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Chris Watts: The Plea Deal Document and the Second Confession Don’t Jibe

It should be noted that the plea deal includes the legal prescripts AFTER DELIBERATION in three instances, all three relating to three separate counts of first degree murder. The document is explicit in explicating  deliberation as not only an intention to commit a crime but:

…the decision to commit the act has been made after the exercise of reflection and judgment concerning the act…[it is] never [an act] committed in a hasty of impulsive manner.

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During the sentencing hearing on November 19th, 2018, the district attorney stated clearly and categorically [listen at this link]:

“The evidence tells us this, the defendant coldly and deliberately ended four lives, not in a fit of rage, not by way of accident, but in a calculated and sickening manner…”

But Watts’ Second Confession however, which appears not to have been analyzed, criticized or second-guessed either by law enforcement, or the district attorney, or by Investigation Discovery’s Family Man, Family Murderer, or by the media, contradicts this version.


In the Second Confession Watts says repeatedly he was in a rage and snapped when he killed Shan’ann. [CBI Report, page 8].

He had never been angry before and this was like the epitome of being angry. He had rage and lost his mind. [CBI Report, bottom of page 12].

He was shaking and didn’t know what had happened.[CBI Report, page 8].

He didn’t know what to do and didn’t know what he had done.[CBI Report, page 8].

He wasn’t in the right state of mind and wasn’t in control of his thoughts or actions. [CBI Report, page 8].

The original plea deal document is available at this link.

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  1. alice blaine

    So sad, why? Even in 19 June 2019, why? Our country is grieving with Shannans family..
    He is alone now. Nobody not even hid g/f….why?
    What is your life now Cw..Nothing..Why, why?
    Didnt want to pay child support, spousal support. 1/2 of pensions, ..Why didnt he get a divorce??why?
    Was you g/f s worth this?

  2. Billy

    I do believe the “I snapped ” scenario. I do not believe the murderous act on Shanann was premeditated. I don’t believe he was lying in wait. I believe Chris was completely and utterly consumed with rage, built up over years of mild to moderate to severe abuse from Shanann, at the time of the murder.

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