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Nichol Kessinger is in Witness Protection: Something Sinister is Going On…

Today on the True Crime Rocket Science Facebook Group someone asked whether it was true that Nichol Kessinger is in witness protection or just a rumor. I quickly Googled a fairly credible source, posted the link and the member responded [obviously having read it]. Then the link disappeared.

Then I posted it again.

Fullscreen capture 20190209 001634

Below are the original screengrabs…Fullscreen capture 20190209 000935

Fullscreen capture 20190209 000853

Fullscreen capture 20190209 001402

After about 2 minutes, when I refreshed the page, it was gone again.

Why don’t you try the same thing on your Facebook page, using the same link I used. Let us know what happens.


  1. Shannon

    I tried it twice. No problem.

  2. Clean Queen

    Regardless of whether or not the link being removed is a fluke, it is definitely concerning that she has been placed in witness protection (if true). Even during the interview, law-enforcement told her that they couldn’t and wouldn’t put her in witness protection because she didn’t fit the criteria. I thought this was a ridiculous request on her part. You make decisions and you have to live with them. You chose to be with Chris watts, this happened, deal with it. That’s what adults do. You win some, you lose some. Witness protection is typically reserved for people who testify in big criminal federal cases, etc. It’s not for some side chick who happened to pick the wrong guy.
    It certainly does feel like there’s something else going on here. There are some definitive oddities surrounding NK and this case.

    • CBH


    • Brenda Loose

      I’m with u. She chose to sleep with a married man. U make ur bed, u lie in it. If Shanann was alive she would of whipped her ass, no doubt and now that she can’t, there are plenty of people out there that would love a shot a this homewreckinf sleeze. If the public has to foot the bill to pay for her to be in protection, then we should be able to vote on it. I don’t want to pay for her new start in life. If she would of kept the boundaries up, she wouldn’t be in this position at all. I sure don’t feel sorry for her and I don’t fall for her saying that she didn’t know Shanann was pregnant, she googled her a year before she even met Chris. She may have a new name but we all know that face and the hidious voice of hers. Are we gonna have to pay for plastic surgery too so no one recognizes her? She will find a married man at her new location too. Whores are like bloodhounds when it comes to finding married men. I don’t want one cent of my tax money spent protecting Kissinger.

      • Ralph Oscar

        Go crawl back under whatever trailer you crawled out from under, Brenda Loose. And take your hick hillbilly opinions with you.

      • Ralph Oscar

        “I don’t want one cent of my tax money spent protecting Kissinger.”

        Yeah, well, I don’t want one cent of my tax money spent paying for your disability, or for your Medicare or whatever. But I don’t get to choose, so you don’t get to choose. And if that’s what it takes to protect Nichol Kessinger (NOT Kissinger – I certainly hope Chris Watts wasn’t getting it on with Henry Kissinger) from the likes of you, I’m all for it.

  3. Sylvester

    I know Frankie Rzucek’s facebook page was hijacked – people were posting things as if he had posted them talking about trying to make money off “Shine like Shan’ann” t shirts. Really despicable.

    Witness Protection seems a little extreme for NK, doesn’t it? Why not Amber Frey. Even Casey Anthony isn’t in Witness Protection, and has been spotted shopping and selling junk at a yard sale.

    • Shannon

      I saw the FB thingy on Frankie jr also.. I read thru it and….the posts were quite funny actually. I chuckled at some of the headlines. I knew it was fake.
      It’s been up for a bit now. Interesting he hasn’t reguested it to be taken off.
      I’m sorry, but I thought NK got the witness protection. Am I wrong…….lol

    • CBH

      That’s a good point. Can it be determined that NK really is in WP?

  4. Sylvester

    Shannon – Frankie just changed his facebook account – that’s a way of not dealing with the fake one.

    • Shannon

      Actually he’s had a few FB Profiles, since all this happened. I came across the fake one also.

      • Sylvester

        Ah ha! You’ve been stalking Frankie same as me 🙂

        • Shannon

          No not stalking. I check all their profiles, maybe every few weeks. I’m all over the place.

  5. Anna

    The oil industry is VERY deep and VERY wide. She’s prolly on some off shore oil rig off the coast of Nigeria. I kid you not… She’ll be fine, I guarantee it…

  6. EllTee

    If I were outed as she was, with my full name and address and phone number publicized to the point I became “the most hated woman in America” and was getting death threats? Yeah, I’d want some kind of protection, too. I would disappear off the grid as totally as I possibly could, at least until the furor died down a little. It’s hard to determine whether she’s actually in some formal Federal Witness Protection program, or whether she employed other means to go into hiding, but she absolutely did the right thing for herself. My guess would be that she’s not in the formal WPP, a la Henry Hill from Goodfellas, but has had some governmental assistance in relocation.

