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“Gerry didn’t [couldn’t] explain corpse odor in Apartment 5A”

This damning article on cadaver traces was published on August 6th, 2008 in Portugal’s Diário de Notícias. To read the original report, click the link, then right click and hit “Translate to English”.

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Isn’t it strange that you only find negative coverage of the McCanns in the foreign media coverage?

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  1. Sideaffected

    One thing I’ve noted and found really annoying is a newish trend of especially podcasts, but other media as well, as telling basically “the story of the Netflix show about the McCanns” instead of doing research-that’s the whole premise of the show which is fine in theory but…it’s very obvious they don’t know much about the case because they are telling it from a non-critical viewpoint and assuming the info is all valid. Portugal can’t win here, because if they say anything bad about them it’s just cause they’re greedy and will mess with tourism or expose all the countless pedophiles you have to trip over to get there, the main investigator is corrupt and NEVER go there. I was just thinking “this is not merely a review, you have been HAD”! It’s deeply disconcerting.

    That being said, I doubt that there was an obvious dead body smell there.

    • nickvdl

      I deal with people like that constantly. They’re experts on a particular case because they’ve watched one documentary which 1) moved them 2) convinced them 3) did their research for them. On the basis of that, they’re qualified to argue a case, and the research here is “just my opinion” and thus just as good as theirs. It’s especially bad when it comes to Steven Avery, not a very difficult case at all, but also Amanda Knox, the Ramseys etc etc. Proper research is shit hard work, and people don’t seem to be interested in difficult answers to easy questions. They want the “if it doesn’t fit you must acquit” knowitall [while knowing or proving hardly anything] soundbite.

  2. Richard WW

    I can’t give that particular article much credibilty, as it says that MBM’s siblings are “her brothers”. They do know that one is F and one is M, right ?

    However, it’s true that the British media are exclusively pro-innocent-abduction theory. Quite why they do this is a bit silly, as it’s not exactly difficult to get hold of foreign newspapers. They seem to simply be providing prolefeed for the ‘can’t be bothered to research it for myself’ crowd. There are an astonishing proportion of UK people who believe stuff “because it’s on the news”

    Further, I’m surprised the UK Magisterium hasn’t managed to get-at the foreign news suppliers.

    • nickvdl

      The article is automatically translated by Google translate, so that’s where the error lies. If you’re unsure this is true, feel free to contact a Portuguese speaker and have them check the original text.

      It’s not as silly as it seems. The McCann case is and always has been a huge moneyspinner for the British media. Those who have openly criticised the McCanns have been sidelined or sued. Those who haven’t have profited. QED.

      There are an astonishing proportion of UK people who believe stuff “because it’s on the news”>>>True, but not everything is fake news either. There are a limited number of informed people who know the difference – this is one of the reasons why TCRS exists.

      • Claire Morrissey

        I can remember when this happened well. Despite many missing uk children the McCann’s have managed to keep this in the news as much as they can……other children are not so widely reported. Part of me feels that this was due to their social status (two doctors etc) and part is to in some way trip them up. Pure and simply they neglected those children by leaving them alone…if they did that at all. Social service in the uk would have investigated anybody else who did this…but the McCann kept the twins in there care. I feel that the McCanns keep it in the news because it is the safest option (one way or another) and it keeps the funds coming in. The whole thing is a puzzle to me.strange photographs that look photoshopped and the hotel worker maybe spending time with them in England……some even argue if she was ever in the Algarve. What ever happend the parents have made a few quid out of a horrific situation

  3. Crimetravellerswife

    This case really annoys me. Every podcast or YouTube channel coverage are all biased and blinded by the “facts” of the case actually being debunked. The detective on the case in the Netflix documentary is a straight up liar in anything he says.
    Yes the McCann’s along with there other friends who all left there children alone while they ate are all straight up wrong, there’s no denying that, but people get so caught up in that detail that they assume that there is something suspicious going on other than what it was. The McCann’s called police, one officer showed up had a look and determined Madeline had wondered away and would be found in the resort and left. This is widely misreported on.

    There was no large police presence searching for this child straight away. The holiday resort and guests searched not the police. The McCann’s called everyone they knew back home to get them to help by getting media etc involved. The local media in Spain didn’t report on it. The detectives showed up the next morning to investigate, by that time there had been alot of people in that apartment and room. Also the UK media and every other media outlet where camped outside the apartment following the McCann family everywhere they went, the car that apparently had decomposition etc in it was hired a couple of days after Madeline went missing, so how did the McCann’s manage to hide Madeline dead body for day’s and also transfer and then transport her body with the world media camped outside and following every move the parents made?

    Totally does not add up and every person covering the case never mentions this fact. The real reason I don’t trust a word that detective says is the fact they thought for 5 days she had wondered off and would be found, therefore failing to inform Interpol for 5 days that she was missing possibly abducted. That is a massive error and completely unforgivable. I honestly believe that she is alive and maybe not now but in the future be found alive. If this was one of my children I would want everything and anything no matter the amount of money to find them, if they had really done something then they would have faded away as they would have technically gotten away with murder, they wouldn’t be asking for more and more money for an investigation that might find something that could potentially put them in jail. The UK government wouldn’t waste multi million pounds to investigate if they honestly believed the parents killed her. The media was so intense and the detectives had no leads on what had happened, no country wants to admit that your children aren’t safe there on holiday as they could be abducted, there was massive amount of pressure on them and they wanted the McCann family to go back home and take media with them. That’s why they made them suspect’s and released crap evidence according to them.

    5 days to report to Interpol she could have been taken through many borders by then. The Netflix documentary I wouldn’t have taken part in it if I was a McCann, as it’s not a positive documentary when the lead detective who wrote a book (which I’ve never agreed on as it’s a biased opinion based on nothing apart from what he thinks) and has continually lied about the family and made there lives hell because of it. But if a Podcast or newspaper or documentary says things as fact then it must be true.

    • nickvdl

      I think you mean Portugal.

      • Duif

        Does that imply you validate the rest of the comment?

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