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Shan’ann Watts was deliberately hiding the fact that her marriage was in trouble

According to Watts’ confessions, he told Shan’ann on the morning of the murders that he wanted a divorce separation. This was supposed to trigger the annihilation that followed. But this wasn’t the trigger, it couldn’t be, because Shan’ann already knew about the divorce, and had known for a long time.

Before drilling further into this question, we need to be clear about the difference between divorce and separation. The word divorce comes up 35 times in the Discovery Documents and just once in the CBI Report. Separation comes up 38 times in the discovery, and 8 times [“separate or separating”] in the CBI Report.

It’s clear from a thorough analysis of all the discovery and both “confessions” that Watts was trying to separate from his wife in the weeks and months before the murders, going back as far as a year [close to when Kessinger allegedly made that first Google search for “Shanann Watts”. And this seems to be the word he prefers to use.

However, at the same time he was telling Kessinger a slightly different story. To her he was in the midst of a divorce, and by the time of the murders the divorce was being finalized, and so was the sale of the house. In fact neither was true, divorce proceedings hadn’t even started as far as we know.

So we have two narratives:

  1. A milder separation narrative [to Shan’ann]
  2. A more assertive divorce narrative [to Kessinger].

And we know when Shan’ann returned from Phoenix that night she was still hoping to woo Watts back into the marriage, hence the planned trip to Aspen the following weekend, the love letter, the self-help book and the imminent gender reveal. Shan’ann thought – or hoped – the marriage was stuttering slightly. Meanwhile Kessinger thought the marriage was over.


It’s no mystery, the Watts marriage was in trouble long before Shan’ann received that critical credit card alert on Saturday night, proving Watts wasn’t at the Rockies Games, and suggesting he wasn’t eating alone.

As early as August 8th, Shan’ann confided in Cassie Rosenberg and Nickole Atkinson that her husband wanted a divorce [she didn’t], but not right away.

Kessinger says something to same effect, that Watts wanted to sell his home, but not right away. There is this notion of delay, postpone, string things out…

But besides the reference above, from page 2106 of the Discovery Discovery documents, we also know that Shan’ann herself was openly discussing the prospect of divorce as early as March or April 2018, at least a month before she fell pregnant.


Watts told Ann Meadows, the realtor, on the morning the disappearance that him and Shan’ann hadn’t gotten on “for over a year”.

This is not necessarily true, but it could be true.

The fact that Shan’ann was talking to a divorce lawyer about custody in April, three-and-a-half months before the murders, suggests there was a protracted period of unhappiness, and acknowledgement from both sides that things were falling apart. 

The fact that the self-help book was put in the trash and the wedding ring left on the bedside table aren’t incidental. They were Watts’ way of communicating to Kessinger what he just couldn’t do with Shan’ann.

So why didn’t Watts just get a divorce, like the district attorney said? Well, it may be because Shan’ann didn’t want to, and thought she could sort of control Watts into not going through with it. This narrative isn’t very nice, and not very popular. It paints Watts less a coward than as someone who was bullied into towing a line, until things got desperate.

There is content out there that confirms not only did Shan’ann know a split was on the cards, but her own family did too. When Watts visited the Hair Jazz salon in Aberdeen  where Sandi Rzucek worked, it was clear to the hairdressers [Sandi’s co-workers] that Watts wasn’t happy, and Sandi actually told them then [in early August 2018] that the marriage wasn’t working, and that the couple were separating.

The final minute of the video posted at this link [an extended version of the clip above] is very insightful in this regard.

We also know there was a lot of anger and bitterness, especially from Shan’ann’s side, over Nut Gate.

And yet we know while this was happening Shan’ann still wanted to do a gender reveal. We also know that in the weeks prior Shan’ann was setting her husband up in her Thrive spiels as a great father and perfect husband and “the best thing that has ever happened to her“. She was making it very difficult for him to go through with a divorce.

