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Crime Scene Analyst Dave Yocum’s Report [51st Tranche]




  1. CBH

    Reading about the recovery of the bodies really drives home the criminality of Watts’ actions.

    Does the description of the girls’ clothes mean they weren’t in pajamas? Or are these pajamas being described?

  2. Shannon

    I wonder if we’ll get to see crime scene photos.

    • CBH

      I wonder the same. Technically theses days the public is allowed access; however because of the 2 infants the family may well request they remain private.

      • Shannon

        I’ve looked but nothing thus far.
        I’m surprised none have been leaked, with this case being in the spotlight.

    • Diana

      Shannon if you’re wondering if we’ll see crime scene photos – meaning dead bodies, I highly doubt it. But I do know there’s photos of a deceased JonBenet Ramsey floating around online, so I guess you never know. Years ago when Dale Earnhart the NASCAR driver was killed, his widow immediately went to court because as she put it – She didn’t want photos of his autopsy popping up on the internet. I’m not sure how JonBenets photo ended up online but maybe it was leaked.

      • Shannon

        Yes that’s what I mean. Pictures of the bodies. There are thousands of dead pics on the Internet. Even worse, actual murders.
        I’ve seen them all, well not all, but alot.
        Morbid in a way.

  3. Sylvester

    That was a shock! Both girls were wearing shorts. That suggests to me CBH they were not dressed for bed.

    • CBH

      My first thought.

  4. Clean Queen

    When my kids were little, they often had summer pajama sets that were comprised of a cotton T-shirt and a little cotton shorts. I have boys, so the cotton shorts were more the length of boxers, but tight on their legs.
    It is interesting though, because they don’t explicitly say that the clothing the girls were found in are pajamas.

    • Sylvester

      The question is though, what did Bella and Celeste usually wear to bed? According to McKenna it was something different than how they were found in those oil tanks.

      • Ralph Oscar

        “The question is though, what did Bella and Celeste usually wear to bed?”

        How does this make any difference?

        Bella and Celeste usually wore whatever their mother put on them. But she wasn’t here this night; Chris might have done something different since he was the one making the decisions. In fact, we might expect to see them wearing something different, since someone else was dressing them. Why would it matter?

  5. Carolyn

    To think of a mother and her little girls, along with baby Niko, just a few days earlier in the safety of North Carolina with the family who loved them so deeply, is so heartbreaking. Reading this report summed up who Watts is and always has been. Most recently, if it’s even true, I read a statement from Watts about the girls screaming and crying on the way home from school after he picked them up. Also, according to Watts, Bella got up repeatedly to check on her mom’s arrival. I wonder if Bella had a premonition; she seemed to be a very sensitive little girl. All the you tube videos make this tragedy personally devastating. It’s overwhelming sadness that fills us at the thought of the pain and cruelty the family Watts inflicted on Shanann the last few weeks of her life. I pray the “shorts” were P.J. shorts. I also pray that some amazing sign from Heaven makes sense out of this horror.

    • Ralph Oscar

      “I also pray that some amazing sign from Heaven makes sense out of this horror.”

      In the end, there’s no sense to be made that doesn’t result in a pregnant woman and two little girls ending up murdered. All we can do is speculate about what Chris thought/felt/believed/perceived/experienced that made a triple murder look to him like the best option going forward. It’s not going to make any kind of sense that most people will be content with or even accept, as most people believe there’s simply no scenario where it’s sensible or acceptable to murder a pregnant woman and two little girls. However, if we can figure out what was going on in his head, we’ll be able to understand how it was from his perspective. At this point, that’s all that’s left for us.

      • Shannon

        Will we ever know, why any act of murder is committed. I don’t think so. This act happens for many reasons. Only known to the perpetrators. If we try to understand why…..will we ever really know Why.

      • Ralph Oscar

        Shannon, every now and then, there’s a story in the news about how a child or adult was beaten to death by those around him/her who were convinced that they were performing an “exorcism” for the victim’s benefit. And they battered the victim to death.

