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“When he got back from North Carolina, that’s when he officially told me we’re getting a divorce and we’re gonna put the house up for sale.” – Nichol Kessinger

The quote from Nichol Kessinger comes at 3:21:04 in the clip below. It’s from Kessinger’s second interview, close to the end.

Kessinger adds that over the final weekend, Watts also informed her that they were putting the house up for sale [something she adds a few seconds after the first quote].

What this clearly indicates is when Watts returned from North Carolina on the evening of August 7th, he knew then what he intended to do. It seems clear then that the premeditation was in place at least 1 week prior to the murders, but given Watts’ standoffishness in North Carolina with Shan’ann, it possibly started during the first week of August while in North Carolina, when he was away from Kessinger.


  1. Rachel

    well, the interview with the woman that works at Shannan mothers place of work said they are getting a divorce?… I think Shannan told him your never see the kids or she take every penny from him and all that stuff, she was going to make it hard on him, plus she was going to move out of state.she had already said his mother was never seeing them again, no matter if she meant it or not…she said it…I don’t think he planned the killings

    • nickvdl

      No, the conversation at Hair Jazz was about their decision to separate.

  2. Kathleen

    What that statement also clearly indicates is that, contrary to other statements she made, he had not told her with certainty prior to August 7 that he and his wife were getting a divorce. So many inconsistencies that seem to trouble law enforcement not at all.

  3. Peko

    Aug 7 – He told his boss Luke Eppel that he and his wife were having marital issues.

    Aug 8 – He made an unspecified modication to Shanann’s contact info on this work phone: I wonder what that moditication was about! In the meantime, NK googled “marrying your mistress”. She had been looking for wedding dresses several days ago.

    Aug 9 – He deleted his FB and later told his father that he liberated himself. He also sent Shanann the creepy doll picture > the picture would’ve been taken earlier, probably Aug 7th or 8th?

    Aug 11 – He charged the $60+ dinner on his credit card.

    He definitely started testing his boundaries.

  4. Peter Keith Fernando

    That murderer Watts is a pathological liar and so is the wrecker Kessinger

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