She was making it very difficult to admit to an affair. And by recording him, for example, reacting to news of the third pregnancy and posting it on Facebook, it was becoming almost impossible to get out of it. But what made it so difficult to interrupt the happy family fairy tale? Was it weakness on his part or hers? Shan’ann’s job and income depended on selling the idea of Thriving. They were facing financial ruin and so, to admit they weren’t thriving meant a further lose of income. That’s what was so difficult to get out of.

Shanann Watts Chris Watts family
Credit: Shanann Watts/Facebook


  1. Sylvester

    So I do wonder did Shan’ann ever really acknowledge why Chris may have been unhappy? Going way back, back to the conversation she had with Mr. Hamza, back before Chris was shopping around for hookups, back to when he might have first flirted with Nichole Kessinger. In Shan’ann’s mind she may have convinced herself it all had to do with the nut argument with his parents, then at the end of her life she may have gotten the message that he was cheating, but way way before that. I think it had more to do with her controlling ways and if she knew in her heart that was why he was becoming distant or non-communicative, she really didn’t know how to change that about herself, and instead amped it up until co-existing with her became unbearable to him. So why take the children out too? This may sound strange but he could have done it to have them “be with her” in death. Like a mercy killing. Only he took them out first, because he knew he was going to end her life as soon as she got home.

    • nickvdl

      A lot of people seem to side with Shan’ann because she’s the victim. So there’s a match between a victim siding with a victim. And if you don’t, you’re victim blaming.
      I can also see just a natural tendency for women to support another woman in a scenario where the man is cheating.
      At TCRS we don’t try to take anyone’s side, we’re just trying to figure out what happened. Often that doesn’t come across very popular, and some people don’t like what they hear.

      It probably doesn’t matter to those people that Shan’ann was controlling, and you raise a good point, did she internalize everything and wonder what she was doing wrong? To her credit she was, and she did. She realized she was belittling him, and too controlling, and expressed concern to Nickole about how shje was behaving and treating people. But after years of this I don’t think it’s easy to change who you are or how you treat people. The irony is in exactly the same way he didn’t feel acknowledged, towards the very end she complained that he hadn’t acknowledged her or their unborn child. It’s not a nice feeling. You feel like you’re expendable. In many of Shan’ann’s videos she describes him a lot like that – he’ll do whatever I tell him to do etc. That’s bad enough in private, in a marriage, imagine what it feels like to see that on social media from your partner.

      • KH

        I think I am starting to understand both sides of the fence which may have been prompted by the newly released Netflix Documentary or it may be because this case always sucked me in. I went out looking for as much information as I could, I watched a YT video from “Something Criminal, S02/E02” and it narrates a good spin on the argument that CW was also creating an alternative version of his relationship with SW to his friends and family as it benefited him. We can ALL agree (to some degree) that there was something off with CW and there is something we all can’t seem to put our finger on when it comes to their relationship and they may have just simply been not good for each other, both with differing personalities, strengths, weaknesses and ways of handling life, setbacks, feelings, etc. I think she realized especially during her stay in NC that there was something very wrong and the change was likely permanent. It is/was a gut feeling that we all get, a sinking feeling that can’t be explained or described but his withdrawal was a big clue that she should have put more stock in. That is never a good sign.

