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Shan’ann secretly records Chris Watts’ reaction to her second pregnancy


  1. Sylvester

    Bella looks like she’s dressed for Carnival in Sao Paulo Brazil. Because this happy tender event is staged and must be filmed. Oh well. Chris was a good dad though, I don’t think anyone can dispute that.

    • DCFan1911

      @Sylvester a good dad could never do what he did. A good dad would have been protective of those girls and instinctively wanted to stand between them and any risk of harm that may come to them. A good dad would never have wanted to be rid of his children. Chris Watts could MIMIC the actions that a good dad would take – but he never felt any love or emotional attachment to his daughters. Watch the interrogation videos and you’ll see that he is emotionless until he confesses and realizes he’s going to the slammer – THAT’S when he breaks down crying. In other words, he cries because his own life is ruined and he has to spend the rest of his life in a cage, not because he’s sad that his daughters are dead. Prior to the interrogation, his interviews on television show someone who is deadpan, and even smirking at times. He was happy to be free of his responsibilities as a dad – his freedom to do what he wanted was all he cared about. The irony is that the monstrous act he perpetrated to gain freedom from marriage/fatherhood wound up costing him his freedom – for the rest of his life.

      • nickvdl

        a good dad could never do what he did. A good dad would have been protective of those girls and instinctively wanted to stand between them and any risk of harm that may come to them. A good dad would never have wanted to be rid of his children.>>>And yet most people, including the FBI, his wife and his mistress, described Watts as a good dad right until the moment of his arrest.

      • EllTee

        I don’t know any more than anyone else does, but I suspect it was way more complex than this. *People* are complex. I think Watts did love his children, at least a semblance of what he thought of as love. While we have all these labels for emotions, who knows how each individual defines or decides or feels what “love” is? We think we know what it looks like from the outside, but again…that complexity.

        I’m probably not explaining myself super well, have been nonstop traveling for days and my brain is fried. But I think CW thought he loved his daughters.

        • straw heart

          Psychopaths don’t love anyone. They mimic others.

      • EllTee

        My above reply was supposed to be to DCfan1911, by the way.

      • Ralph Oscar

        I keep thinking about how carefree, even cheery, CW appeared during his “Sermon on the Porch”…

    • Mustang Sally

      Sylvester, we have been disputing that since his arrest. Good dads do not plot, plan, murder, and cruelly dispose of their children for any reason. It’s a relief to know that they did seem to be well-loved and cared for during their brief lifetimes, which I think is what you were trying to say, but a terrible tragedy that one of the people who should have protected them the most turned out to be their most deadly threat instead.

    • jackykcc

      oh yeah father of the year yet smothered them and dumped them in an oil tank so nope he was not a good dad at all he was a monster

    • nickvdl

      It’s so annoying when these videos are taken down. Anyone prepared to hunt down the originals again?

      • LGW

        I think PLUNDER has every single video on YouTube. I saw this exact video for the first time a couple of days ago and it was actually the first time I’d ever seen it. I find anything with the children very difficult to watch.

        • nickvdl

          Think you might be able to find it and share it with us?

  2. Geoff

    @sylvester. She kind of does.

    I will dispute it… Covert Somatic Narcissist appear innocent and look to the outside world like the most respectable stereotypical human being. All narcissism is malignant. Life always spirals out of control with these personality disordered individuals — there is a pattern. They have no emotional intelligence, although they can and often do have cognitive emotional intelligence. By that I mean, they have no experiential knowledge and connectedness with the true emotions that situations often elicit in a person. They’ve observed, over the years, how most people usually react to situations. By observation they are often able to effectively mimic the emotions they believe a situation requires. They, however, will never be able to truly connect with those emotions. Their consciences are seared

    • Gina

      Yes, yes exactly! That is why CW Googled something to the effect of “how does it feel when someone tells you they love you for the first time”, he needed to do a refresher course for his new victim supple/source NK to mimic the correct responses like a good Covert Somatic Narcissist does.

    • jackykcc

      @geoff well said

  3. mitzi2006

    I find these videos incredibly sad, not just for knowing what eventually happens but that they show Chris was not a horrible person, or a two headed monster and he really did appear to be a great dad too. What I find so sad is that he saw no way out of the unhappiness he felt and the mess he was in other than take the steps he did when there really were options.