        This provides us with information – these people’s religious delusions resulted in their becoming murderers. They must thus be sequestered away from the rest of society, as they have proven to be a severe danger to others. And beyond that, perhaps there is reason to investigate whatever weirdo religion they were part of, because of the danger of others of their group doing the same thing to another victim, and perhaps these people can be educated out of their religious mania.

        But in such a case, that’s about all one can do. So long as people cling to irrational delusions, believing in imaginary threats and dangers, and are impervious to reason and common sense, we’ll unfortunately as a society continue having to clean up their mess.

        Since murder is the #1 cause of death among pregnant women, though, this phenomenon really needs to be investigated thoroughly – what if it was mostly about the financial disaster? If they’d won the lottery two days before, would CW have gone through with his plans for multiple murder? And if this *IS* the case, maybe we as a society can devise better safety net programs so that we can spread out the costs the way we do with car insurance and health insurance, so that one car accident or serious illness doesn’t cause homelessness, for example.

        • Shannon

          Ralph. I have no idea about your comments.
          Religious killings have been going on for hundreds of years, witches, exorcism, devil worship, blood drinkers, animal fuck heads that kill animals.
          This does not apply to this Case.
          I posted somewhere the FBI, stats on woman, pregnant or not. Being killed by a spouse, lover, ex hubby… on.
          Lottery, WOW, we all wish we could win the lottery.
          Again, this did not happen in this case.
          Your line of reasoning here is Irrelevant.
          As for what the kids were wearing when found…….who cares. There dead. I’m surprised the clothes didn’t fall off or discinagrate.
          Sorry, I’m in a mood.
          None of this has anything to do with death.
          We don’t need Nit Picking in BS areas.
          Thank you Ralph.

      • Ralph Oscar

        Shannon (and Sylvester, too), I was in a bit of a mood myself earlier – please forgive me if I offended. Everyone should feel free to investigate whichever angle of this complicated case speaks to her/him, because there sure are a lot of loose ends to run down. We can’t expect every avenue of inquiry to appear equally compelling to us as individuals, which is why it’s great to have a community of people with different perspectives and interests. Perhaps among the group of us we can collaborate, as it were, with nickvdl on getting some of our own questions answered here and contribute to the investigative process to whatever degree. I’ve really enjoyed participating here and learning from everybody.

        Sometimes the subject matter is disturbing and may ping our anxieties, for whatever reason, so I realize it’s sometimes a temptation to get a little short (speaking for myself here). I’ll try to keep that under wraps.

        • Shannon

          Sometimes I wish the regulars, could sit down together and discuss this case.
          It would interesting and firery.,

    • Ralph Oscar

      “I pray the “shorts” were P.J. shorts.”

      How would that make any difference? What would be so much worse if they were wearing play shorts instead of pajama shorts?

  6. Shannon

    There probably summer PJ’s.
    Kids wear tops, shorts underwear or diaper. Nothing unusual about this.
    Cop might say shorts instead of PJ’s.

  7. Sylvester

    Celeste, when pulled from the tank, was wearing an orange/pink shirt, shorts, diaper. Bella was wearing a pink multi-colored shirt, shorts. Look at the last picture taken of them by Watts eating their pizza. What are they wearing?

    I know people want to believe they were suffocated in their sleep, in their beds, and so were wearing pajamas, but I don’t think so. Especially now with the addition of the word “shorts.”

    • Ralph Oscar

      A lot of summertime pajama outfits include shorts.

  8. Diana

    I don’t believe we can take the report showing the girls wearing “shorts” too literal. Perhaps as men they didn’t know the terminology to use. Pajama pants? Pajama panties? Pajama leggings? Boy short type panties? Pajama underwear? No, they had on pajama tops and pajama shorts for lack of a better word.

    And on another note…… I noticed the “Guest Post” Nick posted a few days ago pointed out that it was the Lexus that had the green lighter in the passenger door. Wrong! It was the work truck according to the above documents.