        I think he did use this “separation” or “withdrawal” narrative and allowed her to once again “lead” the conversations and try to pry and get more information for his gain and benefit–this would allow him to gaslight, manipulate, tell her what she wanted to hear. This might have been in an attempt to just glaze over their issues and not answer truthfully but to answer with half-truths. All of this would allow him to pacify her as well as himself and buy him some more time. I personally would not have gone on that AZ trip knowing there is something wrong unless we had come to an impasse and had agreed to disagree or agreed to either separate or try and see how things go (which is what the speculation and her texts show). She obviously would have felt comfortable enough to leave her girls with him, to leave him for a weekend, etc.; she had already spent several *5* or so weeks without him before and that was the unfortunate reasoning for the freedom to start his affair with NK. Not saying that is right or even completely true, I feel that this would have started whether or not SW was out of town for that long. I believe CW told NK and SW exactly what each of them wanted to hear to fit his narrative and his end-game. He thought he could sway this to work in his favor. It is something I myself have done (not proud and definitely not in the same situation of course) but I can see where things can pile up and become hard to face or tell the truth on. The YT video I watched as referenced above has a few parts to it that are quite informative and have helped me to fully understand both sides of this marriage…and actually if you ask me, there were more than two–there were 4– CW, SW, NK and his parents (mom) were all involved in the marriage… I think there were multiple influences and opinions that were making things toxic on both ends.

        It really isn’t a good feeling at all to know you are expendable and vulnerable. To think that you have been replaced is scary, when you know there isn’t a way to fix things anymore. Or to think everything is good but to learn that it isn’t. I think she went off of what others told her about CW and what she saw for herself—her implying judgement on him, belittling his character, controlling, making off-hand comments—a lot of that is part of her character, she was outgoing, sarcastic and opinionated, that isn’t always bad. CW family did it about her from the start without even giving her a chance. It all goes back to SW having a similar strong personality to CW’s mom, that is probably the sole reason CW’s mom didn’t “like” SW.

      • Pennie P

        Called him a “wierdo” one one of her nauseating THRIVE pitches.
        She said he had an empty head, forget everything.
        The kids were told to throw chicken nuggets at him.
        Yeah, she was a real gem.

        • Opendoor

          That’s so sad. If she hated him so much, why didn’t she leave him? Maybe she liked him supporting her, but they were going to run out of money again.

  2. Janie

    Interesting points made here. Separating was sort of a trial one when she visited family for 5 weeks, and divorce was push coming to shove in Chris’s mind to permanently change his life. He already secured the oil field site so that no one else would be there when he disposed of the bodies. I don’t buy him snapping, as you mentioned on a previous post, after Shanann threatened him with never seeing his kids again. If that were true I don’t think he would have killed them as well. It seemed like Shannon dictated everything with the kids and he just followed orders. I know we can’t judge a parent by a few videos, but I didn’t see the passionatly loving parent or strong engagement between he and his kids. It seemed choreographed.

    I never thought of Shanann possibly using these happy family videos with Chris before her death as a ploy to hang on to him or keep him from leaving. The way she told him about Nico was bizarre. Why do you need film footage of that? Didn’t she say somewhere that Chris is the one who thought a third child, hoping for a boy, would help their marriage and then she mentions to people that he now thinks Bella and Celeste are enough?

    He seems unable to make and follow through with what he leads both Shanann and Nicole K to believe. He’s wishy washy with both and leads them to believe one thing when he actually means another. I’m sure not uncommon for cheaters. I think he was confused and didn’t want to make a strong decision either way, yet wanted out of his marriage and family life. He’s conflicted by the pros and cons of making such a drastic change in his life. He’s passive, a yes man, doesn’t want confrontation. He wants out but

    I think the combination of having freedom, no matter who he was with, the upcoming gender reveal, the added pressure to their financial and health woes, Shanann badgering him for not responding to or caring about her when she’s in North Carolina, and then the final straw of the nut gate incident and Shanann basically demanding he cut off his family with the exact wording he should use to confront them, and adding that they won’t be allowed to to see his children again nudged him towards the decision to get rid of his family who were becoming too large of a burden for him.

    Shanann hiding her possible impending divorce, goes along with her living in denial as she does when she tells her Thrive clients that she’s a better mother and all around human being because she wears a patch, eats the bars and drinks the shakes.

  3. Sylvester

    He takes her side in the nutgate incident and it’s possible he’d already made up his mind what he was going to do so he could act like he was on her side knowing it really didn’t make much difference, he was going to get rid of everyone anyway. But I could be wrong. But she didn’t let up about it. That’s what probably sealed her fate. She even brings it up again in the love letter she left for him. Hammering away relentlessly. I think that was the form her OCD took. She labeled things, yes, but it was her unwillingness to let things go that was truly obsessive.

