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A Conspiracy that may [or may not] explain the intrigue around the March 7 Revelations

For those who know this site TCRS is allergic to conspiracy theories including this one. The source is apparently someone related to the Rzuceks. Although I trust the source who passed it on I’m not sure the information is reliable by any means.
The information you’re about to read has virtually zero grounding in evidence or in the discovery. So why am I posting it here? Because it suggests there may be a little or a lot we don’t know that could change everything. Please note my posting it here isn’t an endorsement of this theory. Personally I think it’s interesting but probably false in its entirety.
Here goes.
Nichol Kessinger gave birth to a baby boy 15 days ago [February 18th]. Chris Watts is not the father of Niko, but another man named Chris [also married, and a Thrive promoter]. In spite of this supposed encounter, Shan’ann assumed the child was her husband’s and not the other Chris’s.
The Rzuceks have [allegedly] made a deal with Watts for him to be moved to a different prison in exchange for a full confession.  Watts’ motive had to do with the double bind in dealing with not one but two pregnancies. It’s also been ventured that Watts is prepared to talk if he can be granted visitation to his son. 
Although anything is possible, it beggars belief to imagine Kessinger was pregnant [about 12-13 weeks] at the time she was interrogated, and either didn’t know it, or did know and didn’t show it – especially emotionally. One would have expected her to be completely emotionally compromised and struggling to get a hold of herself.
The other aspect, as mentioned, is none of the above conjecture appears to have any foundation in the discovery, including in the recovered texts. An absence of evidence doesn’t necessarily mean something didn’t happen. On March 7, we’ll find out – for sure. Well, hopefully.
Fullscreen capture 20180904 032655
Why was the image below [published November 15th, 2018] taken in such low lighting?


  1. CBH

    As you say probably just a rumor, and false. However anything is possible so considering it may have a 5% chance of being true, I’ll play devil’s advocate. As you say, we’ll know soon enough in any case.
    12-13 weeks is still early on in a pregnancy, and a slim and fit woman such as Nichol would not necessarily show outward signs.
    As far as her emotional state: Imagine her bewilderment, horror, and guilt as she is confronted with the shocking news of what Chris has done. If they know I’m pregnant, she thinks, they’ll blame me! She had every reason to hide the pregnancy at that point.
    Thus does she delete all texts where they speak about her pregnancy. It’s certainly possible. Nichol could not see the future. She had assumed and hoped that Shannan and Chris could divorce amicably. Perhaps the pregnancy was the reason that she searched so early and for 2 hours for wedding dresses: Chris wanted to “do the right thing”.
    Could be just a rumor. Could be true EVEN IF Watts really fathered Nico. As you say, we’ll know soon enough if it has any or zero validity.

    • Ralph Oscar

      I was thinking about the wedding dress search as well.

      • nickvdl

        Kessinger searched for wedding dresses for over two hours on August 4th, at 00:45 in the morning.

  2. CBH

    Addendum: I do not know how to post images here, but if you search via Google images for ‘woman 12 weeks pregnant’ you will certainly see that the woman scarcely looks pregnant at all.

    • Jessica

      Exactly. I have 5 kids and I don’t show at all until at least 18-20 weeks 🤷🏼‍♀️

      • Shannon

        The pictures they show of Shanann are from other pregnancies. Not this one.
        Deception of an illusion.
        PR working here.

  3. tyu

    “Nichol Kessinger gave birth to a baby boy 15 days ago [February 18th]. Chris Watts is not the father of Niko, but another man named Chris [also married, and a Thrive promoter]. In spite of this supposed encounter, Shan’ann assumed the child was her husband’s and not the other Chris’s.”
    Um. what? This makes zero sense whatsoever… it sounds like madlibs. And Nicole K had picturers taken in November which would be around 6 months pregnant.

    • nickvdl

      Which pictures taken in November?

      • William

        There were a couple of pics taken of Nichol last November when she did that interview with Inside Edition, but they were just of her face pretty much One pic is from the side and one is from the front where she is wearing a dark suit jacket with a blouse and a necklace with some kind of pendant on it. I’m sure if she were pregnant at that interview we would have heard about it because she definitely would have been showing at 6 months.