    I’m really getting into Drilling Through Discovery! Problem is, I cannot find my Kindle, so I have to go over my Mom’s and read it on hers. 🤔 If I could find my own, I’d already be on my third read of it, clicking on all the links and such. (I know mine is around somewhere! I have a small house and too much stuff, despite many a purging, so I evidently put it up “somewhere safe” and hid it from myself. ) 😁

    • Cheryl Filar

      EllTee, too funny—I can misplace things within a matter of five steps—even when my house is cleaned up. You’ll probably find your Kindle when you’re not looking for it. If you’re like me, when you do, it’s like discovering a wonderful treasure! As far as Kessinger being in hiding, I can’t say I blame her—the online community continues to be ravenous where she is concerned.

      • mitzi2006

        They are ravenous and extremely aggressive to her. Even to the degree that they over pixelate a pic from the neighbors camera, then say it’s Nichol Kessinger and she was there, then he pronounces “fact”. It’s one thing to say your opinion is that she might have been involved, it’s quite another to put up a extremely fuzzy pic and proclaim that’s her and she was complicit in a crime when no charges have been laid against her. I can’t figure out that she hasn’t sued this youtuber, perhaps she should.

        • CBH

          True. I also saw the one in which he deliberately enlarged some splotches and shadows to make it look like it was NK carrying CeCe. The gullible ate it up; the more realistic ones called him out on it, and he wound up admitting it was an illusion.

      • EllTee

        Agreed on both points!

        I have a vague memory of having seen my Kindle atop a box beneath my bed, but it isn’t there now! I have a tiny, crowded bedroom with furniture too big for it, and will soon be moving into the larger room across the hall. At the point I’m organizing my things to move them into there, I anticipate the reappearance of the Kindle.

        And yes, NK is being smart by staying off the grid. Some of the online commentary paints her actions as worse even than those of CW, and then you have all these conspiracy theorists who claim they see her standing in the driveway as the bodies are loaded into the truck, etc. That kind of nonsense. I’m pretty sure she’d be in custody, if law enforcement had any evidence that she participated.

  7. Susan

    I am astonished about how he thought life with Kessinger, going forward, would be just dandy. Even Kessinger questioned, during the police interviews, how he thought this would work out! “Oh, the whole fam damily is gone – let’s move on.” How did he think he could avoid the all-seeing eye of God, let alone special agent Coder? He must have been thinking with his other head. Remember that Shan’ann said that, prior to her leaving for six weeks, that they were doing it like rabbits. He seems not to have been thinking with his brain.

    • EllTee

      “The all-seeing eye of God, let alone special agent Coder!” 🤣

      Yep, I would not want to be in a small room with Coder, were I in any kind of trouble. And, I suspect that the FBI is replete with hundreds of Coders. That would be a dream job, if I had it to do over.

  8. Sideaffected

    I thought she was in witness protection because it describes her in the documents as (PROTECTED WITNESS.) and all of her redacted information, especially compared to other people. I’ve since been told very strongly and for some reason angrily that I’m spreading vicious rumors. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry, but I don’t know why people are so mad about it, like the behavior the author above I see happening elsewhere.

    • Clean Queen

      I think maybe the true “witness protection program” is being confused with NK changing her identity, moving, etc. it is possible that law enforcement could have assisted with this on a limited basis, especially since she seemingly cooperated with the investigation. Still, that is very different from actually being placed in witness protection. It was immature and dramatic for NK to request witness protection as if she was a victim. But who knows, times have changed and there may be a more legitimate need for people involved in these high-profile cases to have some help getting out from under the spotlight. So long as they didn’t do anything criminal.
      I can’t even begin to imagine the God awful death threats and hate she’s received. People are nuts. There’s a big difference between being a mistress and a murderer. I wonder how all these people making threats would feel if their dirty laundry was exposed and the public was allowed to act as judge, jury, and executioner? I’ve certainly done things in my life I am not proud of, and I can’t imagine the whole world turning on me for it.
      While she isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I don’t hate NK. I don’t really see her as a “home wrecker” either. I don’t doubt that Chris led her to believe he was getting divorced, and lied to her to string her along. I also don’t know if I buy the fact that she was instantly fooled into dating a married man. All of her Google searches seem to indicate that NK did her homework…on a variety of things! Shan’ann’s social media was public and open for the world to see. It would take a quick glance to realize that she and Chris were very much still married and together. NK does not come across as someone who would not have checked out her new boyfriend’s wife. I just don’t buy that. I’ve never felt too emotional about her one way or another. To me, her personality is nonthreatening and unassuming, if not a little annoying. There isn’t much there to get worked up about on a personal level.
      It’s somewhat unfortunate that she has been scared away into silence by the mob as she could probably get some pretty interesting information as the water begins to settle here. That will probably never happen though.