  4. Holly Murr

    Ok so I have an opinion on this and it probably won’t be a popular one but here goes. Shanann was absolutely obsessed with money and the finer things in life. If you look at photos of their dining room before the bankruptcy you can see a beautiful black dining set with side board and I’m not talking cheap stuff here as I would say the set was a minimum of $5-7000. Then you file bankruptcy and the moving truck comes and takes all the beautiful stuff you recently purchased along with your new SUV. You don’t just go out and buy thousands of dollars worth of shit just before filing bankruptcy and expect to keep it. She was a fraud plain and simple. The thousands in shoes, clothes, purses etc. that’s all she cared about period. IMO they were talking divorce/separation for quite some time, possibly a year.

    Meanwhile Chris was looking for someone else, he was just sick of her and all her BS. He started working out and losing weight and passing glances with Kessinger in the hallway, lunch area, etc. they were flirting long before they ever hooked up and each knew the other was interested in them. Shanann was too busy with her work, if you can call it that, juggling a mountain of debt, and living the high life that Chris Watts checked out of the marriage. She started seeing signs long before he killed them even confiding in a friend I don’t think he’s cheating on me as he has no game! For some reason she couldn’t fathom him cheating and posting stupid shit constantly about her wonderful life that was only in her head. The baby was a way of Chris Watts wanting sex so instead of just asking for sex he says why don’t we try for another child. He figured I’ll get what I want and she has a hard time getting pregnant so it will never happen.

    Shanann was on board with getting pregnant as this would calm the household down, giving them something to look forward to, and keep him in a marriage that was sucking the life out of him. I’m sure he brought up divorce many times, her I’m not so sure. I mean think about she knew that NO MAN would put up with her except Chris. She ruled EVERY aspect of their lives and he complied with it all. But one day she starts seeing subtle changes, then more physical changes, and a more assured and arrogant Chris started to emerge, she knew the marriage was definitely in trouble before she got pregnant. Chris had been pulling away from her for a long time but once she got pregnant he was trapped and she knew it. I believe he didn’t divorce her earlier because he needed to find someone else to take her place. Why SW stayed in NC all that time is beyond me.

    Chris killed his family for several reasons, financially he was ruined. He knew his new woman wasn’t going to stand for him shelling out half his income in child support, no way. He also knew that if he left Shanann she would make his life a living hell in every aspect of a divorce. She would contact CW and NK’s employer outing them and she would stir up ANY kind of shit she could even if it would be detrimental to her own children. He considered his family an albatross around his neck and divorce was never an option for him after the pregnancy was announced.

    In his eyes they had to go all of them and I believe he thought about murdering them as soon as he got a taste of freedom. Shanann knew for months their marriage was in deep deep trouble but she also thought the 3rd pregnancy was a binder to keep Chris in her control. I feel bad for as I know she knew right after the NC trip that he was cheating on her and her marriage was coming to an end. Totally depressed, unable to eat or sleep and wondering how she was going to make it on her own. Obviously Thrive was all BS and she was facing a pregnancy all by herself, flat broke and facing humiliation from her team/peers and raising kids by herself. Her lifestyle was coming to a screeching halt. Millions of people face this everyday, I know I did. I don’t know if Shanann could have acclamated herself to a different lifestyle, honestly I guess we’ll never know.

    • nickvdl

      Thanks Holly, for spending some time thinking and sharing your thoughts on these questions.

      IMO they were talking divorce/separation for quite some time, possibly a year.>>>Agreed.

      I believe he thought about murdering them as soon as he got a taste of freedom.>>>Yes.

    • Kim

      I agree with your points. And I say this as a woman you can be controlling and it’s something I’m always working on. I think she emasculated Chris.

