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BREAKING: Bella Watts Pleaded For Life Before Father Chris Killed Her – Rzuceks

FREDERICK, Colo. (CBS4) – Convicted family murderer Chris Watts killed his daughter just moments after she pleaded for her life, according to Frank and Sandy Rzucek, Shanann Watts’ parents. The Rzucek family shared the details of the unreleased new prison confession during an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil. The episode of Dr. Phil’s show will air on Tuesday afternoon at CBS4.

Read the rest of this story here.
Dr. Phil show promises Chris Watts’ full confession in Tuesday’s show on KOAA-TV
And right on cue, Colorado shakes in its boots at this news…


  1. Lynn

    Just too horrible to think about. That poor little sweetheart.

  2. Susan

    Oh my God. This just gets worse and worse.

  3. Sherri

    I pray to God that this was not the case. I hope this is an exaggeration of the truth because my heart cannot stand it.

  4. marielangford3311

    Wasn’t it discussed here that the dogs hit under Bella’s bed? This breaks my heart , if true

    • nickvdl

      There’s a serious problem with this theory/conjecture/claim. How did Watts have a 111 minute conversation with Kessinger [who heard the television blaring] if the kids were alive but asleep between 21:00 and 23:00?

      • Gayle Gallien

        I still think your theory about the sequential order of the killings holds water. If Chris Watts actually made this confession, it may be to have it appear as if he did not premeditate any of the murders. However, the text he sent to his co-worker about going out alone to the Cervi oil tanks show enough premeditation to me. If he did make this confession, I don’t believe it. All of the murders were premediated.

        • nickvdl

          Also bear in mind when Shan’ann asked him at around 19:00 for photos of the kids in bed, Watts sent her photos of the children he’d already taken from earlier in the day. They were already dead early that evening.

      • AMS

        They were alseep but Bella had woken up a couple times prior to her mom coming home, to ask if mommy was home yet so not sure if this is true but he said this in an early interview. According to this new story she woke up and saw him wrapping SW in a sheet. I know the kids usually got up early because bedtime was like 6:30pm.

  5. nickvdl

    There’s also the issue of premeditation. Now it’s not a premeditated murder. Really? It’s not?

    • marielangford3311

      Thank you Nick. I just let the thought go through my head that this could have happened. I have always thought Dr Phil is just drama for TV.

  6. CBH

    I guess if this is true it dispels the theory at the end of Rape of Cassandra that Bella’s injuries occurred postmortem when she was being shoved through the thief hatch. This was always far more believable to me than that he would be so inept as to fight with her like that.
    @NVDL, do you think in their grief the Rzuceks might have got it wrong ? I know Dr. Phil is a great one for exaggeration.

    • nickvdl

      Dr. Phil diagnosed Watts as a narcissist and said the bones of the Watts children had to have been broken to fit them into the thief hatch. Both patently incorrect if you know this case.
      He also [chuckle] if you remember, had Burke Ramsey on his show, and Dr. Phil basically gave him his personal stamp of approval.
      We know George and Cindy Anthony were paid $600 000 indirectly through the Caylee Fund to appear on Dr. Phil.
      A true crime tower of strength he is not, I’m afraid.
      I do suspect a SHITLOAD of money was negotiated for this interview by the Rzuceks’ lawyers.

      • CBH

        No doubt. 😑

      • SRC

        Dr. Phil, of all media outlets, only adds to the circus. I hear NK’s voice inside my head…”Why? Why! Why?” He’s not exactly the most trusted source of information to help clear up the facts in this case. He’s going to exploit the Rzucek’s and lead them into melodramatic dialogue full of conjecture. More fodder for the mill. More suffering for the families. More questions about Chris Watts.

    • marielangford3311

      I agree CBH. Chris Watts did not like confrontation.

    • TJ

      Did they hear the audio? So how could they be wrong?

      • CBH

        I think Nick believes they’re wrong.

