no exception. So the original Calpol Night does have a sedative effect, despite the claim in the Sunday Times that this was a rumour, and apparently the same claim by the doctors at the centre of the allegations that it had no sedative effect.

2. What is astonishing is that the Sunday Times either was ignorant of the well-known trend in British to sedate their children using cough-medicine in the decade following 2000, or was deliberately ignorant. In other words, they either misled their readers on a misconception that wasn’t, or they did so accidentally. A year and ten days after “setting the record straight on the safety of Calpol” the same newspaper referred to the “Calpol generation” in a headline, and the dangers of the medication leading to long term side-effects.

Fullscreen capture 20190423 154008

3. By March 2009 the original formula of Calpol Night was discontinued, and the product packaging of the replacement product was altered to reflect this. After coming under review, it was no longer recommended to dose any children under six years of age with Calpol Night. [Madeleine McCann was three-years-old at the time of her disappearance]. Some of the side effects associated with the original formula now officially included drowsiness, hallucinations and potentially serious liver and kidney damage.

The Calpol product that replaced Calpol Night in 2009 doesn’t have a sedative effect. The Calpol product that existed at the time something happened to the doctors’ daughter during their holiday in Portugal in 2007, absolutely did.

More: Are we using too much Calpol? – The Telegraph [2005]

Doctors are now being told to prescribe Calpol instead of antibiotics to children – Daily Mail [2017]

Are we raising a generation of Calpol kids? Doctor warns in TV doc that our children are overdosing on drugs – The Mirror [2018]

Madeleine McCann cops thought Kate and Gerry had accidentally killed Maddie with Calpol overdose, Netflix documentary reveals – The Sun [2019]


McCann PR Circus in Pictures

The Madeleine McCann case is the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history, and at a current cost of  $15.4 million/£12 million, the most expensive missing-person search [for a single person] in history.

2007 spokespersons/PR/Campaign leaders timeline:

May 5th, Alex Woolfall (Bell Pottinger) assists the McCanns on behalf of Mark Warner.
May xth, Sheree Dodd assigned as “close consular support”, acts as spokeswoman.
May 11th, David Beckham Appeal

May 19th, Alex Woolfall departs for the UK.
May 21st/22nd, Clarence Mitchell assigned as “close consular support”.
May 30th, Sheree Dodd returns to the UK.
May 30th, Papal Visit in Rome.
June 12th, Clarence Mitchell recalled to Britain.
June [x]th Justine McGuinness Hired at £350-a-day. At some point brings in a friend of hers, David Hughes.
Sept 7th, McCanns named Arguidos. Justine McGuinness and David Hughes accompany Kate to Police station.
Sept 9th, McCanns flee Portugal.
Sept 11th, David Hughes appears as “spokesman” for the McCanns on MSNBC Live.
Sept 15th, Justine McGuinness’ contract expires.
Sept 18th, Clarence Mitchell hired in a private capacity.

More: Spokespeople involved in McCann case
List of people and organisations that appeared not long after the announcement of Madeleine’s ‘disappearance’

