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Once Upon a Time when I was a Mainstream Magazine Journalist…

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  1. Sandy

    The Batman article really speaks to me. Very encouraging and timely. Best line ever, “Batman participates within his own boundaries”. So, so good. Also, speaking of great detectives, I’m new to the site and just realized It was YOU, as #Shakedown, along with Juror 13, that broke the story of the Watts Mistress identity! Excellent!

    • nickvdl

      Thanks so much Sandy for your $100 contribution to the TWO FACE documentary GoFundMe page. Glad you liked the Batman piece 😉

      • Sandy

        I am happy to support your work. I know your documentary will blow all the others out of the water. I am so grateful you are keeping this case in the public eye and that you care about getting real answers.

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