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“Most of us aren’t very good at lie detection…”

Does this apply to true crime?

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“There may be a handful of “super-detectors”…

Yes there are, and folks like Joe Kenda [AKA Homicide Hunter] and John Douglas [AKA Mindhunter. Profiling isn’t a skill you’re born with, it’s one that’s honed, although one does need a knack for pattern-recognition and attention to detail.





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“What was Amanda Knox’s problem?”


“Knox was confusing…”

It was pretty clear what was going on. Knox liked attention.


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“Knox was actually a bit of a misfit…”

No kidding. By the way, get this – most criminals are.

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“Mismatched are confusing and unpredictable…”

Unpredictable behavior is nevertheless predictable. df89950d148a48c56382be04e6d0bf2c




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