gerry_mccann_balloon_man_obscenegerry-kate-mccann-press-conference-2007-1552908170gettyimages-74217420-2048x2048gettyimages-74087708-2048x2048gettyimages-76023800-2048x2048gettyimages-76058342-2048x2048gettyimages-76593095-2048x2048gettyimages-76605162-2048x2048gettyimages-76605246-2048x204831888c03-ab9a-4183-a6f1-4e3f66ff3715gettyimages-75026838-2048x2048gettyimages-833315266-2048x2048gettyimages-76607293-2048x2048gettyimages-76683850-2048x2048gettyimages-76684412-2048x2048gettyimages-77482684-2048x2048gettyimages-80590931-2048x2048gettyimages-80968107-2048x2048gettyimages-80968139-2048x2048gettyimages-80974412-2048x2048gettyimages-80976467-2048x2048gettyimages-92229187-2048x2048gettyimages-95766728-2048x2048gettyimages-108498085-2048x2048gettyimages-108498089-2048x2048gettyimages-108498091-2048x2048gettyimages-111432640-2048x2048gettyimages-111896742-2048x2048gettyimages-143664647-2048x2048gettyimages-450699320-2048x2048gettyimages-662311740-2048x2048gettyimages-662321502-2048x2048gettyimages-805499584-2048x2048gettyimages-805500148-2048x2048gettyimages-809221912-2048x2048gettyimages-832996276-2048x2048gettyimages-832998800-2048x2048gettyimages-833001838-2048x2048gettyimages-833004024-2048x2048gettyimages-833004132-2048x2048gettyimages-833004614-2048x2048gettyimages-833015378-2048x2048gettyimages-833015396-2048x2048gettyimages-833061958-2048x2048gettyimages-833063588-2048x2048gettyimages-833076122-2048x2048gettyimages-805141048-2048x2048gettyimages-833315584-2048x2048gettyimages-833315666-2048x2048gettyimages-833320938-2048x2048gettyimages-833407554-2048x2048gettyimages-833407584-2048x2048gettyimages-833437096-2048x2048gettyimages-833437144-2048x2048gettyimages-833459584-2048x2048gettyimages-833474868-2048x2048gettyimages-833523748-2048x2048gettyimages-834066338-2048x2048gmccannR0709_468x346gmccannR0709_468x474jennymuratv2vb9Kate McCann (left) meets Holly Valance at a reception for missing people at Downing StreetKate+McCann+Kate+Gerry+McCann+run+10k+Missing+BF9MkqqI3bTlkate-mccann1mccann-parentsnews-graphics-2007-_644889anintchdbpict000090702323nintchdbpict000403312686nintchdbpict000403313215xkVQ24mh-1

True Crime’s Three-Pronged Pitchfork

In the courtroom, there are really two “prongs” on which to secure a conviction, or argue against one. The first is forensic evidence [direct DNA evidence, fingerprints etc]. The second is circumstantial evidence [indirect evidence, witness testimonies, alibis or lack of]. Sometimes one prong is emphasized over the other. Other times they’re used to complement a particular argument.

Examples of cases where circumstantial evidence was more important include the murder of Laci Peterson and triple axe murderer Henri van Breda. In the Peterson case there was virtually no trace of Laci other than a single hair in a needle-nose pliers in Peterson’s boat, and cadaver odors.

In the Van Breda case there was an Armageddon-like crime scene overflowing with blood. In the latter case there was so much blood and DNA it was slippery to sort out and somewhat confusing. The main thrust of the defense case in the Van Breda trial focused on nitpicking DNA samples that were inconclusive.The Judge in the Van Breda case said if all the DNA evidence was excluded [from the prosecution side and the defense side] the circumstantial evidence remaining was still compelling, and overwhelming.


Examples of cases where DNA evidence was more important [and arguably too important] include the Amanda Knox case, OJ Simpson and Madeleine McCann. If DNA can be used to convict, any uncertainty around its scientific veracity means it can also become the fulcrum around which a defense can secure an acquittal.

Examples of cases where DNA evidence was used to argue a case but shouldn’t have include the JonBenet Ramsey case and arguably the Madeleine McCann case. In both these cases circumstantial evidence ought to have been sufficient.

Where a crime scene is severely contaminated or compromised, reasonable doubt exists surrounding forensic samples that are typically not quite good enough to qualify as sufficient. The law requires forensic samples to be 100% accurate, and the protocols in collecting them to be professional and beyond reproach.


The third dimension to the true crime pitchfork is psychology, or in the parlance of the genre, “motive”. Unfortunately, modern criminal law no longer puts much value in motive, just intention [or Dolus]. As a result, more than a few trials conclude with the court unable to explain why the crime even took place [Chris Watts, Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox, Oscar Pistorius, Henri van Breda etc.].

The courts say knowing why doesn’t matter, just that knowing when, what, where and how is sufficient. It may be sufficient for the law, but it’s not adequate for human beings.


