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Nichol Kessinger thought Watts was different from other guys because "he would fix things" around her apartment

The word “fix” appears several times in the first discovery document, often when Shan’ann was confronting him about his standoffish behavior. Invariably she asked him to “fix this” and Watts responded numerous times “I will fix this…”
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It seems Kessinger expected the same thing – for him to “fix things”…
And since Watts was born and raised as a mechanic, his job – his identity – was molded around fixing things. 



  1. Karen

    I was happy to see this post. I thought about this as well when I read it. Shan’ann wanted him to fix it, he said he would fix it. Kessinger said he did fix things. First thought was that he was passifying Shan’ann while actually doing it for Kessinger, but I guess he fixed it for Shan’ann after all.

    • Ralph Oscar

      And now HE’s in a fix!

      • Karen

        lol indeed

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