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Murderer’s Mistresses: Krystal Kenney versus Nichol Kessinger

How does Chris Watt’s mistress compare to Patrick Frazee’s? As you’re about to find out, they’re like chalk and cheese. One is way worse than other.

After watching this video, has your impression of Nichol Kessinger changed at all?


  1. Ralph Oscar

    I’m so glad you made this video. It’s really important to juxtapose a *legitimate* accomplice with an innocent party.

    As far as intertextuality, I think the Watts and Frazee cases were too close, temporally speaking, to be a real influence on each other. Also, the Watts murders were all figured out within a week or so; that would have provided no valuable information to Frazee, who was certain that “no body, no murder” and thus determined to simply get rid of all the evidence (including Kelsey’s body). I like the parallel with the movie “Signs”, though, and the “swing away” – within that context, it’s directed against purest evil.

    I never felt that the animosity directed toward Kessinger was warranted; those who would accuse her of “adultery” (biblically speaking) had to ignore the fact that SHE was not married (Chris was), *and* that Chris had presented himself as unattached – she believed what he told her, that he was well on his way toward an *amicable* divorce. She was *barely* involved with him when all this went down; I can only imagine her shock. I have a memory of CW telling her that Shan’Ann was pregnant by some other man – please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Also, Kessinger was attempting to *modify* CW, whereas Kenney clearly wanted Frazee no matter who he was or what he did. Kessinger was counseling CW to downsize into something more within his means – a 2-bdrm apartment for himself and his girls. Kessinger lived – and *thrived!* – within her means.

    Now, another aspect to Kessinger is that, if she’s still unattached [while wanting very much to *be* attached] by age 30 and wanting to have children while not yet having had them, she’s clearly had some bad relationships along the way. Otherwise, she would have settled down before her fertility started to wane. So this is a sign of trouble of some sort – either she has poor relationship skills, or she’s getting involved with bad prospects, or both.

    But by all accounts, she was only involved with CW for a few weeks. Kenney was involved – *heavily* – with Frazee for a dozen *years*! She even aborted his baby! So she was *all in* in every sense – and she played that role in Frazee’s murder of his fiancée as well. Those who wish to place NK at or around the Watts house or at the oil fields the fateful morning of the murders are really whistling Dixie – there’s neither evidence nor motive. Just look at Krystal Lee Kenney to see evidence *and* motive in action.

  2. Ralph Oscar

    Question: Krystal Lee Kenney apparently had two children with her husband Chris Lee (sp?) – right? So WHO was taking care of them when she was road-tripping off to CO to see Frazee for days at a time? No questions asked??

    • JC

      @Ralph, soon after Kenney’s known involvement, I read an article (an Idaho publication I believe) that said she told her employer and her husband that she was going to make a quick trip to CO to look at some horses, or maybe one horse, back in November. It didn’t give explanation, though, for all the previous times leading up to the murder. That would be a lot of horses she needed to see personally. She gave such short notice before leaving, that I suppose her reason was plausible to her family and co-workers. Her husband sounds like the more involved parent than she is anyway, doesn’t he?

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