The “Death Practices” of Chris Watts

Most people – whether murderers or not – engage in ritualistic “death practices”.  What the hell is that? Well, it’s something like this:

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Most of us are less extreme in our rituals. You don’t have to climb Mount Everest or use a parachute to play games with fate. Smoking a cigarette will do. Eating foods you know you shouldn’t is what most of us try to get away with.

Some “death practices” are life affirming. They remind us we are alive, and encourage us to appreciate being alive, and perhaps being with someone else. But some “death practices” are less controlled, and more self-destructive. They may start as disassociation or disconnection, and ultimately lead to a downward spiral.ecba5bb7c9de2cb810dfa0aa8f793242

To understand the mind of a murderer, and the the mechanism of “death practices” for someone like Chris Watts, think about some of those things that you consider crossing the line, in terms of rituals, especially risky rituals. Let’s call them forbidden fruit. It might be cheating on a partner, or stealing from your business partner, or doing things on your phone or computer you probably shouldn’t. It might be having sex at work, or sex with a prostitute, or sex with someone who is married. Or indulging in an addiction of some kind. Whatever it is, a would-be murderer starts to feel the same temptation – about murder.


Wherever the thought emerges, it becomes progressively reinforced or stimulated by circumstantial and subjective factors. Eventually the stimulation becomes self-sustaining. At that point the “death practice” slides into the background, because the time has come to execute on the fantasy of killing.

There is much more to say on the subject, but a blog post is not the place to do it. It deserves a chapter and a lot more context. But to give you some idea of the context we’re talking about, in terms of Chris Watts, some of the factors stimulating the idea of “death practice” [even only in a theoretical sense] included:

  • the pregnancy, and the realization at some point that he didn’t want this living thing to come into the world. In other words, he wanted the baby not to exist. This was one of the most powerful psychologies that framed many of the others that followed.180817063954-colorado-woman-pregnancy-video-full-169
  • the sicknesses of the children. Bella and Celeste were less healthy than the average children. It may have had something to do with their mother being a Lupus sufferer.
  • the life-size doll wrapped in the twister mat.0_Chilling-final-photo-Chris-Watts-pregnant-wife-took-of-their-childrens-barbie-doll
  • the “near death” spiel that was Nut Gate. This was a real test case for Watts to feel out the psychology of serious harm coming to his youngest daughter, and then experiencing some of the emotions firstly in himself, and in others around him. It’s likely this “death practice” reinforced or even awakened his feelings about needing to get rid of his other child – the baby.
  • the bankruptcy in 2015, and the financial malaise that overshadowed the enormous brown house hulking over Saratoga
  • Bella’s trauma after being told her sister might not wake up after eating coconut is another example. When exposed to this, Watts may have entertained the idea of one or both children surviving the death of someone else, and deciding against it.maxresdefault
  • other “death practices” include the sequestrating of data on his phone, including nude photos and data into his Secret Calculator app, closing himself emotionally [and sexually, and in terms of general communication] from Shan’ann. Shutting down his Facebook account.
  • going to work and working with dangerous chemicals, and being reminded on a daily basis of life-threatening aspects at work, would also nudge him further and further forward into the miasma of murder that was gradually forming in Chris Watts’ mind…


Gerry McCann’s Interrogation in Pictures [September 7 2007]

When Gerry arrives on September 7th, he’s dressed in a dark blue shirt, with his yellow and green Find Madeleine wristbands clearly on display.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 141042

While Gerry has no comment to the media, they know where to go to get commentary – the Find Mandeleine website. [And why don’t you make a donation while you’re there?]

Fullscreen capture 20190420 141438

Fullscreen capture 20190420 141826

Fullscreen capture 20190420 142335

Fullscreen capture 20190420 143600

And to show her solidarity with her employer, the PR lady is dressed in a matching blue dress.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 143756

What made the substance of the police questions so ludicrous? The idea that blood and cadaver traces of Madeleine could have been found in the hire car, when it was only hired 25 days after Madeleine disappeared.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 130359

And yet Kate’s response to this – allegedly – was that she had come into contact with as many as six cadavers during the course of her work, prior to going on holiday.

