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BREAKING: Patrick Frazee 10-Page Arrest Affidavit

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  1. Ralph Oscar

    I was reading about the contents here via other sources on the Internet, and something that stood out to me was when Krystal Lee said that, although she was cleaning the scene, she left the blood in a couple of places in hope of the investigators finding it. Yet it was Kelsey’s family who found the remaining blood evidence, *after* the investigators and dogs had already been and gone. How could this be?
    I posted it on an older Patrick Frazee article, but since this is the new/current article, I’d like to see if anyone has any ideas.

    • Sideaffected

      I think they didn’t do a thorough enough search and one of them said that they had noticed blood in the toilet but thought it was menstrual because there was evidence she was on her period. I know the dogs hit by Kelsey’s car but I’m not sure of the date of that.

      • Ralph Oscar

        But surely the *dogs* wouldn’t miss it!

      • Ralph Oscar

        I mean, if there were, indeed, places of blood that Krystal Lee left for the investigators to find, as she claims. Did the investigators find blood in those places?

  2. K

    It is shocking that people were involved in the murder, had knowledge of the murder, and yet, they do not seem to incur the same consequences as what seems logical and even moral. I don’t see how someone can have prior knowledge of the planning of a murder, clean the murder scene, and not only dispose of the cell phone, but use the cell phone to divert from the murder and get such charges. If this was a felony murder with a person in a get away car and that person did nothing but drive the car, they would still be charged with felony murder where I live. How can this possibly be justice if the accomplice is treated like a poor little victim. She is clearly able to think for herself and should have notified somebody somewhere along the line.

    • Sideaffected

      I agree but it’s a trade-off-obviously they feel he’s the bigger piece of shit. How her sentence is SUCH a sweet deal I do not know.
      Also, after doing all that cleaning, she went to Sonic. Whether or not you can eat a hamburger says a lot about you (I’m looking at you Chris Watts.) She should get more time alone for texting her mother.

  3. Ralph Oscar

    This is really too shocking all around. Searching around on the floor for *teeth*?? Ugh. It’s pretty much a worst case scenario. I hope they’re able to find the “trough” and remains. Wow.
    Someone noted elsewhere that Kelsey, when she fell pregnant, told Frazee she’d miscarried, only to go somewhere else and have the baby. Then, months later, she showed up with the baby – surprise surprise. Three questions:
    1) Why did Kelsey lie and flee? We already know that murder is the #1 cause of death in pregnant women. Did she fear for her safety while pregnant?
    2) She came back – why? She could have filed for child support remotely, I’m sure. Why did they get engaged? Since she was intimate with him (and got pregnant) she must have liked him, of course, and wanted to get back together. But why the months (I seem to remember someone saying 7) apart to have the baby, without any contact to update Patrick on what was going on with her? 7 months of radio silence?
    3) A surprise baby must be a shock for the unexpecting father. Along with the surprise of child support payments. I’ve seen cases where child support payments were cited as the reason for murder, but why wouldn’t Frazee remove the baby from the picture as well? Babies are difficult to raise and they’re expensive, even when you aren’t being dunned for child support payments. If Frazee was going to remove Kelsey from the picture to remove the source of his having to make these payments, why would he keep the child?
    4) If Kelsey would agree to the candle-sniffing game, she and Patrick must have been on pretty good terms. So why weren’t they planning on spending Thanksgiving together, as couples tend to do? A scheduled custody hearing speaks to a pretty serious breakdown in a relationship. So if Patrick was coming over to pick up the child for his scheduled time with her (I’m assuming it was scheduled/agreed upon – basis for a custody hearing to nail it down), I would expect him to take the child and her effects and leave. What was this “sniff the candles” detour?
    Kelsey was murdered/disappeared 3 months ago today. The child is 16 months old now. So when Kelsey was murdered, the child was 13 months old. Counting back, that meant, if the baby was 1 month old when Kelsey introduced her to Patrick, Kelsey and Patrick had a one-year-long relationship, by the end of which they were both engaged and estranged – a child custody hearing loomed in the near future from the perspective of Thanksgiving, a holiday they were spending apart. Take a look at their “family picture” below – that baby is no more than a month old, I’m guessing:

    • Ralph Oscar

      Note: I can’t find any confirmation that Kelsey lied to Patrick about a miscarriage and then disappeared for 7 months, only to return with a baby. As far as I can tell, she was there in CO the entire time during her pregnancy.
      Apparently, Kelsey and Patrick met via a dating site for Christian farmers. She apparently felt strongly enough about him to move to CO to be with him. She was pregnant within 6 months of moving to CO.
      I did find a mention that, in the 4 weeks leading up to her disappearance/murder, Kelsey was buying makeup and wearing more eye makeup and buying cute sexy tops. Another man in the picture? Again, no evidence. Have grain of salt at the ready.

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