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YouTuber Releases Tranche of New Photos from Weld County

Since November 2018 Weld County’s lips have been pretty much sealed on a slew of discovery artifacts. We still don’t have access to the Watts’ recent financial records. Perhaps some folks are holding onto information with a view to releasing it “when the time is right”. Plunder’s release on July 5th suggests more might be in the works.

But 93 minutes it a heck of a long time to go through the archive of photos and video. I’ll be posting a few slides minus the lyric graffiti on CrimeRocket II in due course. This will allow readers to view the images at a glance.

Update: The Plunder Channel on YouTube has since been taken down.


  1. jackykcc

    i see her and cannot figure out why?? she is far from pretty she is short and stocky he voice is awful was he that desperate??? he had a beautiful wife who loved him and 2 darling girls. was this worth it??

    • nickvdl

      See, the thing is it doesn’t matter whether you find her gorgeous or repulsive.

      The point is how *he* felt. When one examines it from his perspective, and the people in this story, it’s a different ball game. One has to ask, what did he see in her that he didn’t see in his wife?

    • LGW

      @jackykcc I was having a hard time understanding this too so I asked a male friend why would a man cheat on his wife with a less attractive woman. He said because it’s not about looks, it’s that the side piece gives him something his wife doesn’t.

    • Laura Thompson

      It’s not all about appearance, what makes a person attractive to another, but with that said, I personally find Nikki to be an objectively pretty girl.

      It’s mainly about chemistry. Pheromones. When it’s there, it takes a lot of higher thinking and decision making to overcome it, and it’s so easy just to give in.

      Also, there is the whole concept of “strange.” Being with a new person sexually, after years of being with only one person, can be powerful, especially when the aforementioned chemistry is present.

      It doesn’t mean a person has to give in and become a slave to it, but add in a faltering relationship at home, plus the health and financial troubles, and it’s so east to see why he stepped out on Shan’ann. I’m by no means excusing it, but, having gone down an all too similar road in the past 12 years, I can understand how it happens. These things rarely end well, and my best advice for anyone beginning to feel overcome by the chemistry would be that if you wait it out, it will fade, and you’ll emerge with your dignity, integrity, and family intact.

    • dai

      Women consider makeup as their best friend, because they look rough as hell and they know it and most girls don’t want men to looking at them,NK is probably built up a lot of confidence to take her makeup in front of chris/people in the first place,anyway these pics NK was not wearing any makeup and she still look more attractive than shannan
      Shannan looked bad without makeup and we’ve got the video to prove it!
      Here’s what celebrities look like without makeup

    • Sideaffected

      You’re trying to sound kind but it comes across as mean and petty. I am sick to death of women’s looks being the reason for everything. If she was pretty and murdered, she was an angel, if she was a killer or had an affair, her looks are downplayed (Kessinger is far from ugly). What if Kessinger was much prettier than Shannan? Would it make it less sad? I hear that so often-“but-Shanaan was PRETTY and NK had vocal fry!” Guys’ looks are rarely talked about in true crime. Their focus is usually his job, family, and money. Not ideal but at least more than cardboard people.

  2. sunnie23

    It’s not about looks, it never is. It’s about how she made him feel. He was unhappy in his marriage. Nikki made him feel like a man. And he liked it.

  3. Kim

    I read Shannan’s text messages. I so wish she had shared all this with her parents. Her friends were listening but really not able to give her the advice she needed. Her parents would have figured out right away he was cheating. And if Shannan was saying she was going to pull the girls out of school and not even take Chris to the doctor, I’m sure one if not both of her parents would have gone back to Colorado with her to help her get out of dodge. So horribly sad and hindsight is 20/20. What Shannan left to a world of women is to recognize abuse and get out ASAP. So hard to read she felt she was fighting evil with her in laws and fighting for her children’s lives. Her emotions were also reacting to what her subconscious mind was picking up. I’ve learned the hard way when he won’t look you in the eye, touch you, etc. there’s ALWAYS someone else. Another vid with text of what NK was saying might be good. Thanks

  4. Janie

    I too, long ago, thought it was about looks. That would only apply to high school students. ☺️ But yes, agree with Nick on the question of what did he see in Nicole that he didn’t see in Shanann. My guess would be kindness, not being humiliated on live videos, not letting his wife and kids belittling him, the list goes on and on.

    Here are some other questions. Does anyone think that being mocked by his girls factored into their death? I know it’s a stretch, but who knows. It was mentioned that he had only been with his wife and this was the first time he would have sex with someone else. Which leads to the question of the validity of his gay and online hook ups. Are there any actual facts or credible evidence to prove that these hookups did occur?

    This was the perfect storm for cheating and moving on for Chris. Nicole even told him she wanted to start a new life like he had.

    • nickvdl

      Does anyone think that being mocked by his girls factored into their death? >>>It sure didn’t help their chances.

      CHRIS also said SHANANN would talk shit to him in front of his children and the children were starting to repeat it. CHRIS said he tried to ask SHANANN for something and she said shut up and he did not know anything. His children started to repeat this and it made CHRIS very sad and this is when he realized he needed to separate from her. – DISCOVERY PAGE 576

  5. Sally D.

    I would say that Nikki does not have Shan’nan’s charisma, but she does seem more down to earth, and she obviously had something that worked for Chris. The freedom of being able to take off for the dunes, at any time, and to do fun things like camping with someone that he just met and was crazy about, must have been intoxicating to him. He appears truly happy, noticeably more so than in the Watts family trove. I’ve watched tons of the Watts videos and he never really looks happy in any of them – he smiles dutifully but as they say, the smile never reaches his eyes. I wonder what would have happened if he had met Nikki first?

    • LGW

      @SallyD if he met Nikki first? They edwould have settled down, had a couple of kids, she would have been controlling of him (seems like the dominant type he would have taken a back seat to), all his free time would have been devoted to her needs/wants and the kids’ needs/wants, he would do what he was told out of a sense of duty, eventually becoming resentful, and…..

      In other words, only the names would have been changed. JMHO

      • nickvdl

        You’re entitled to your opinion. I disagree completely though. The finances played a huge role in the unraveling of this family. The pregnancy created an artificial lock-in at a critical time. And Shan’ann’s controlling and overbearing personality, tied to what happened during Nut Gate, all created the perfect storm in the crushed-in introverted personality that is Chris Watts. So I don’t see how this mechanism could play out in exactly the same way with “different names”. You’re implying that Watts was inherently a monster, and that he was wired to blow eventually. Maybe, but then we all are.

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