Fullscreen capture 20190413 160149

The way the cops saw it, Kate was more culpable than Gerry.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 134652Fullscreen capture 20190420 134654Fullscreen capture 20190420 134657Fullscreen capture 20190420 150507Fullscreen capture 20190420 151149Fullscreen capture 20190420 151401Fullscreen capture 20190420 151818Fullscreen capture 20190420 152229Kate’s account of Gerry’s interrogation* is a) that the alerts themselves were subjective doggy behaviour and b) impossible because the chemicals believed to create cadaverine disappear after 30 days.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 113001

Well, what about the chemicals themselves? Once they’ve formed, how long do they persist, how long after they’ve formed can the supersmell of dogs still detect them?

30 days?

How about 30 years?

Can cadaver dogs really sniff out 30-year-old remains?

The CSI death dogs: Sniffing out the truth behind the crime-scene canines

Dog of the Dead: The Science of Canine Cadaver Detection

Research shows value of cadaver dogs locating underwater corpses

Can you trust a cadaver dog if there’s no cadaver?

Fullscreen capture 20190420 135603

Fullscreen capture 20190420 135843

*Madeleine: Our daughter’s disappearance and the continuing search for bKate McCann

More: Kate McCann September 6 Police Statement – PJ Files

Kate McCann September 7 Police Statement – PJ Files

Gerry McCann September 7 Police Statement – PJ Files

Kate McCann’s Interrogation in Pictures [September 6-7 2007]

The £20 million 2019 Netflix documentary reveals further bias in episode four, specifically the way the interrogations of the McCanns are depicted. They’re cruel, unfair and unsubstantive. The McCanns are victims. The media and the police are caricious, shallow and stupid.

Trust the PR consultant of the McCanns to recognise a media “sting” when she steps out into the throng ahead of the interrogation of her employer. The cops have set the media up ahead of the interrogations. How dishonest!

Fullscreen capture 20190420 101748Fullscreen capture 20190420 110541

Fullscreen capture 20190420 101759Fullscreen capture 20190420 101801Fullscreen capture 20190420 101806Fullscreen capture 20190420 101808

And the PR continued during the interrogations.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 105637Fullscreen capture 20190420 105641

But inside, Kate wasn’t quite as happy as the PR suggested.


Fullscreen capture 20190420 105818

Although the documentary tries to contradict Amaral’s version of the timeline of the interrogations [see screengrabs below], in Kate’s own account of the interrogation*, she was clearly angry, dismissive and even disrespectful of some of the questions asked of her, especially those related to the cadaver dog alerts.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 111714

Fullscreen capture 20190420 123843Fullscreen capture 20190420 123858Fullscreen capture 20190420 123855Fullscreen capture 20190420 123902Fullscreen capture 20190420 123904


While the interrogations were happening, Kate’s PR spokesman was on point saying how ridiculous and stupid they were.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 124904

Fullscreen capture 20190420 124909

Fullscreen capture 20190420 124927

There was one PR person for Kate on the first day, and another on the second. It appears the PR people had carefully color co-ordinated their outfits to reinforce whatever Kate or Gerry were wearing on the day – to show their support.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 105646Fullscreen capture 20190420 105649

In fact she came in on the one day with her sister in law [wearing a matching yellow blouse to go with the yellow Find Madeleine bracelet on her wrist], and Justine McGuiness in tow.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 101801

The next day with her sister in law [dressed in a blue shirt, matching her brother’s] and David Hughes, a different PR spokesman wearing a matching pink shirt [to go with Kate’s jersey, for the second interview.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 123632Fullscreen capture 20190420 123814

Episode four has Amaral claim the interrogation lasted only two hours, when other witnesses say it lasted much longer.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 105652

Fullscreen capture 20190420 105719Fullscreen capture 20190420 105714Fullscreen capture 20190420 105703

On September 6th, Kate arrived at the police station at around 14:30. The first interview started at 14:55, and ended at 00:40. The first first interview took around 9-10 hours.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 114206

Fullscreen capture 20190420 114633

So did Amaral lie about the interview only lasting two hours?

