When Gerry arrives on September 7th, he’s dressed in a dark blue shirt, with his yellow and green Find Madeleine wristbands clearly on display.

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While Gerry has no comment to the media, they know where to go to get commentary – the Find Mandeleine website. [And why don’t you make a donation while you’re there?]

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And to show her solidarity with her employer, the PR lady is dressed in a matching blue dress.

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What made the substance of the police questions so ludicrous? The idea that blood and cadaver traces of Madeleine could have been found in the hire car, when it was only hired 25 days after Madeleine disappeared.

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And yet Kate’s response to this – allegedly – was that she had come into contact with as many as six cadavers during the course of her work, prior to going on holiday.

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The way the cops saw it, Kate was more culpable than Gerry.

Fullscreen capture 20190420 134652Fullscreen capture 20190420 134654Fullscreen capture 20190420 134657Fullscreen capture 20190420 150507Fullscreen capture 20190420 151149Fullscreen capture 20190420 151401Fullscreen capture 20190420 151818Fullscreen capture 20190420 152229Kate’s account of Gerry’s interrogation* is a) that the alerts themselves were subjective doggy behaviour and b) impossible because the chemicals believed to create cadaverine disappear after 30 days.

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Well, what about the chemicals themselves? Once they’ve formed, how long do they persist, how long after they’ve formed can the supersmell of dogs still detect them?

30 days?

How about 30 years?

Can cadaver dogs really sniff out 30-year-old remains?

The CSI death dogs: Sniffing out the truth behind the crime-scene canines

Dog of the Dead: The Science of Canine Cadaver Detection

Research shows value of cadaver dogs locating underwater corpses

Can you trust a cadaver dog if there’s no cadaver?

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*Madeleine: Our daughter’s disappearance and the continuing search for bKate McCann

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