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The Backstory – reference points

  1. “I came home and walked in the house and nothing. Just vanished.”― Chris Watts to Denver7
  2. Nickole’s white Mitsubishi GT, the dashboard, difficult. Hail damage.
  3. “The former nurse…”
  4. Nickole’s book – Girl, Wash Your Face
  5. Girl-Wash-Your-Face
  6. The scenario that Shan’ann was attacked immediately after she arrived home…
  7. “And this sleep, this night, will be the last on this world.”
  8. But somewhere in the dark up ahead, eyes like dark wet pebbles are wide awake, exhilarated and waiting…Silent inside?
  9. He blinks in the dark, his plan playing out in his mind like a movie…>>Television on that night.
  10. Shan’ann labors with her loud neon-pink-bleeding-into-red luggage…

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  11. …pulling the single suitcase along a narrow cement apron, then hoisting it over two grey steps and finally onto the porch outside the front door. The pregnant 34-year old opens it, takes a breath and steps inside…
  12. Unknown to anyone right then, a neighbor’s dashboard camera also silently records the scene.its lights swing away…

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