  4. Diana

    Sorry Sylvester, I would dispute CW being a good dad. I see CW taking care of his daughters, but I see him doing that out of a sense of duty. As I’ve also stated before, rarely does CW hug and kiss the girls, I don’t see genuine love towards them the way I do with Shan’ann at times. I see CW as a robot with his kids, someone on automatic pilot doing what needs done as Shan’ann dictates. As the poster says above, there’s no emotional connection.

    • nickvdl

      I would dispute CW being a good dad. I see CW taking care of his daughters, but I see him doing that out of a sense of duty. >>>Diana if the test for a good father [or mother] was solely genuine and abiding [lifelong] love for one’s children, a small percentage of parents would qualify. I would argue that many folks on this site are from broken families where one or both parents don’t demonstrate the sort of love that their children expect. That’s probably true of our society as a whole, given average divorce stats and the lifespans of most marriages. The well-known bickering disputes over alimony are a sign of parents arguing over their duties towards their children.

      A lot of parental love for children is dutiful.

      Of course it’s better to have genuine love.

      In this case, Watts’ attention was diverted to a third party. One could argue that wasn’t genuine love either. But if what he felt to the third party wasn’t genuine, and if he didn’t feel a twisted sense of duty towards her, then why would his duty to his original family even matter? A twisted sense of duty is a big reason these crimes happened, but his affair with Kessinger shows it wasn’t just about duty.

      • Pam Foldesi

        Nick, you didn’t respond the to ‘kissing & hugging’ aspect of Diana’s comment.
        That’s the main thing.
        I can’t recall seeing him kiss Bella or Celeste once, but I do recall Shan’ann kissing them, and lots of hugging.
        He performed for the camera. Who knows what he did, once the camera was shut off?
        Knowing what he did afterwards is what makes us look back at all those videos.
        We search for an answer to WHY?

        I will bet that many young women are enthralled with this case, because they wonder if they might be married to such a man, and fear that it could happen to them.
        I will be that young women are searching for clues that match their man to Chris Watts.
        THAT aspect of this case is what has enthralled me. I could be next.
        I’m old, so I doubt it will happen to me, but I’m married to a man.
        You men are safe. Relax.

      • strawheart

        Narcissists are drawn to people who show them interest. They are more, ‘I love the fact that you love me’. Rather than, ‘I love you!’
        It’s all about them!
        They lack empathy and sympathy.
        They rage when things don’t go their way.
        Their reaction to discord is over the top.
        They have a lack of ‘Emotional Intelligence’.
        They are usually immature and don’t learn by their mistakes, neither do they consider the consequences of their actions.

        • nickvdl

          Which term do you prefer, narcissist or psychopath?

  5. Karen #2

    “You gotta be kidding me.” Interesting reaction to seeing the pregnancy test. Sounds negative. For someone who had trouble getting pregnant, 3 pregnancies in 5 years is remarkable.

  6. Gina

    A narcissist does not want you to know that he does not know the meaning of true love. Love to them is just a wish or desire that they can never grasp or maintain. Think about it…being truly in love and a serial cheat, not to mention a family annihilator, are disharmonious concepts.

  7. Mustang Sally

    That second video shows a glimpse of Shan’ann, Bella, and Cindy that we rarely see. It’s all about the miracle of birth and how beautifully, naturally, and emotionally it affects each of them. There is also a connection there between every person in that video, including Chris filming, that can be felt.

    • Pam Foldesi

      Mustang Sally, so true.
      Women can do what no man can. A man is needed to fertilize, and that’s it.
      Women can take one cell, and divide it, and divide it, and divide it, for months, until a baby forms.
      Women can generate another human being.
      One would think that the father would passionately treasure that product, a product that he cannot do.
      Except for humans, all others male species show off their plumage, or whatever aspect they can show off, to convince a female to consort with him, and not that other male.
      When will human males also perform for their female? I’m not holding my breath.
      Yeah, Chris is holding the camera at that moment, but he does not have any concept of what his wife just did for him.
      Chris is a loser, all around.