On September 7th Kate attended a second, much shorter interview. It started close to 12:00 and ended at 15:15. Much of that interview involved watching video footage [as described above] and then asking Kate to respond to parts of it. An argument could be made that while the footage was playing [about an hour’s worth], the interrogation itself was on pause.

During her second interview, Kate entered the interrogation room at 11:50 and the interview was done by 15:15.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 114016

Fullscreen capture 20190420 113902

This suggests the second interview on the second day was reasonably close to two hours, or five hours long if one adds the time Kate arrived [10:00] to the time she left. But Amaral’s suggestion that the interview was only two hours when in fact it was 11 hours is clearly selective and perhaps mischievous storytelling.

In the documentary, instead of directing any of the attention to the specifics of what was actually asked during these many hours, the focus instead is on the sentiment and physical condition of the poor parents. If anything the entire interrogation is ridiculed as ridiculous and ludicrous.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 101445Fullscreen capture 20190420 101450Fullscreen capture 20190420 101518

[Above]: The male voice doing the voiceover narration for the “distressing and ridiculous allegations” Kate faced that day is author Anthony Summers.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 101531Fullscreen capture 20190420 101540

For a true crime documentary spanning eight episodes, one would think the substance of the actual interrogations when they finally happened [four months after the incident] would be worth looking into. Instead, it’s all about how tiring, ludicrous and tiresome the police were, and how vindictive, nasty and opportunistic the media were. The refrain from the McCanns was the same default setting: what everyone should be doing is looking for Madeleine.

But if the police were asking questions about cadavers, blood, hiding evidence and concealing bodies, then their argument was about the opposite – why looking for Madeleine was pointless if she was dead. Instead of scoffing at the cops, the McCanns had an opportunity to convince them she was still alive.

Did they?

Shortly or immediately after Kate’s interrogation, she phoned Jon Corner, whom the documentary identifies as a “friend” of the McCanns. He wasn’t just a friend, he’s an independent film producer and an expert with digital video and imaging. Corner had been actively involved in the McCanns PR, even travelling to Praia da Luz to get the McCanns’ version of events in their own words.

Corner appears in the documentary saying that Kate discussed a plea deal the cops offered her.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 105825Fullscreen capture 20190420 105827

Since the interrogation itself and being made arguidos in the media spotlight presented a PR catastrophe for the McCanns [right then], did she really just call her film producer friend to talk about the merits of the interrogation? Or was there some urgent discussion about putting some face-saving PR footage into the media ASAP to put some positive spin on the optics? If so, we don’t know.

We do know the McCanns decamped out of Portugal a few hours after being interrogated, and held a massive press conference in front of their home a couple of days later, with their official PR man [Clarence Mitchell] freshly knighted, at their side, ready to take questions.

*Madeleine: Our daughter’s disappearance and the continuing search for bKate McCann

More: Kate McCann September 6 Police Statement – PJ Files

Kate McCann September 7 Police Statement – PJ Files

Gerry McCann September 7 Police Statement – PJ Files

Madeleine McCann Media Coverage [Summer 2007]

The archive below* covers the period end-of-May to early-September 2007. Most of the archive below refers to coverage specifically relating to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. In some cases other references are also included to sketch the “zeitgeist” at the time.

30 May 2007

‘We want Maddy to be found… yesterday’

31 May 2007

Are the McCanns playing it right?

Portuguese police consult clairvoyants

01 June 2007

04 June 2007

06 June 2007

McCanns forced to defend themselves

Mothers to name and shame absent fathers

07 June 2007

We’re good parents not suspects, say McCanns

How to spot a liar: tell it backwards

09 June 2007

‘Madeleine’ call made from Argentina phone

10 June 2007

Parents fear they must return without Maddy

…yesterday Mr McCann, a medical consultant from Rothley, in Leicestershire, said: ”The time has come for a contingency plan.” Seated next to his wife in the flat on the Algarve where they have been staying with their two-year-old twins, Amelie and Sean, Mr McCann said: ”We will not give up, but there will be a different way of doing it. I can see myself having to go back to the UK to meet with people, it is just more efficient to do things over there.