  4. Sideaffected

    It’s pretty embarrassing how excited I am for the 7th. I should really calm down and expect the worst. I’m picturing myself not being able to sleep like it’s Christmas morning or something. I’m sick.
    I don’t think NK was pregnant, I do think it was his baby, and I would believe the family would do that but I never heard why he was moved in the first place. I heard speculation but nothing more than one or two lines in the Discovery of how inmates boo’ed him, and that seemed to be because his “status” made them lose a privilege or something if I remember correctly. That and someone trying to sell his underpants for $500 on Craigslist. It didn’t seem like he was having a bad time particularly. Wasn’t he moved to where Dahmer was murdered? Or do I just know one thing that overlaps the Venmo diagram of prison + Wisconsin?
    I watched a show called “killer families”-the criminal psychologist has a role in one of the only longitudinal studies on family annihilators-and the first episode reminds me of Watts. Name is Philip Austin and he killed his wife and two kids in 2000 (and his dogs.) Then had a grand time for a week until he was caught. The first warning sign she said is being “remote and socially awkward” and they talked about how he looks uncomfortable at his own wedding and had no close friends. They decided he loathed his wife, and killed his kids (drugged and strangled) cause he couldn’t support them financially. And that he’d be the last person to explain his motives because he himself lacks awareness more than anyone. Similar. Also Allison Baden-Clay and Neil Entwistle.
    Creepiest video on YouTube: Neil Entwistle giggling in court while he looks at his family dead. Look at it you guys…chills.

    • Sideaffected

      That would be Venn Diagram*

    • Clean Queen

      Hi Sideaffected, I am extremely anxious for this info to be released on the 7th! I feel like we are at least somewhat justified in our excitement due to the fact that we’ve been starved of information when it comes to this case. No trial, and really not much follow up from any of the key players once the Chris was put in prison. I am endlessly intrigued by the thought of what this new confession may entail.
      I also doubt that Nichol was pregnant. When I started to see the pregnancy rumors pop up, I found the idea to be so ridiculous that I never even clicked on any links to entertain the idea. However, now that this new info is coming out, I am starting to doubt myself slightly. Like Nick said, anything is possible.

  5. Ralph Oscar

    Let’s suppose it’s true that NK had CW’s baby. Keeping in mind that there is no EVIDENCE this is the case.
    In that case, moving CW out of CO is the *last* thing he’d want, if he wanted any kind of visitation with that baby! While the courts can rule that criminals can have access to their children (although while they’re incarcerated, I dunno), like rapists once they’ve served their sentences are often given access to the children they forced onto the women they attacked, there is no court in the land that would order NK to travel to another state just to provide a convicted murderer with face time with the child he sired.
    If there were a NK connection that was behind CW’s upcoming new testimony, then he’d insist on being moved *back* to CO in order to be nearer to her and their child if there was indeed such a child in the scenario.
    You don’t suppose…that the investigators discovered that NK was pregnant and inexplicably moved CW out of state, with the promise they’d move him BACK if he revealed the how/when/where/why of the murders, do you?

  6. William

    Well IF she had a baby on February 18th I doubt on the very same day Chris would find out, get a hold of the CBI and FBI and that they would immediately fly out there to see what he had to say to get what he wanted. I do see a possibility of a prison change to North Carlolina or somewhere closer to his parents in exchange for some new information so we will just have to wait and see.

  7. CBH

    One thing that struck me as utterly false: Shannan being pregnant with Nico from another man also named ‘Chris’ at Thrive. How on earth could it be determined which man fathered Nico until after he’s born with a DNA test?

    • CBH

      Or did they do this postmortem?

      • JC

        CBH, I think they can do this with a simple blood test from the fetus. I think they would do that as it would be a possible motive for murder. One detail I remember vaguely is that she was tracking her menstrual cycles,so she knew exactly when she had ovulated. She only had a 24-48 hour window to conceive. Why would she choose to have sex with someone other than her husband, not to mention another married man, right then?

        • CBH

          Yes, that would be quite strange. Thanks very much for the clarification.

    • Kathleen Caraway

      I remember some pictures of Shan’ann at Thrive events in the company, among others, of a nice looking man named Chris. But extramarital sex is not my read on her. Whatever else you think of her, it seems clear that she was in love with her husband

      • CBH

        I think so, too. And I don’t think she would want to be known for adultery at Thrive.

