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8 Simple Questions for a True Crime Guru Badge + Book Giveaway [#6]

What separates the gurus from the rest is that at some point – whether by reading or research – they find out for a fact whether something is this or that. By far the majority won’t know something, but then form an opinion based on hearsay or what’s in the media, and then their speculation is driven by that opinion. That’s not Rocket Science, it’s waffle and gossip.
Getting the information right isn’t easy, as I hope this post illustrates. Simple questions are devilishly complicated to answer.
I’ll be posting something shortly on Amber Frey, but before I do, let’s see who has got their headspace in the right place in terms of the mistresses “voluntariness” in this case versus the Scott Peterson case.

If you can provide a link or source to your answers, all the better. In terms of the Amber Frey question, my trilogy on Scott Peterson also dealt with this issue.
The most correct answers stand a chance to win Book 6 in the series. If you’d like a chance to win used #Kindle in your comment [regret this is not open to readers].
Here we go.
1. Did Amber Frey [Scott Peterson’s mistress] approach the cops? If she did, when did she come forward?
2. Who is Hazel Heckers?
3. When was Detective Baumhover introduced to Nichol Kessinger for the first time?
4. Nichol Kessinger and Chris Watts exchanged texts on Tuesday, August 14 about the paternity of the unborn child.
WATTS: It’s not mine.
KESSINGER: It’s OK if it is.
WATTS: OK, then it’s mine.
Are these texts in the Discovery Documents?
5. Did law enforcement request assistance in the investigation of the Chris Watts case, or did [some other entity] offer it? Do you know when this request/offer occurred?
6. When District Attorney Michael Rourke addressed the court he spoke for approximately 13 minutes. Did he mention Nichol Kessinger during the sentencing hearing?
7. Nichol Kessinger was asked to provide her Verizon phone logs. Until what date were those phone logs and when did she give them up?
8. When was the last text message sent between Watts and Kessinger and what did it say?



  1. Liz

    1. Amber Frey December 30, 2002 Laci Peterson went missing Christmas Eve Check the Modesto Bee and/or Amber Frey telling her story on NBC
    2. Hazel Heckers CBI Victim Advocate Chris Watts Discovery Redacted Discovery Page 544 I also think she came into the interview and sat beside Kessinger for a few minutes
    That’s as far as I’ve gotten

    • nickvdl

      #2 is right.

  2. Liz

    5. Detetctive Dave Baumhover of the Frederick Police asked for assistance from the CBI and FBI after Shanaan and the girls did not return home by 7 am August 14, 2018. Discovery Page 1941.
    1. revisit, yes she did approach the cops, but the first cop she approached was a friend and it was not official, about Scott as she was not trusting some things, nothing to do with Peterson case, and she wanted the cop to check into Peterson. He calls her at 1:49 ish on 12/29/2002, giving her a Modesto police number, telling her to call them, it’s urgent. She doesn’t call them yet. She did call 12/30.

    • nickvdl

      Thanks for your effort Liz. See how complicated it is? For me the issue is not so much who approaches whom [although that’s still relevant] but when they talk to the cops. In Amber’s case it was six long days after Laci’s disappearance. In Kessinger’s case it was after two full days, but three people missing. The point is they’re not talking because they want to, but because they have to. They’re at the center – ultimately – of a murder investigation. If they don’t co-operate they’re guilty of a crime, even if they weren’t involved directly. It becomes obstruction of justice. So they don’t really have a choice, do they?

      • Liz

        Yes, these 2 women really landed in deep. You know they both had to be afraid of being implicated. So really they had no choice but to comply. Tough spot to be in.
        I’ll let someone else take over the answering. I had fun to a point.

        • nickvdl

          Here’s some help for those still scratching their heads on #1:
          Frey said it wasn’t until a friend showed her a news article on a missing Modesto woman named Laci Peterson that she learned Scott Peterson was married. The article mentioned Peterson’s truck and occupation, Frey said.
          Convinced that the man described was her lover, Frey said she immediately called the Modesto Police Department hotline.

          In the first hours of the investigation, Peterson denied he was having an affair, Brocchini said. Peterson never told him about Frey.
          On Dec. 30, Frey placed one of the hundreds of calls Modesto police received each day. Brocchini was watching a clerk type notes from the caller and decided to pick up the phone and handle the call himself.
          The detective then drove 90 miles to Fresno to interview Frey, a single mother.
          Frey said she met Peterson on Nov. 20 and he said he was single. But she later became suspicious and confronted him about three weeks later because she thought he was married.
          “He said he lost his wife, this would be the first holiday he was without his wife,” Frey told Brocchini.
          Peterson called Frey on Christmas and the following three days, Brocchini said. At some point, he told her he was out of the country and would be able to spend more time with her after Jan. 25.
          Frey began taping their phone conversations for police, and investigators tapped Peterson’s phones for evidence.

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