      • AMS

        They haven’t heard it yet.. that’s what their lawyer said on Dr. Phil.

  7. Liz

    Is it possible to put the iphone data on steps (Chris’ phone) here on the site in a larger form to be able to read? I know there was an article on it, but it’s too small … the pics. I would like to see the spikes in Chris’ activity on Aug.12 evening thru morning of Aug 13, or suggest where I can see them bigger?
    Also, where are you coming up with a time regarding an earlier post in this thread? I didn’t see anything about a time in the news article.

  8. William

    This just doesn’t ring “true” for me. Maybe the Rzuceks didn’t like what they were told from the February 18th interview and are lashing out with stories of their own? I don’t know but why would they air a show on Dr Phil right before the actual information gets to the public on March 7th? And why weren’t Cindy and Watts notified of what this new information is like the Rzuckes were? The court clearly has deemed the Watts victims also so why were they left in the dark? I just have more questions now.

    • Kate

      • JC

        Wow. Thanks Kate. Their lawyer says, “From what I’ve been told…” so they haven’t read or listened to the 5 hour interview with Watts yet? I hope he “heard” from someone that was actually present at the interview.

      • nickvdl

        Thanks for sharing Kate.

    • Ardent Fire

      Why would they air a show? Because that’s how an opportunist like Dr. Phil rolls. From the preview, it looks like the first show is just the Rzucek’s lawyer and the follow up show next week will have the Rzuceks, well after the public release.

      • Ardent Fire

        I may stand corrected in that the Rzuceks might be on tomorrow too. But yeah old Phil is dragging it out two episodes worth for his show. (rolling eyes)

        • Shannon

          Hello there.
          Tuesday and Monday….Phil and Rzucek.
          BS talk on Tuesday….. follow up on Monday to Thursday, chris story.
          Thursday…. Chris Watts story.
          Hope you understand my comment.

          • Ardent Fire

            I think so, thank you!

  9. Sherri

    Also, is it a coincidence, or was it planned that the investigators visited Chris Watts on Feburary 18th, and the doorbell video of Shan’ann arriving home was released just two days later on February 20th…?

    • nickvdl

      In true crime coincidences are seldom coincidences. So yes, is a little hokey.

  10. Joe

    Chris Watts has to be the must evil so-called father. Just wicked beyond belief! He deserves to be killed ASAP as prison is way too good for this monster!!

    • Shannon

      Do alittle more reading to understand the case.

  11. mitzi2006

    I question whether a four year old would even realize her life was going to be taken unless she saw him smother her sister and understood her little sister or mom were dead. It’s possible I guess she did understand but I am sceptical about it for sure

    • Stacy

      mitzi2006 maybe she said something like, “daddy please stop” that is still begging for her life even if she couldn’t understand what death is.

    • CBH

      Mitzi you’re right to be skeptical. A four year old cannot plead for their life. They don’t have any conception of murder or death. An adult can plead for their life, but not a toddler.

      • Shannon

        Surprised Detectives would allow this.
        Rzucek on Phil.
        Bella was long and skinny. Cece chubby. Kids probably knew nothing, of what happened.
        More money for the Rzucek. Wow. I don’t trust this family.
        Probably drugged, kids. Chris looked up Oxy on internet.
        Chris could move to another prison or even file an appeal.i read he could do this, implicationing another person.

        • CBH

          Very tacky for the Rzucek family to go on Dr Phil. It really spoiled the Mar 7 thing. All of this bullshit undoes premeditation, undoes all of NVDL’s fine theories. I don’t know what’s up or who he would implicate? NK?

          • Shannon

            Probably bs talk First. Wait till official report then once we all know what was said, add there two cents, which will basically be nothing.

  12. Clean Queen

    The only person that could know whether or not Bella pleaded for her life or fought back is Chris! I wonder from where the Rzuceks claim to get this information?? If it is true that Bella pleaded/fought, than this information will be part of what is released on the 7th, correct?
    I plan to take the Dr. Phil interview with a grain of salt. Let’s see what happens on the 7th.