      • Lilly

        So she was at a thrive convention in May 2018? Do you know the date? If she was 15 weeks pregnant at the time of her murder then she would have conceived sometime in May 2018. When sperm are inside women’s body, they can live for up to 5 days. If you’re a man and you have sex even a few days before your partner ovulates, there’s chance they may get pregnant. WebMD

    • Cherry Forever

      If i remember correctly they did do a DNA test on the fetus.. Dont quote me on that but i do believe i read it in the discovery.

    • Jennifer Boyle

      The time of conception shows that shanann was in New Orleans as a thrive event and it would make sense that the time of conception was the date she was gone away from Chris and at the Thrive convention where this man Chris was at there’s several pictures of shanann and this guy Chris together and her wearing a leopard dress

  8. Right44

    Did NK actually enter the witness protection program? If the pregnancy rumor is true, I suppose being in witness protection program would be a great way to hide her pregnancy and birth of a child until she wanted the public to know.
    I get a a queasy feeling just thinking about him being allowed visitation with his son after killing his two daughters.

    • Ralph Oscar

      I can’t imagine NK would be cool with that, either. But if she IS, then that kind of indicates she’s a pretty twisted person. I knew someone quite well – we met through a mutual religious organization when her husband was in prison for armed robbery – and when he got out, it wasn’t long before he got himself back in again, this time for good (life sentence) for more violent armed robberies. He ended up with 4 strikes in all – the one I knew of when I met her had been her 2nd. And the last time I talked with her, while she acknowledged that she was going to divorce him now, it had a ring of inevitability to it, that it was the only option left rather than that she would never ever be with someone who did those sorts of things. She had 2 children with him; the younger was only 6 months old when he went on his gang-related crime spree. In fact, in speaking of him, it was clear that she was still in love with him. For example, she’d taken up with (and gotten pregnant by) someone else; Prison Guy had demanded that he should approve of this new guy. Always the control freak, but to some people, that kind of jealous nuttiness passes for evidence of “love”. I checked her Facebook page a while back – she’s now got FOUR children (not sure if it’s 2 or 3 babydaddies), still not married, still working as a waitress… I could see THIS woman being the sort who’d take her baby to the prison just to see her loverboy. I get the feeling NK is too practical for that, but who knows?

  9. Donkeykong

    Highly doubt any of that but stranger things have happened right?
    Did Niko get dna tested? I remember seeing somewhere in the discovery that after baby Niko was received by the coroner, he was then sent to the police station I think to be held before being sent over to SW family. Do they do dnd testing of unborn babies in cases like these? Evidence is there I guess. I strongly believe that SW only had eyes for CW.

    • Shannon

      Oh my. I don’t think a dead baby fetus the size of an Orange, after being expelled out of her onto the dirt, Would ever be given to anyone to hold or see.
      After autopsy, the baby would either go back in body or beside her.
      I think they had a closed casket funeral. If casket is closed, I don’t know if family gets to see the bodies. I’m sure the kids looked terrible. Shanann was in a decomposed state. No no no
      That would never happen.

      • Donkeykong

        Shannon I saw in the discovery somewhere the details on the movements of baby niko. I can’t recite what page number but it was something like the police had written down how he was transported. I didn’t mean hold him literally, I meant he was kept at the police station or the clinic till he was sent over to her family. I do know he was buried beside Shanann and not put back inside her.

        • Jennifer Boyle

          I wouldn’t think they would put him back inside her body however I believe he is buried beside her

  10. Diana

    Donkeykong I’m sure they would do DNA on the fetus if requested, did anyone request it is the question. About a week or so ago when Nick asked us what we would like to see that was not in the Discovery docs already, that was my pick – DNA on the fetus and if it was male. The autopsy said the fetus was sent off to a lab, apparently the medical examiner who did the autopsies on Shan’ann, Bella and CeCe didn’t do one on Niko.
    As for NK being pregnant? Anything’s possible. Maybe that’s why she’s gone underground, plus she’s one of the most hated women in America!

  11. Laura Olson

    Did anyone else notice that when the detectives went back for the second interview with Chris they mentioned it being “a holiday”

  12. Lilly

    @William, do have that link or video on NK being interviewed by Inside Edition in 2018?

  13. Lilly

    It doesn’t make sense that NK would have a baby in February 2019. That would make her around 32 weeks pregnant and prematurely giving birth. The full term pregnancy is 40 weeks. Give or take most woman go into labor two weeks before to two weeks after. Doctors don’t like woman going beyond 40 weeks which is 42 weeks, as pre-eclampsia is a high risk.

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