      I hate to sound victim blaming and this is in no way an excuse for her husband to murder her and the children for gods sake!! But it is frustrating watching people who live 1000 times above their means and then expect everybody else to forgive their debts through bankruptcy. I get really frustrated with people who peddle multi level marketing crap and expect their friends and family to subsidize their lifestyle through buying crap they don’t want.

      I like nice things and having nice experiences. But I work my ass off in a cold office every day to pay for it.

      I think chris felt tremendous pressure from the debt and third baby and family issues and feeling controlled and emasculated. However. Tons of couples go through this type of stuff! People divorce and move on with their lives. My relationship with my ex-husband ended up terrible but we divorced and now we are with great other people!

      I guess what I can’t get my mind around is how he moved from wanting out to strangling those little girls and his wife. To strangle your adorable toddler??

      I dated a narcissistic sociopath and I get how incredibly cold and unfeeling they can be. Very charming outside but empty inside. But even most narcissistic sociopaths don’t strangle people.

      I think he was motivated by the insurance money. He had policies on his kids and wife. So maybe he was just as obsessed with money as she was.

      • Lizzy

        Best reply ever. Totally agree

    • Christy L Hurst

      You’re right. Not a popular opinion. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of videos and read all the discovery on this case and I think some of what you write may be true but not all.

    • Kat

      I agree on all counts. Shanann posted videos of family drama embarrassing Chris and his family, posted at least one video saying she is the “dominant one” in their family, insulted Chris repeatedly saying things like he has “no balls” and “no game,” insulting him to his family and to her friends. Chris said when he met Nicole, he was not used to being treated with respect and having someone interested in what he thought. Having someone listen to him was a total shock to him. I think all the abuse and toxicity of being with Shanann and realizing that someone else would want him and treat him well made him snap.

    • Renee Vaara

      I think ur right with all this. Between his mother controling him all thru his years growing up and then Shanann taking control, a person can only take so much. She was the same way with her 1st husband. I knew Chris as a middle schooler and high schooler, he went to school with my kids. He was an average student, pretty smart. I would have never thot he would be able to kill his family, the people he loved with all his heart. She did tho, threaten him all the time, to take the kids away and he would never see them again.

    • Marianna C

      Spot on I think…sort of sums up the sad complication of life….she was no doubt wanting to do the very best for her family, hence her ambition which could be viewed as obsession. Yes, she did want to have the good things in life. There was also a good heart there I can see… I think because of this drive and a relentless thrusting of her family onto social media, she lost him – an essentially reserved guy – somewhere along the way. Just so sad.

  5. Sylvester

    I like your thoughts too, Holly. When you think about it it makes no sense Shan’ann would want to rekindle a romantic flame with Watts at Myrtle Beach – then invite her parents along (and children). I think the parents were used as a shield, the children too, so that she would not be alone with Watts in a small hotel room trying to work out their issues and his absolutely apparent, angry and distant demeanor toward her. Anger, as in a simmering boil. The pot hadn’t boiled over yet. There she is chatting merrily with her mother about how they may go to the Mediterranean next year and how the water is nicer other places they’ve been. Parents don’t like to get involved in their grown adult children’s relationships or marital problems, I understand this. But the tense silence of pretending everything is fine is not healthy, or helpful. And so I agree with you Holly – that five week taste of freedom sealed the deal, and he couldn’t go back to business as usual.

  6. Sylvester

    That last picture here Watts looks like the wolf in sheep’s clothing, baring one of his canine teeth.

  7. Erica Robinson

    Why is it assumed that Shannan is controlling and that Chris hated it? Chris is an introvert. He wants to fade into the background. That’s his choice, how he prefers it.

