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Miscellaneous Images

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  1. Sideaffected

    Whoa that was extremely interesting/artful. Especially the little things, like the little ads on Facebook, the seeming innocuous “kids are alive” remarks and “which natural disaster” are you the day before. And yes I noticed Chris was the only not sick one. I’m not a crier but for some reason by the end I have tears streaming down my face-Cece waving, Bella’s little face. I especially just love her for some reason. I think she had a heart of gold.

    • Sally D.

      Yes, very nice photos, and sad, too. I like the retro gas pump, pretty cool. Shan’ann was really so photogenic, I think I’ve only seen (maybe) a couple of her that weren’t great. She seems to have mastered the old Hollywood trick of slightly lowering the chin for the most flattering camera angle!

  2. Ralph Oscar

    Who’s the guy with the big tattoo? And do I remember right that NUA never *did* get herself a leased luxury vehicle?

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