”It will be very, very hard. The last time I was back, I couldn’t even go into the house. I found it hard enough going to Rothley.” Mrs McCann admitted she would prefer to stay in Portugal. ”I feel very close to Madeleine here,” she said. ”She could actually be further away from here than she is from the UK but I feel emotionally close to her here. People have told me I could do the same, if not more, back in the UK, but I can’t face leaving here.”

The couple agreed, however, that they need a break. ”We can’t keep doing the same thing week after week. The coverage will dwindle away,” Mr McCann said.

11 June 2007

Maddy detective accused of beating suspect

13 June 2007

Letter claims Madeleine is ‘buried under rocks’

14 June 2007

McCanns blast newspaper over tip off

15 June 2007

Police abandon scrubland search for Madeleine

16 June 2007

Parents face total ban on smacking

The EU’s strength is its diversity

17 June 2007

19 June 2007

Fathers choose children over careers

30 June 2007

McCann ‘extortion’ couple in court

“Police began to investigate them after getting information that they had tried to contact Madeleine’s parents to collect a reward.”

01 July 2007

Glasgow attack: Police explode car at hospital

02 July 2007

Madeleine’s parents leave Algarve resort

03 July 2007

Screaming fans at Harry Potter premiere

07 July 2007

10 July 2007

Madeleine McCann suspect questioned again

11 July 2007

13 July 2007

Madeleine McCann friends confront suspect

16 July 2007

Harry Potter to help in search for Madeleine

18 July 2007

Tabloid Portuguese newspaper Diario de Noticias has claimed that police have intercepted emails and phone calls between the McCanns and their friends in recent weeks which “prove” the theory Madeleine was killed inside the apartment.The same paper claimed that it was specks of Madeleine’s blood found by British sniffer dogs this week inside her apartment bedroom.

However the samples have only just been sent to a laboratory in Birmingham for tests, which could take up to two weeks to process.Mrs Oldfield said: “They are throwing mud at us and we are not able to defend ourselves. It does not help to find Madeleine. We just have to hope the investigation progresses to a point where something concrete comes out of it.”She added that she still believed it was an abduction.

“There would only be a small window for somebody to do it (abduct Madeleine) but presumably if somebody had been watching our movements then it would have been possible,” she said.Mrs Oldfield was with her husband Matthew, a doctor, as part of a group of seven adults the McCanns were holidaying with.The others dining on May 3 were the McCanns, Jane Tanner, Russell O’Brien, David and Fiona Payne and another person who has not been named, but is thought to be the mother of one of those present.

Kate and Gerry McCann said regular visits were made to check on the children as they ate 100 yards away from them at a tapas restaurant on the Ocean Club complex.But the exact chronology of the night has never been revealed.Some reports have claimed there were “discrepancies” between the times the group members had given to police on what happened on the night she disappeared.Mrs Oldfield said this was not correct, adding: “When we gave a statement to police in Portugal we were told it is all confidential. We have stuck to that. We are all good citizens and have integrity.”

British police are continuing to carry out a review of evidence in Portugal and specialist sniffer dogs have been searching beaches and scrubland areas.

Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs McCann continued to campaign for Madeleine’s plight and wider issues of child protection.Mrs McCann, speaking on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, called for a Europe-wide “quick response” system to react to reports of child abductions.She said that abductions were more common than many parents realised.

Britain’s child protection measures, such as the sex offenders’ register and system of Criminal Record Bureau checks, should be enforced across the continent, she said.She added that the United States – which her husband visited a few weeks ago – seemed far ahead in its ability to respond to child kidnappings.Citing statistics from the Protect American’s Children organisation, Mrs McCann said that during 2002-03 there were 1,000 attempted child abductions in England and Wales. She said 100 children were successfully kidnapped by strangers.

“It’s really important that parents know these things and take extra care,” she said. “Systems need to be in place across Europe for a quick-response for children that have gone missing. All countries in Europe should have a sex offenders register and Criminal Bureau Checks in place.“It is important that the general public are informed about the scale of the problem. I was horrified of things that I have learned about since this happened.”