  8. LaraLeon

    “Awesome” is very similar to “Wow” in the latest pregnancy announcement video. He sounded exactly like that Christmas video also, playing the part of a good dad so he could get whatever he felt was needed from SW (sex, food, semblance of a normal life, etc). With SW filming all the time he could guess this was being filmed too.

  9. CBH

    I think CW was a genuinely loving and good father. He certainly did all the things that good fathers do (verbal and physical affection, reading bedtime stories, giving baths, feeding, playing, fixing hair, providing financially).

    When he met NK and his love for Shannan died, he originally intended to divorce and was looking for a place with a room for his 2 girls on weekends. It was the third pregnancy, the fear that Shannan would alienate the girls from him, fight for sole custody, destroy him financially, and the fear of losing NK which caused him to make the decision he did. Had he somehow had months to reflect on it, I don’t think he would have followed through with it. It was a rash action.

    • LW

      CBH, I agree it was rash, but still planned. When do you think he started planning to go that route? Before he went to NC?

      • CBH

        He might’ve had vague fantasies about it at that point. I think it became more real and more urgent around the time he went to NC. So I would conjecture that since meeting NK, it had begun as a daydream or fantasy. When he went to NC he was absolutely dead set on divorce, but possibly feeling divorce was not enough: it should be total vanishing. But when she went to AZ it became suddenly real and urgent. To sum up, it likely began as a daydream, became more strong and more enticing, and suddenly, “my god, I’m going to do it.” Just my own intuition.

    • Pam Foldesi

      A man’s viewpoint, women.

    • strawheart

      Funny that all the things Chris was scared of losing, he has now lost!
      The children
      The girlfriend
      His job
      His house
      His money
      His FREEDOM!!!!
      But he’s also STOLE other people’s lives. The grandparents etc.,
      He is a heinous disgusting vile
      He will never have peace in prison because his life will always be in jeopardy. That’s why he’ll always be kept away from
      other prisoners and moved from jail to jail all his wasted life!

  10. Sylvester

    I agree with you CBH. I almost like the old Chris, the heavy set Chris, he seems MORE loving to me because it’s earlier in their marriage. But I was thinking about this today and how Shan’ann critiqued everything about Chris. It’s sort of when she’s not on camera herself, or for example in the Grinch who stole Christmas video, she’s directing him, telling him what to do, where to stand, go back in the room. It’s as if after a while she began monitoring his responses. I don’t know if anyone else sees this but over time, if you are not allowed to be yourself, it’s like having your freedom taken away from you. Your actions become faked and jerky and hesitant or stilted. You are essentially walking on eggshells. No one has done that to me in life, thankfully – it’s called manipulation. But I don’t think Watts took a stand for himself. He tried to mold himself and adjust to what she wanted. Resentment built up over time. In a way I think she stole his relationship with his children away from him, by possibly not allowing him the freedom to express himself as a parent, as a husband,as a provider, and in the last few weeks, as a son.

    • CBH

      “He tried to mold himself and adjust to what she wanted. Resentment built up over time. In a way I think she stole his relationship with his children away from him, by possibly not allowing him the freedom to express himself as a parent, as a husband,as a provider, and in the last few weeks, as a son.”_________________________________________

      Yes, superbly stated, absolutely. Herein lies the key to how so loving a father could kill his own daughters: He felt Shannan had taken them away from him, voided his fatherhood; and that this would grow far worse with divorce and over time they would be damaged by their mother and grow to positively hate him. I’ve no doubt this was likely to happen. It’s why he could say SHE had killed them. For him, the guilt was hers.

      • Pam Foldesi

        S-T-R-E-T-C-H, CBH.
        You are not a woman, we get that.
        You sopeak from the man’s point of view.

        • CBH


    • red riding hood

      I grew up with a narcissistic father.People
      throw the word around and act like they know what it means but you have to live with it to really know.He had two faces , in front of friends and family he was benign and kind ( good man). Behind closed doors he was a monster, constantly belitting and humiliating me, my brother and mom.I remember fearing him from the time inwas little and just doing what he wanted me to do which was never good enough anyways, simply because it was better than his anger. I tried to kill myself ,had zero self worth and I still struggle.My brother has been severely depressed for 17 years. The irony,I got into a relationship with a man just like my dad.He was familiar. I finally found the courage after years of abuse to leave him, get help for myself and meet someone who showed me what love really feels like.

