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Blood & Gold: Chris Watts ordered to pay Rzuceks $6 million in Wrongful Death Civil Suit

If the Rzuceks see 10% of the $6 million they’ve been awarded [uncontested from Watts] they’ll be fortunate. It will be interesting to see how much money will ultimately flow out of the man serving a life sentence [without parole] for triple murder.

The Denver Post provides some insight into the state of mind of the Rzuceks in their latest coverage. Frank has quit his job, it appears, and has PTSD. Sandi feels like someone adrift at sea, and that her lifeboat is sinking.

“The Rzucek family has not been the same since August 13, 2018,” a court document states. “They have suffered with anger, loneliness, sadness, and depression. For a substantial period of time following the discovery of their daughter and grandchildren’s murders, they were unable to work, leave the house, or even eat.”

“As Sandy Rzucek puts it, she feels like she dies every day and is always missing and crying for her precious family,” an Aug. 1 court filing states. “Even to this day, it is hard for the Rzucek family to get out of bed, they cry all the time, every day and every night.”

The family suffered through court hearings in the same room as the man who killed their loved ones and faced a “constant barrage of media.” They also had to contend with the allegation Watts made in his first confession that Shanann killed their two little girls, though he later admitted in a February interview with law enforcement to killing his daughters.

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The horrendously detailed February confession cleared Shanann’s name, but it also showed the pure brutality of Watts’s actions.

“Sandy Rzucek has described the experience of losing her daughter and granddaughters as being adrift in a lifeboat, surrounded by water and without a port in sight,” the document states. “The detailed discovering of how Defendant ended his wife and children’s lives was, in Sandy’s words, like having the lifeboat removed and sinking into the ocean.”

“Between Defendant and the people attacking the Rzucek family, they have lost nearly all trust in people and humanity,” the court filing states.

SOURCE: The Denver Post

Given the ongoing conspiracies and cacophonies peddled on YouTube, I can’t say I disagree. The Watts case has exposed the crazies, the clowns and fanatics, and each of these have attracted sizable audiences. The scary part for me is that I’m not sure the media or ordinary people unaware of the Watts case regard TCRS as any different from the crazy crowd out there. TCRS is different, but it’s difficult not to be drowned out by the crowd.

A Danish investigative journalist researching the Watts case contacted me recently, not for my views or insights, not to ask anything regarding analysis in terms of the case narrative, no questions about the 10 books already written – just to request the use of some images compiled by TCRS and published on CrimeRocket. Scary and pretty disappointing.

You can read her three part article here [right click on the article and click Translate to English to read it].

The Murders in Denver, Colorado – Part 1

The Murders in Denver, Colorado – Part 2

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Jury Decides Simpson Must Pay $25 Million in Punitive Award – New York Times


  1. Richard

    The description of what the Rzucek’s are going through is almost exactly the same as when my stepson was brutally murdered 14 years ago.

    The pain is the same every day but the way to cope gets better over time.

    Ditto the court case for the murder, The only difference is we had to hear the emergency phone call with my stepson drowning in his own blood.
    I hope the Rzucek’s get the support they very much need.
    Here in the UK there is virtually no help for victims families, my heart sinks every time there is a nice crime murder of a teenager / young adult.
    When we asked our family liaison police officer for help they gave us a phone number. Really ? People need more help than a crap phone number to call.
    Myself and the wife eventually found a way to cope but we didn’t have masses of press or sick and twisted people to deal with unlike the Rzucek’s.
    I would offer to talk to the Rzucek’s but I believe they will speak when the time is right for them.

    • Ralph Oscar

      That’s a genuine nightmare, Richard. I’m so sorry that you – or anyone – had to experience that. If I could, I’d remove such things from reality so they could never happen again.

  2. Richard

    Correction to above – spell check grr.
    Knife crime NOT nice crime

  3. Juliew

    Richard, so sorry for your loss. It’s unimaginable.

    This crime has definitely attracted some craziness. I have a theory that it somehow taps into a desire to simplify/turn into a fable or fairy tale what happened. For some maybe this is a genuine response to the horror – it is a genuinely disturbing crime. Maybe they need a familiar framework to hang it on – even if hammer house of horror themes like demons and possession have to be brought in to explain it. There is also a mob rule voice of the stupid going on as well – let’s call it what it is! This is characterised by the fact that when presented with new info or facts that challenge the agreed shared group belief, their unsubtle message is just shouted louder and dissenters (i.e. those who just want to understand what was going on in a family prior to total family annihilation occurring) are roundly abused of picking on the victims. I

    Tcrs is different. It has helped me make sense of something that seemed random and bizarre. This does not make me find Chris’s behaviour any less than totally abhorrent nor shannan in any way deserving of her fate. We are humans with an ability to hold more than one concurrent piece of information in our heads and apply critical thinking i.e. Chris committed a terrible crime; shannan was probably difficult to live with in many ways. Acknowledging both these things are true does not make you a ‘hater’ of anyone. If I were to become a victim of something tomorrow, I’m sure any investigation of my life would throw up some questionable behaviour and personality traits – because none of us are angels. Exploring what the view from the tunnel looked like for both of them provides valuable learning about conducting finances, relationships etc that can affect any of us. In the end we can only trust facts.

  4. Shannon

    The rzuceks want to make sure Chris makes No money from any book, movie. What he might do with a so called Windfall is beyond my imagination.
    What could he possibly do with tons of money.
    I think an investigation needs to be done on how “really” the rzuceks are living. I would love to take pictures and talk to people in their hometown. But I can’t afford to do this.
    If they want Silence then why don’t they move away , and stay out of the limelight……but wait….the house hadn’t sold yet!
    No money there. Can’t really fundraise now…..can they.
    If it is true as to what they say, that household Must be a Very depressing site. I think they liked to drink…..🍺
    Mom, Dad, Frankie, Dogs.
    Which I don’t believe. I might snoop on the internet, as to what I can find.
    With other High Crimes, how often do you not hear from the families involved. Hardly even.
    Sorry about your stepson, Richard.
    My Mom’s sisters son was killed by Hells Angels.
    Nick, give Nobody any headway, as to your Research. Time is Money. 💋📖💰

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