    • Gina

      Diana I agree with the terminology used by men to describe the clothing. Compare a woman’s description to the mens. As Tami Lee describes in her report from the recovery scene and autopsy that CeCe was wearing a pink nightgown & a pull up at the recovery site (she was not present for Bella’s recovery) at the autopsy Lee says CeCe was wearing pink nightgown, minnie mouse underwear and a pull up. Bella a pink nightgown covered in butterflies & a pair of underwear. CSA David Yocum describes Cece wearing orange/pink colored tshirt, shorts & a diaper. Bella a pink multi colored shirt & shorts. Michael Burson, MD describes CeCe’s as pink/black tshirt, diaper & a pair of underwear. Bella a pink pajama type top with images of hearts and butterflies & underwear.

  9. Sylvester

    If it doesn’t matter what they were wearing Ralph, then why the insistence on calling them pajama shorts? Or saying Yokum doesn’t know the difference between shorts and pajamas.
    That same someone else dressed them Saturday night and at that point what they were wearing was called a nightgown.

    • Ralph Oscar

      You know what? If this seems like a productive avenue of investigation to you, then by all means – follow it and figure it out. If it feels like there’s something of importance that is hidden in this detail, by all means – see what you can come up with.

      Don’t mind me.

  10. Sylvester

    Well, moving on. I’d like to know why Watts put his white shirt, socks, underwear, jeans and belt in the cargo area of the Lexus – as well as his newer brown boots. If it’s the same clothes he wore on his date with Nichol, why remove them from his person and put them in the Lexus?

    Also Yokum’s report states “a possible DNA swab was collected from the steering wheel.” Wouldn’t Watts DNA be on the steering wheel regardless? Why was that important – unless it was someone else’s DNA.

    • Diana

      I would imagine collecting DNA from the work truck would be to help rule out any other accomplices (NK?), especially once they knew the bodies were transported in that truck. Personally I’ve never believed NK was involved in the murders as an accomplice.

      • Sylvester

        It could be DNA from any of the three victims – saliva, blood, etc.

    • Sideaffected

      I was wondering that too. Doesn’t seem like something she’d leave in her car. Was it something he forgot about? If it was planned/to accuse her of an affair..I’d expect him not to be making so many other mistakes?

  11. Sylvester

    It’s interesting to watch the body cam video again of Officer Coonrod’s first pass into the house and I estimate it’s at right about 13:07 when Nicolas must have found the phone. Because you can see him in the loft just before, and you can notice that the back cushions are messy. Watts is very nervous as he’s trying to keep an eye, upstairs, on where Nicolas and Nickole are wandering off to – he doesn’t seem too concerned with Officer Coonrod at the moment because he’s been downstairs rummaging around. Watts has positioned himself upstairs, as guard, and guide, to try and deflect and monitor people out of certain rooms or at least to keep an eye on them. If Shan’ann had gone into the basement what a huge territory she would have had to at least try to run. May have been trapped by the narrow stairs, but there were lots of objects down there she could have picked up and thrown at him. So for me, I don’t envision him hiding in the basement and lying in wait there. That would have taken untold minutes, and she would have figured out her daughters were not sleeping in their beds, her dog was no where to be seen which would be unusual, and it’s too much dark house to have to navigate through. This belongs on the other thread in response to lovescatsanddogs.

    • Clean Queen

      Yes, it does belong there. I agree. I don’t see any way Chris wold risk SW heading upstairs to do as she pleases, especially since she could get a head start on him if she realized something about the girls was amiss. There would also be the possibility that she never would bother coming down to the basement, and he would have to go find her,. This would result in a huge lack of control over the situation for him.

  12. Sylvester

    Found something interesting. P. 1892 Nickole A. said “Shan’ann told her she wasn’t going to speak with Watts when she got home because she knew he’d be sleeping.”

  13. Nick

    That’s important. Goes to her motive that night.

    As unsettled as she was about the possible affair, she was prepared to wait until the right time to confront him.

    This is also why I don’t see her arriving and turning on any lights.

    • Sylvester

      Good point! And I don’t see her wandering around in the dark trying to find where he was if he wasn’t in the bedroom. Didn’t want to confront him at 2 a.m., didn’t want to find him if he was in the basement. I think they were on the same page – she didn’t want to confront him at 2 a.m. and he most certainly didn’t want to. What he wanted was for it to all be over quickly.

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