    • nickvdl

      We hear these statements so often in true crime: “The only person that could know is X…”
      If that were the case, we should get rid of the police, the courts, judges, juries and true crime writers. Because the only person who knows is X, and if he doesn’t tell us, we will never know…etc etc etc. Some of us like to think that when a murderer lies and misleads, others can figure out what happened. That happens to be what we’ve been doing here ito of the Chris Watts case for the last 6 months.

  13. Clean Queen

    I also want to add that I think it is important we keep in mind that just because Chris says something occurred, that does not make it true. I think it truly is a matter of “wait and see”.

  14. LGW

    If this is true and that sweet little girl begged for her life, I hope he is haunted by this until the end of his days. And may he be so haunted, he makes the end come sooner rather than later.

  15. mitzi2006

    There’s a clip now on YouTube of dr Phil with a man, possibly their lawyer? Anyways he says that Bella saw Chris wrapping Shan’ann in a sheet and asked him “what are you doing with mommy?” Also says cece was smothered with her favourite blanket and Bella says…….clip ends

  16. mitzi2006

    It also says on the description below the investigators talked with Chris for five hours

  17. Duttdip

    While what Chris says may not be exactly true, there is no incentive for him to exaggerate the goriness and make it look worse than what it was. If he lies, he would possibly lie to make it softer..

    • nickvdl


  18. Sylvester

    I was done with Dr. Phil after he did his interview with Burke. The whole thing was staged – including Burke slouching down in the big overstuffed couch wearing clothes he might have worn at age 10 with a fatherly Dr. Phil in his big easy chair throwing softballs. That was a damage control interview, to help out an old friend and former attorney of Dr. Phil’s – Lin Wood. Given that one of Dr. Phil’s signature flourishes is to offer the “confessor” a lie detector test, on the spot, I thought it telling that he didn’t offer one to Burke Ramsey. I think this case has turned into “The Hatfields and the McCoy’s” – or The Watts and The Rzucek’s.

      • Sylvester

        Yes, I did.

    • Shannon

      Remember these are the people who pretended not to know Chris and Shanann’s marriage falling apart. Lie.
      Also Frankie jr saying Shanann made 500.0000.00. Lie.
      It’s all about capitizing here.
      Viewers and money.
      I won’t say how I really feel, about this.

      • marielangford3311

        I agree Shannon, and you did say that they were getting greedy!

        • Shannon

          This is what I believe. My thoughts. You know if Shanann wasn’t dead, they would still be poor.
          I can’t wait to read, new house, new cars, trips. Wonder if there still working?
          Why do they even need to speak out? No reason for it. Just they’ll make more money.
          Chris Watts, the detectives will be telling his story, wiether it’s true or not. It’s only his word..
          Other then making money, why else would any family Continue to go on TV.
          The Watts family has not done this.
          Maybe a GoFundMe page should be started for them.
          Let’s all make money.

          • marielangford3311

            Agree with you Shannon! And Dr Phil of all outlets to go to! I don’t believe he even renewed his license for being a “dr” !

          • Alyson Marie Rogers

            I understand the comments being made about the Rzuceks and the money. One point I think worthy of consideration though, is that CW may have robbed them of ever being able to function normally again, ie, holding down employment, paying their bills and providing for their retirements. They are only in their fifties, afterall. My cousin’s son died of sudden adult death aged just 23, and she has been barely able to work since, with chronic depression and so on. Infact she says she is only living because she has two other (adult) children who she has to go on for. So maybe not new cars, trips and the like, but the expenses of simply surviving in a world where relentless grief will be their new normality. One never knows, they may even donate some to the Lupus charity in memory of Shan’ann.

