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How to navigate this site – and what’s coming soon at CrimeRocket II

If you’re consuming content on this site on your mobile phone, chances are you’re only sampling a small fraction of the content. Let me show you the mobile view of the home page [left] compares to the desktop view [right].

You’ll notice the mobile view only appears to offer a single drop down menu.


Whereas the desktop version offers 10 separate tabs.

Fullscreen capture 20190623 101427

TCRS is a lot easier to navigate using a desktop view than on mobile settings. This is probably because the blog is written on a PC and formatted on a PC. It’s also intended to be a meaty online read rather than a short, vacuous news snack. So reading the content is also going to be easier on a larger screen, just as reading a book is easier in the larger format.

For those looking for the latest updates on the Chris Watts case, simply click on the drop down tab. New posts are added to the top of the tab below the permanent heading: CHRISTOPHER WATTS: What else do we know? This uppermost tab contains a summary of news and evidence as recorded chronologically in real time.

Although new posts are added to the tabs periodically, some are added after several days or longer.

In the desktop view, a quick way to navigate to the latest posts is by scrolling down the right margin until you get to the Top Posts section.

Fullscreen capture 20190623 102849

These 8 top posts are ranked from most popular at the top left. They’re also visible in the mobile mode but it requires a lot of scrolling to get there.

Another useful section in the right margin is the Recent Posts section. This section records the 12 latest posts as they happen.

Fullscreen capture 20190623 103140

Once again, Recent Posts are also visible in mobile mode but require a lot of scrolling down to get there. If you prefer reading on your phone or mobile device, a simple, easy way to stay updated is by following TCRS’ coverage on Twitter and Facebook.

Most of the latest blogs and book announcements are posted to Twitter and Facebook. Another easy way to keep track of TCRS content posted to Twitter is to search the #ChrisWatts hashtag on Twitter, and also on Instagram. The same applies to other cases on social media – #AmandaKnox #McCann #JonBenetRamsey #CaseyAnthony #RebeccaZahau #JodiArias #VanBreda.

It’s also recommended to click on the “Latest” section on Twitter’s hashtag search to get the latest posts. For those wishing to discuss Rocket Science related True Crime, use the hashtage #TCRS.

The TCRS Your Comments section provides the latest feedback on the most current aspects, and a chance for you to get to know the TCRS community. It’s also a chance for us to get to know you.

Fullscreen capture 20190623 105052

Another easy way to stay in the loop is to simply subscribe to posts as they are posted. Each time a post is published a message will notify you in your email inbox.

Fullscreen capture 20190623 105220


CrimeRocket II

One last thing. As from mid-August 2019, all Watts coverage will move to CrimeRocket2. This is also to facilitate navigation, and also to sequestrate the coverage of various cases, including the Rebecca Zahau case. For those interested, I’ve already spent a lot of time putting up the Case File archive at CrimeRocket 2. I’m still trying to get hold of the depositions and trial footage. If any of you out there are able to source it, please pass it on. I’ve contacted some folks close to the case but thus far they don’t wish to share.

Besides ongoing coverage of the Watts case, CrimeRocket2 will also cover new cases such as Kelsey Berreth and dig deeper into The Murder of Vincent van Gogh. In May 2019 I did an extended tour of France and the Netherlands following a few lines of inquiry. I’ll be blogging about The Last Journey of Vincent van Gogh, and writing a second book on the series, in due course.

It’s also likely that a YouTube channel will be coming soon where short discussions will be posted online about TCRS-related topics. Hope to see you all there!Fullscreen capture 20190623 110229


  1. Shabnam Mozafari

    It’s driving me crazy to see old posts where it has row after row of FULLSCREEN CAPTURE 20189879764 instead of the picture.

    Is there something I’m doing wrong other than viewing it on mobile? I’ve gone to the Wayback machine to try and you pictures and sometimes it works but it’s a lot of work for maybe two extra pictures per blog post.

    Can You please help me out by letting me know if I’m doing anything wrong or if there’s anything that could be helped? I do use my phone primarily.

    • crimerocket_pmfrt4

      You’re not doing anything wrong. The images have been removed and are no longer available. Sorry.

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