    Chris’ boss spoke very highly of him in the first phone interview with the CBI. The only negative thing he had to say was that Chris was extremely quiet and that sometimes he would basically have to pry a response out of him.
    Chris’ mother is controlling. He probably grew up doing whatever she told him to do. Then he met and married Shannan and did whatever she told him to do. Then he meets Nichol, and he does what she tells him to do. Chris likes other people calling the shots. Making the decisions. Choosing his clothes, his meals, his everything. If Chris CHOOSES not to make a choice in anything ie lets watch what you want to watch eat where you want to eat go where you want to go etc that doesn’t automatically make Shannan controlling, it makes Chris a boring, spineless, ‘personalityless’ wimp. He wasn’t emasculated by her, that’s who he was before she came along.
    Hopefully he’ll spend the rest of his life being ‘emasculated’ by being another prisoners jail bitch.

    • nickvdl

      Why is it assumed that Shannan is controlling and that Chris hated it? >>>Firstly because he was having an affair, and secondly because he murdered her. He also said so, and others said so too. You’re right about him being spineless, but he’s not completely spineless. If he was completely spineless he wouldn’t have had the affair or committed the murder. And if her controlling nature was no big deal then it would have been no big deal. This case does offer a caution to other couples to communicate openly from both sides, whether from the side being overly controlling or the side that is crushed-in, and being controlled. Easier said than done, of course.

      • Kayla

        I agree wholeheartedly that relationships/couples/etc. should communicate even if it is good or bad information. Being open and honest is the best way to prosper individually and as a couple.

        On to your other points—yes and no to CW being spineless…while he was having an affair AND it gave him his first taste of new freedom and excitement that would have quickly worn off once there wasn’t a secret to keep/hide. I have been there but sometimes you have to get a reality check. The grass always looks greener when you are looking at a fantasy. NK would have gotten old to him after a while just like SW did. To me he comes off douche-y, fake and spineless (I agree with Previous Poster)…I don’t think he has much of an identity for himself and lives much too much in his mind. He probably fantasized about a different life for a while. I don’t think the affair and murder had to do with being spineless as I believe he was always capable of this he just never had the gull to “stand up” for himself before (I mean that loosely and sarcastically)…by that I mean that he disengaged and went with the fun new model that also slightly resembled his wife. He comes across as predatory and basic. I don’t think he seems like much of the lovey-dovey father/husband type. He seems more of a background “you and me conquer the world” type of dreamer that dates women that are into the same kinks…I truly think that is what it was (lust and disillusion) and once you get a taste of someone that “flips that switch” so to speak it is VERY hard to turn that off. Your mind (even if it constantly runs in the background) will always be consumed with the “what-ifs” and know that you have this deep desire for something more and when you find someone that is of the same mindset it is really hard to switch gears and go back to what you know isn’t cutting it anymore (unfortunately/unfortunate choice of words as I completely respect the sanctity of marriage and strong support SW) but I believe he just got “trapped” and wanted a quick way out. Obviously he didn’t think it through well enough but I also agree with other posters, he may be someone who is easily pushed over and goes with the flow but having all those strong personality types around him doesn’t overshadow the fact that he was harboring a deeper hatred/set of feelings/energy inside, layered deep within himself. I think he did premeditate this, even if it was just in his mind. Obviously he came to this conclusion and carried it out. Once you start, like with everything that unfolded and spiraled out of control, you can’t stop or turn back. He committed to committing some of the worst offenses and then proceeded to act like it was no big deal. That is where the Psychology comes into question…Forensically/Criminally, Behaviorally and otherwise. I do think he has some sort of an underlying personality disorder, diagnosed or undiagnosed…this would explain a lot of his strange and undetermined behavior patterns since childhood. Coupled with his need to be dependent, the savior/hero and narcissistic (tendencies); he realized he was outmatched and probably felt claustrophobic, trapped, etc. This is a lot of the same behavior patterns people go through when they get abortions. They don’t want family, friends or S/O’s to know so they secretly go and get this done. This isn’t the same obviously but it is the same mental state of mind…same thought processes. It is the fear of being discovered, of having to change your life or give something up. We can only speculate, theorize and opinionate on triggers and reasons why as there hasn’t been concrete proof of what his motives were. There are strong ideas that point in a direction (multiple directions) but I think it is going to be an accumulation of reasons that ultimately led him to lash out and commit murder. When it comes to Familicide, it is really hard to pinpoint and say there were absolutely no outward signs… I do think CW appeared to be very standoffish and distant in the last videos of them on the trip. That would have been apparent to me even if I was someone’s friend visiting them at a get together. He seemed very distracted and disengaged. The “reasons” that many commit such brutal crimes can be caused by issues such as: a breakdown of the family relationship (this was present in the Watts case) as well as tentative, past and current issues with access and parenting of the children; money issues (they also had a bit of financial hardships), possible mental illness is another reason. Divorce and talks of separation are obviously ways to verbally and mentally distance one’s self from a S/O when talking to a potential new partner but this can oftentimes be the catalyst as well…the reason for the Familicide…one has to keep up with the lie they have already told. I am also wondering if he had some sort of a recreational drug use…the Oxy being given to SW by CW for the “abortion” could have been something from his own use for fun with NK?! He seems to be middle class, possibly depressed due to conflicts and internal struggles *possible psychological issues*, past violent behavior—he seems like a silent passive-aggressive-explosive type that is unstable and unsteady. He seems to have a minimal social life as well. I read a study on “LIVID COERCIVE” killers who are motivated by anger and rage…showing control issues (recent) and may have abusive tendencies and have issues achieving their self-worth and authority within the home. They may feel emasculated and when the marriage begins to fail, they lose control and parts of their own identity…this kind of melds into the “CIVIL REPUTABLE” killer when it comes to identity and it appears both CW and SW had their complete lives wrapped up in their family. Murder is a way to save the family from the hardships, etc. in the future. Another type of family killer to look at would be “DISAPPOINTED KILLERS” or people who believe they have been let down by those around them…mostly their partner and children. CW probably didn’t believe he was good enough or thought he could do better. IDK just my two-cents…it is hard to see in most families b/c not many of us post so openly about our daily lives. That is what makes this case all the more interesting, we had most of their life documented on social media and STILL can’t figure it all out. A puzzle that is missing many key pieces. Interesting none-the-less.