      Watts mother am sure is narcissistic.He had all the signs of being an empath. SW reminded him of what he was used to and he went along with it. To most people, it seems hard but when you are conditioned to do what you have been told to from a young age, its not hard. But the hate and resentment you have doesnt let go. I agree the mistress tipped the scales. He was desperate, bankrupt and stupid to think he could get away with it. Maybe she put it in his head ..atleast the way she said I will never have a lot of firsts with you and he reassured her she would seems that way. I wish he had the courage to walk away and get divorced instead of doing what he did. Those babies and SW did not deserve to die

      • Gina

        @Red Riding Hood I lived it too for 4 years and got out. Agreed, that in less they are living with them, someone else isn’t going to see what you see. I however strongly disagree that Chris was an empath as empaths have empathy and compassion and could NEVER do what CW did.

        CW is a textbook “Covert Somatic Narcissist”. What Causes Covert Somatic Narcissim? Victims of shaming during early childhood. A narcissistic parent. A mother who overly compensates, a apologetic mother who spoils without boundaries, over pampering, doting and smothering. Not being allowed healthy privacy boundaries as they are growing up. Being overvalued making them feel entitled. They aren’t born this way… they become. Statistically, Covert Somatic’s are nominally closet bisexuals. They have extreme mommy issues. There is no cure or medication. It’s a personality disorder.

    • strawheart

      What a load of bull, he could have walked away from
      the marriage and 4 people would still be alive.

      • Ralph Oscar

        Obviously he couldn’t because he didn’t.

        Do you have anything to offer other than statements of your own feeeeelings about this case? You thus far haven’t added anything at all of interest to the discussion, so you’re wasting our time.

  11. Sylvester

    I also think it would have been very beneficial for him to have had some “guy time” once a week with other men. Men draw strength from each other. It’s unfortunate that he turned down the efforts from a coworker to try and get him to have a poker night with them I think it was.

  12. LaraLeon

    An ex husband did that to me and I absolutely started to despise him, even had an affair because I was so angry at him. But I got a divorce and if I had kids I would still get a divorce. It woudnt be easy but it would be better than what he did. It is very difficult to feel anything for him when he hurt his kids, no matter how much in his shoes i have been. I think he is also not right in the head because he started seeing the kids as extensions of her, and to be his true self he had to annihilate everybody. The problem was the way he was raised with that kind of mother, combined with SW’s own controlling problems. A recipe for disaster, but like I said, my ex was the same way, controlling, critic of everything I did, degrading and not for a single second I thought about killing him. I despise him to this day but never crossed my mind to make him disappear for me to be my true self again.

    • Nick

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Now imagine you were pregnant and in serious financial shit, and that your personality was that you were both introverted and desperate to be liked. The affair in these circumstances becomes an exit, an escape route. What could prevent that from happening?

      The question isn’t would you murder under these circumstances, but how and why he did.

      • Mustang Sally

        “The question isn’t would you murder under these circumstances, but how and why he did.”

        Even then the questions shouldn’t end there. While I realize what I’m about to ask could be part of “how” and “why,” it’s important enough to consider on its own beyond just understanding what lead him there.

        What was he going to do after? What was his explanation going to be for living his newfound freedoms? What was his reaction going to be to those who seemed curious about his ability to move on without his family?

        Surely, if he spent so much in contemplation and dynamics factored so heavily into his decisions, he was aware enough to know there had to be the “what” after it all.

        How and why can never be effectively answered unless there is an understanding of what he thought he could accomplish after it’s all said and done. I don’t accept that his thinking was limited to merely the financial, physical, and emotional fixes; he had to be aware of the psychological toll it would take. What was/were his plan/s for that/those?

        The “what.”

        Is that part of TCRS?

      • Sylvester

        And also why he thought murdering everyone would fix it.