09 August 2007

Madeleine parents ‘should leave Portugal’

“People are thinking this is not a safe place to bring their children and have cancelled holidays here.”

Mr and Mrs McCann have declared repeatedly they do not want to return home without Madeleine and have stayed in Praia da Luz as the investigation continues. But family friends now fear they are being “hounded out”.

Mr and Mrs McCann today stopped using the creche at the Ocean Club, where they have dropped off twins Sean and Amelie to be looked after every day since the disappearance of Madeleine.They are said to be aware that it is now causing disruption to other families using the facility because of the increased presence of Portuguese media.

Mr McCann has also not updated his daily blog on the campaign website – family are said to want to keep a low profile “until the storm blows over”.

10 August 2007

Madeleine’s parents shouldn’t ‘over-protect’

Madeleine McCann’s mother: ‘Don’t bully us’

Yesterday some locals called for “those bloody McCanns” to leave Portugal and they were asked to remove their twins from a crêche after it was repeatedly surrounded by Portuguese journalists.In a frank interview last night, the couple hit back. Mrs McCann said: “It’s sticks and stones. We will never go through anything worse than being parted from Madeleine. We will not be leaving or be forced out. I am not prepared to be bullied into doing something that I don’t want to.

“This speculation and the actions of the Portuguese press has been hurtful, intrusive and disrespectful to our other two children. The press here have badly overstepped any reasonable line.”A frantic week of claim and counter-claim has followed revelations that British sniffer dogs had uncovered new evidence – including specks of blood, hairs and fibres – in the bedroom where Madeleine disappeared on May 3. The Portuguese press turned on the family and their friends, claiming that the three-year-old was killed inside the apartment.

Mr McCann said: “There has been a lot of speculation and clearly there has been a shift in the investigation. But we do not know of any new evidence to suggest that Madeleine is not alive.”The key thing is the lack of any evidence during the initial investigation of serious harm coming to her. That is what has given us hope.”

The couple are determined to remain in Praia da Luz as the investigation continues, but Mrs McCann admitted to feeling “trapped” by the current storm. On Tuesday, she could not get out of the Mark Warner Ocean Club crêche with her two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie, because of a scrum of Portuguese journalists. They were asked yesterday to stop using it. Mr McCann said: “Mark Warner has been incredibly supportive of us throughout but they have come under a bit of pressure and we agreed not to go for a while. They offered us alternative arrangements.”

11 August 2007

Vigil for Madeleine after 100-day search

Police admit Madeleine McCann might be dead

‘Mass exodus’ of holidaymakers

12 August 2007

McCanns ‘heartened’ not to be suspects

Madeleine McCann search gets nasty

There is no denying that the McCanns’ relationship with the Portuguese press and police has become increasingly strained. Last week’s confrontation was just one more example of how the couple, who were swamped with sympathy by the townspeople of Praia da Luz in the early months of the hunt for their daughter, are now under attack from that same community….The all-too-sad truth is that the wealth of goodwill that once buoyed the McCanns is turning against them. It is an open secret in Praia da Luz that, while in public they never criticise the Portuguese police investigation, in private the couple have their doubts about the manner in which Guilhermino Encarnação is heading the inquiry.His blunders have been well documented and the McCanns prefer to deal with Luis Neves, the third detective involved in the case. Even Encarnação’s own officers joke that he “prefers long lunches to working”.

The harsh fact is that the public’s compassion is fickle. “People here are finding it all a little tiresome,” says Sheena Rawcliffe, the managing director of The Resident, the town’s English language weekly magazine.“Of course our hearts go out to them. But people are asking the blunt question: why did they leave the children alone? Why remain here? The McCanns need closure, but so, too, do the people of Luz. A backlash has begun and I believe it could get ugly before long.”Local business people continue to pay lip service to recognising the trauma suffered by the McCanns, but they point out that the sustained media eye on the resort is harming them. Hotels, restaurants and bars say takings are down and blame it on the negative image the town has.“The feeling is that they have outstayed their welcome,” one said. “Everyone here has contributed to the find Madeleine fund but it bothers us that it is not a charity. And that is because it is solely aimed at one child. Only when her case is resolved would the money go towards other missing children.”