    • mitzi2006

      I’m not implying anyone on here, sorry if I gave that impression. I’m mostly referring in particular to one youtuber that has latched onto this case and stated in some of his early videos that he wanted to “YouTube” full time, then proceeded to say he’s going to have to keep coming up with “good stuff” to get his subscribers up and keep his patrons on board. He has posted quite a few theories of shadows, and two people coming out of the garage and one was female and wearing different jeans, besides the so called pic of her ponytail. He states these as facts, not his wild theories. People are actually giving him money encouraging him to go after her and he’s sent his pics to CBI, calls his supporters his “society”, says they have to continue to take up the fight for justice as he’s not from this country and he’s taking the US by storm with his findings. They comment on his videos like he’s their hero and say he is. I find people like him dangerous. You never know when you are stoking those kinds of accusations if you are encouraging some wing nut to find her and do something, I am shocked that anyone would not worry about that with the emotions that surround this case. She had a relationship with a married man, she obviously picked probably one of the worst men but the lynch mob mentality is victimizing her just as much as Chris Watts did

      • Nick

        Agree 100%. This aspect exposes our society as one of frauds, fakes, con artists and sheep. The truth is ostensibly made up despite being the object of the game. MLM = the flocks of the deluded.

      • Ralph Oscar

        Gads, you can see the rationale for allowing NK into the witness protection program given all this, can’t you? Things change – two decades ago, the criteria for being allowed into the witness protection program are likely very different now from our social media-connected age, with people being casually doxxed by strangers who are willing to take the law into their own hands as with that Pizzagate situation, which was entirely false! Reality doesn’t enter into the picture for zealots, so I’m in favor of witness protection for NK, since she’s basically an innocent bystander here. Yeah, I know others will insist otherwise just because she was romantically/intimately involved with someone who ended up becoming a family annihilator, but that’s my take on it.

      • Clean Queen

        The lynch mob mentality is deeply concerning. Same with that YouTuber you mentioned. It’s scary that a person can be simply accused to any degree, and then have their lives ripped out from under them. That could happen to any one.
        That person on YouTube…that kind of behavior can stoke a fire in exactly the wrong person. Somebody that wants to take justice into their own hands and do God knows what to NK or any other person in her shoes. It’s definitely a problem.
        That’s why I appreciate NVDL’s approach to looking at the facts of a case and not demonizing any one player. Shan’ann was a victim, but she isn’t a saint. NK was making morally questionable decisions, but that doesn’t mean she’s evil. We’ll never get to the truth if we are dismissive of nuance. Have a good night, all (or morning, depending on where you are in the world)!

  9. Kaye

    Hi Nick in response to your comment about MLMs above, thought you would find it interesting that on a Facebook blog called “Shine like Shan’ann,” there is a January 1, 2019, post showing a letter from Le-vel congratulating Shan’ann and her team for reaching the 200K VIP level. Tragedy has been turned into profits, and the post thanks everyone for helping Shan’ann to achieve her dream.

    • nickvdl

      Tragedy has been turned into profits>>>Yes, I could see that happening immediately after her death actually. Nickole Atkinson got more involved in Thrive after Shan’ann’s death, if anything.

  10. Liz

    Clean Queen said:
    I think maybe the true “witness protection program” is being confused with NK changing her identity, moving, etc. it is possible that law enforcement could have assisted with this on a limited basis, especially since she seemingly cooperated with the investigation.

    I have to agree that there is definitely confusion on this issue. I seriously doubt that NK is in the witness protection program as it was not designed for this. When NK asked about it at one of her interviews, the agent said, “That is rare.” In his later notes, he said he gave her “cursory” information on changing her name. In other words, that was going to be her problem, just like when Frankie Rzucek, Jr. at his interview was asking about therapy to cope with all of this, it was pretty much ignored.

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