          • nickvdl

            It is worthy of consideration, but I suspect you have it the wrong way round. It wasn’t as if Shan’ann was providing for them, or vice versa. In fact it appears on that side of the family there was a huge amount of debt, not just from Shan’ann’s side of the equation but the Rzuceks too.
            So from that perspective one can understand sidestepping a criminal trial [can’t afford to sit in on a long one] and instead hiring a lawyer on a commission basis. The lawyer then tries to score a few jackpots, and they also benefit, but I think the argument that it’s about justice or truth for Shan’ann is naive. It’s about money. An ironic mirror to why the crime was committed in the first place.

          • Alyson Marie Rogers

            Thank you Nick. You’re right I may be a little naive, and giving credit where it is not due. It simply occurred to me that whatever current employment Sandy and Frank have to earn their basic income may disappear if they find themselves unable to work, through the pain of their bereavement, loss and depression – and whilst most employers offer support (paid absence), it will come to an end . If anything were to ever happen to my son, I can’t imagine I would be back in work earning cash to pay my bills as before. So whether it be a means to clear their huge debts or provide a future source of living wage, they might have justified being paid the money by Dr Phil. Having said all of that, if it happened to me, I can’t imagine doing that either !

          • nickvdl

            It simply occurred to me that whatever current employment Sandy and Frank have to earn their basic income may disappear if they find themselves unable to work, through the pain of their bereavement, loss and depression >>>I think they’ve just made more money than they could have or would have in a lifetime of carpentry and hairdressing. Dr. Phil paid the Anthonys $600 000 for an exclusive, and that was years ago.

          • Shelley

            Unfortunately people die many different ways every day.
            Hardly Anyone fundraising like these people. Only a select few do this.
            They have made over 200.000.00 already.
            None Donated to Anything.
            Don’t see the Watts doing this.
            I’m sure there in a freaky state of mind?

          • Alyson Rogers

            Ahh… I didn’t know that Shelley…disappointing that no donations proposed. I used to work in forensic accounting evaluating personal injury claims (eg future loss of earnings from permanently disabled accident victims). If the Rzuceks never work again, and even pulling in $100,000 per year between them, their starting point in quantum would be say 15years loss which is $1.5m ( then a discount for a lump sum now would be applied). So that sort of recompense would not surprise me as a calculation. Maybe it is just cashing in and nothing to do with my suggestion. Anyway I’m sure they would rather have their family than any amount of dollars floating their way.

  19. SRC

    As children, we all learned to fear the bogeyman. Chris Watt’s last words to his children, “Surprise! I’m the bogeyman.”

  20. Julia

    Wouldn’t fibers have been found in Cece’s airways had she been smothered with her blanket? The autopsy didn’t find any.

  21. Sylvester

    Oil, sand, grit sludge and chemicals obliterated many things Julia

  22. Shannon

    Omg, don’t get me started.
    Dr Phil and the Rzucek’s…… Money. I don’t like either here.
    Why in the flying F–K would these Idiots again go on TV.
    There is no way the Detectives are gonna let them take there Spotlight from them on March 7 2019.
    I doubt Bella said anything. She was drugged and didn’t even know what hit her.
    Bella was skinny and long in body, she probably fitted. Cece was chubby.
    It says Chris looked up Oxy on the Internet.
    It also says Chris did almost 3 miles of walking that nite…4000 steps.
    This makes me so mad.
    No negative comments….

    • Liz

      That reminds me to hold off my judgment of the new confession until I read the newer redacted report on March 7.

      • Shannon

        Tuesday, Monday, Rzucek on Phil.
        So there gonna do a BS first interview, and then discuss after the fact….whatever….
        Thursday, Chris Watts statement.
        I’m interested in Chris words, not there’s, they tend to Lie, and I hate Phil’s show.

  23. Shannon

    It’s a 2 part show. Tuesday and next Monday.
    Chris did over 4000 steps, 3 miles Aug 12-13.
    I did make another comment, but I guess it didn’t get approved.

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