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Nickole Atkinson’s Favorite Memories: Shan’ann Watts Dancing on a Bed

A reader contacted me recently – in tears – after watching this video. I thought I’d share it with you too. We remember Shan’ann as a vibrant, mischievous, fun-loving and happy human being.


  1. Sylvester

    Poor lady. She’s grieving. She was a good friend to Shan’ann.

  2. Ralph Oscar

    That’s a sweet memory. Poignant.

  3. Renalgirl

    That video was very emotional. I was so distracted by the photo montage that I barely heard NK. I had to go back and just listen to the audio.
    Some photos I’ve never seen before…the girls wee shoes piled up between the chairs, Bella and Cece smiling with CW, a lovely family of four looking very much together, and happy…(quite a contrast from the crying, the screaming meltdowns, ott mlm spiels etc that I’ve seen previously in the media.)
    I think the 5 weeks at home without his family absolutely accelerated the affair. I think CW was in love with NK. That kind you feel when you first get together – intense, insular, but so much fun, you just want to spend all your time with that person. He fell hard, and fast.

  4. Jenn H.

    This video touched my heart! Good times between friends!
    In Nicole’s videos I can see her pain and loss.
    It’s very personal and heart wrenching.

    • Laura Thompson

      Yeah, all of a sudden, I have something in my eye, too. My son is a morning drive time DJ, and this is a song he plays frequently. I’ll think of Shan’ann whenever I hear it from now on.

  5. Ira

    I like this . It’s shows even beyond the turmoil and her obvious faults , inside she’s really just a good fun loving person . All of us have our issues , some more than others but nobody is perfect . Life is a long learning process .

    • Sylvester

      “Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all it’s pupils.” Hector Berlioz

      • Sideaffected

        I don’t know, I’d say the whole thing about murder is that it’s a person interfering with time and nature. But from a wider lens that’s part of time too.

  6. Sideaffected

    I’ve always felt like SW is basically a good person who, most importantly to me, is at least aware of some of her faults. That’s what was really sad-she’s saying she’s controlling and should treat him better essentially while he’s placating her and planning his crimes. Chris doesn’t seem capable of much self-awareness or taking responsibility, and even though he knows he “pleaded guilty for a reason”, he blames others throughout his entire second “confession” subtly. I think he really does believe SW, NK, his mother his sister-are all guilty of making him do something inevitable, and many, if not most people, believe the same thing. People underestimate his own capacity for appalling behavior-he got caught quickly and says “like” a lot, therefore he couldn’t have acted alone, therefore-he was bewitched! He’s skilled at manipulation.

    Thanks Nik for posting this. They just deserved better. Most people do.

  7. richard

    Nickole deserves a medal. yes she was part of the Thrive ‘entourage’ but she was also a good friend of Shanann.
    I hear that people have been giving Nickole a hard time and trying to discredit her, god knows why. There are some sick people out there. Leave the girl alone. she is grieving for a good friend.
    On a different note, The fees not being paid to the housing association and mortgage payments were done by CW (he even said a few times that Shanann would contact him to make the mortgage payment). I am wondering if he was deliberately putting money away for when he starts a new life.
    possibly planning of dropping Shanann right in it in terms of the financial side of the relationship.
    After all, Shanann was OCD about everything (including finances). how long could have Chris hid things before shanann found out ?

    • nickvdl

      It does make sense that he was squirreling money away. It’s hard to imagine Shan’ann would make payments that didn’t go through for as long as he claims. They were pretty cash-strapped; she would have noticed payments not going off if she noticed things like a $68 credit card bill.

  8. Tayla

    Do you still have this video? I think it may of been taken down and I’ve been trying to find it x

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