The McCanns, of course, see things differently. “I am not sure I will ever be able to return to our Rothley home,” Kate admits. “I feel to leave Luz would be to abandon Madeleine. I can never, ever do that. “She insists she will not be bullied into leaving. But she must also be aware that the expatriate community has also become increasingly angry about the vilification of Robert Murat, the only suspect in the case.“The McCanns are attracting criticism because they refuse to divulge the exact details and timings of what happened on the night Madeleine disappeared.They are doing so because, under Portuguese law, such information would be prejudicial to the inquiry.But hasn’t the time now come for them to flout the law and clarify these details – in the hope that it somehow might help the investigation.Who is going to prosecute them for breaking a privacy law when their child’s welfare is at stake?”

15 August 2007

Madeleine sniffer dogs detect scent of body

17 August 2007

Madeleine McCann’s siblings told she is missing

18 August 2007

McCann twins told: Madeleine is missing

19 August 2007

Madeleine McCann parents to leave Portugal

20 August 2007

New suspect in Madeleine McCann case

The Public Prosecutor’s Office, which directs the police inquiry, signed a series of documents on Friday, ordering the PJ in Faro to put detectives on standby and authorising search warrants at locations that may be linked to the disappearance of Madeleine 109 days ago.

Staff from the Ocean Club complex, where Madeleine disappeared on May 3, will be also be re-interviewed today. A police source said: “We are re-interviewing several witnesses in order to clarify details that may be relevant to the new line of inquiry in light of facts we have found.”Pamela Fenn, 70, who lives in the apartment above where the McCanns were staying, and her niece, who is flying to Portugal from the UK, will be among those spoken to.Mrs Fenn has said that in the weeks leading up to Madeleine’s disappearance she scared off an intruder in her apartment.

There was no apparent sign of a break-in and it is thought the man may have had a key to let himself into the flat. She will be making a formal statement today at police headquarters in the city of Portimao. There was also another burglary in the complex a few weeks before in which police also suspected the intruder had a key.Mrs Fenn’s niece was staying with her aunt in the week that the McCanns were on holiday. She saw a suspicious-looking man hanging around the McCanns’ apartment about the time Madeleine vanished.

21 August 2007

Madeleine McCann’s parents told not to leave

22 August 2007

Complaints over Maddy ad rejected

24 August 2007

Paedophile is spared jail

26 August 2007

McCanns call for media obsession to end

27 August 2007

McCanns frustrated over Madeleine inquiry

30 August 2007

Madeleine McCann chief detective sacked



The Telegraph 2007 Archive

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Question about a detail (timelines)




The First 3 Reviews for TWO FACE ANNIHILATION

The last two books of the series of 7 [as it stands now] were extremely difficult to research and write. Book 7 was probably the most difficult of all. This is because one is relying entirely on the audio as the primary source for the information.


On the one hand, it’s excellent material because what we are listening to is exactly what the three members of law enforcement heard, plus minus some white noise here and there. There’s also a lot to work with – over four hours’ worth.

If you felt frustrated listening to one of the Rzucek lawyers conveying his impressions to Dr. Phil, you weren’t alone. We wanted to know exactly what Watts said, and also how he said it. The tone. The pitch. The context. Most important, the psychology. Is it believable. Does what he’s saying actually make sense, or does it conform to another pattern…?

And then the Rzuceks provided their impressions. They were touching, and while we felt sympathetic to the family, the two-part show  never provided the kind of deep diving psychological analysis Watts’s Second Confession really needed.

On the other hand, not having video and sometimes having the audio muffled or cut out was frustrating. The chronology of Agent Tammy Lee’s 29-page CBI Report and the audio aren’t an absolute match, which is interesting. It shows while the law enforcement trio went to the prison with specific questions, they didn’t necessarily ask all of them in a specific order, nor did they get their answers in a prescribed order either. This makes for a chaotic narrative, and it was my job to unravel it and rearrange it.

Transcribing audio is hard work, but worth it, as I think readers have discovered.

Fullscreen capture 20190418 133749

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