  13. Sylvester

    So you understand what it can do to you LaraLeon. You either leave and forge a life for yourself without the coercive person, or you stay and become puppet-like. I don’t think there was any one trigger for Watts – it was a combination of things – falling in love, fearing what the new pregnancy would do to him financially but also when his lady love found out, money, constant manipulation, the wedge driven between himself and his parents over the peanut fiasco and maybe some other things we’ll find out about as we continue to dig. But he felt he had to clear the decks and start again from ground zero (so to speak).

  14. Diana

    There are many comments here of what CW intended his life to look like after offing his family, who the REAL CW truly was. Honestly, I think he needed a strong domineering woman like Shan’ann, and before Shan’ann It was his domineering mother. If CW could’ve went on to live life his way, I think we would see he traded in one bossy woman (Shan’ann) for another NK. There are both men and women in this world who don’t function well on their own, they need someone to tell them what to do, CW was one of those people.

    • mitzi2006

      If it’s true that she literally made all the decisions and he none, he showed how bad he is at making his own decisions, destroyed lives including his own.

  15. Melinda Shepherd

    Totally agree with Red Riding Hood. Unless one has been exposed to a violent malignant narcissist one would never understand this personality disorder and how it works for the victims. These types are self centered, egotistical, nightmares. Maniacs to their cores. That is only naming a few behavioral issues and the disorder is much more complicated than what we can detail here. They are crazy making individuals who enjoy violence, sadistic, verbal, and psychological abuse, and all malignant narcissists can be different in their abuse. What you dont see in these videos is that side of Chris Watts. Just because you dont visually see his abuse does not mean it is not there. This is where you miss the opportunity for a lesson. Its a hidden private psychological manipulation abusive relationship of the disordered personality and SW would never show that side of him. She would not know how (she didnt understand him) and as her job by using social media as that tool, she would keep any and all abuse private. (It would damage her career and she wouldnt make money, which as we can see she needed. Malignant narcissism is hidden behind the person carrying the mask or fake facade. An example: someone sitting next to you at work can be a malignant narcissist and you would never know it. (Unless you begin to learn and research people beside you). They are so good, caring, loving on the outside (fake mask—) but behind closed doors when camera’s are off this person is an abusive lying crazy making lunatic. This is why it is so hard for people to understand the abuse and why they say, “we just cant see it, he seemed so nice to his kids” That is exactly what he wants you and everyone to SEE and THINK OF HIM. If you watch the interrogation interview he cries over what everyone is, “going to think of him.” (your Typical MALIGNANT narcissist) He never has shown any remorse for what he has done, no empathy for the pain he put his children and wife through during the killing? He smirks on the front porch (Im smarter than you—ego). (they call this duping delight hes enjoying duping everyone). That shows NO LOVE FOR THEM. (MALIGNANT NARCISSISM). CRAZY THINKING MAKING AND SO self absorbed he believed he could get away with that? Malignant narcissism. That is exactly what the malignant narcissist wants you to see. That is the fake public image we talk about all the time. You cant see it because they hide that mask. Why would they show anyone their true self? Their true selves are insane! They learn to mimic those emotions. When the mask slips is the true nature of the personality disordered. (His murdering of the entire family is Chris Watts true nature he was hiding behind fake self all these years but even Shan’ann didnt know who he was). It takes years for people to overcome this abuse its NOT just one thing. After you learn the red flags and behavioral practices you can begin to see people around you have this personality disorder and you can protect yourself. If you have never been exposed thank your God loving lucky stars. This is the real world we are living in. Learn to recognize the red flags and signs. Malignant narcissism is real, dangerous, violent and most importantly DEADLY.

    • Mustang Sally


      I have no doubt people as you describe exist and fit neatly within those prescribed parameters, but the fact is that not a single person has come forward to say they saw that side to Chris Watts. Even his neighbor who stated that he could get “crazy” sometimes later qualified his statements on national television.

      This may have just been an ordinary guy who thought up an extraordinary solution in an overwhelmed state of mind. Because he wasn’t particularly deep, his solutions made sense to him. Because he was so out of tune with the world around him, his solutions made sense in whatever altered reality he created in his mind.

      Lots of ordinary people walk amongst us, we may seem as ordinary to them. Are we?

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