    • Lizzy

      Love you. Amazing comment.

    • Heather

      Thank you for this. It was so refreshing to finally see an actual, logical response. I have been truly floored by everything else I have been reading. I am the louder, extroverted one in my marriage and my husband is the quieter, more agreeable type. Similar to C&S relationship. That does not make me controlling or him emasculated. There are family annihilation cases each year ~ but I heard that this one took the prize in victim blaming. I didn’t believe it until reading thru so very many sites and articles like these with comment sections and such. I love how some people begin their comments with “I’m not victim blaming BUT …” or “Obviously he should not have done it BUT” ….
      and then giving long winded opinions about how it was ultimately her fault. It’s absolutely ludicrous and I can’t wrap my mind around it.
      She didn’t break him. He’s a fucking psychopath.

  8. Ralph Oscar

    In that picture of CW in that dumb shirt SW had made (just her, the girls had *nothing* to do with it) and made him wear, he’s showing his teeth but he does not seem happy. At all.

  9. Marianne T

    My former brother in law once told me that he let his wife make most of their decisions. His belief was; if I don’t make the decision, I won’t ever be wrong. Yes, I said former brother in law, they divorced. I just thank God he took the right
    way out by divorcing instead of killing her. R.I.P Shanann, Bella, Celeste and Nico 💔

  10. Emma

    Psychoanalyse the hell out of it and for those who believe he was in a mentally abusive relationship, have your say but the fact remains that he murdered his children. Why kill them? For anyone who questions if he did, think about losing your child. Grief is written on your face for the rest of your life. There isn’t a loss like it. He never ever portrayed anything when it came to those poor little girls.

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