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Experts: “This Was Chris Watts Motive For Killing His Entire Family…”

Do you agree?

The expert waffles on here a little about separation, and the psychology of separation. Do you think that’s why Watts committed the crime? Because of a psychology of separation?

As so often happens in true crime documentaries, the title of the documentary is about how the motive is revealed for the first time. Then, when you watch the documentary, it’s all about how nobody knows why, nobody can say why, and it’s all still a mystery. Which means the producers have duped you.

What do you think of a domestic violence expert commenting on the Chris Watts case?

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  1. Theoryoftruth

    Interesting. But my theory is he killed them because he couldn’t kill his overbearing, possibly narcisstic mom- who in turn wouldn’t let him go or at least be separate from her control and approval. His wife and children were collateral damage in his mind.

    • nickvdl

      Do you have issues with your mom, or mother in law?

  2. Juliew

    For one, i’m assuming the 2nd one was filmed before the recent admission of forethought and planning as she speaks of him breaking and strangling her while astride her as an impetuous act.
    I have a problem with her theory of the killings being the finale to a relationship based on (his) coercive behaviour – using examples of emotional coldness in final days as evidence. That coldness in the last days was actually the beginning of the murder if that makes sense ? i.e. there’s no evidence of it being their business as normal relationship before then. Even shannans family talk of having loved Chris before. Unlikely if they’d seen him behave like that towards her, and unlikely shannan wouldn’t have shared it with her family/thrivy friends if he had – she certainly shared it with her friends when it did start.
    Her views on the validation and total immersion with NK are I think accurate. I hadn’t realized he’d had no relationships before shannan and I think that does tie in with emotional immaturity – imagine the all or nothing feelings you have in your first relationships at 15/16 – feeling that rawness at his age.

  3. Juliew

    Regarding the first film, I’ve read elsewhere the theory that he put the children in separate wells as an act of hostility – to deny them the ‘comfort’ of being together in death as it were. I’m not convinced. Practically it would have been difficult to climb those towers carrying both bodies together so in some ways it’s equally arguable to say there’s no reason not to use both tanks – either as a random thing or maybe to reduce the chance of future technical problems caused by them being there ? (Horrible I know). Maybe he thought one cover was bigger than the other? I think the disposal of shannan was a bit botched due to having less time than he’d anticipated, or because digging was harder than he’d thought. Maybe if the day hadn’t panned out as it did he would have returned to dig deeper – because as he left her, I can’t help but think there was a reasonable chance of her being exposed otherwise, by animals or weather.

    • nickvdl

      I’m not convinced either.

    • Kari Johansson

      I think Shan’nan was left as she was temporarily. He was coming back to dismember her to fit in the battery or to set her aflame and then put her bones in the battery. I think the sheet blew off her while he was away. If he has been able to get back there and complete everything, there would have been ( nothing to find, nothing to see, maybe dogs could have smelled a decomposition where she had lain but that could have been thought to be from wildlife. Truly truly no bodies no crimes.

  4. Gr

    Wow. That is something I never thought of. I think that you are absolutely right

  5. Gr

    I think he killed Shan’ann over the house. She probably told him in anger that he would not get any of the profit after she sold the house. He would get nothing . I remember hearing in one of the documentaries that he put the initial down payment on the house. He felt entitled to more than he would actually get.He murdered his family because he didn’t think he would get his share. I have an alternate theory as well. Shan’ann told him to get out and that she was going to keep the house after she knew he had cheated. After all he was in this relationship for the material conveniences she made available to him. Did anyone ever hear her say that she wanted to sell the house btw? Maybe she just wanted him out. Shan’ann telling him to leave was like her threatening his life in his insane mind. He would lose all the comforts of home. He relied on her financially to live. He killed his family to keep his financial security. The first thing he did after he killed his family was unenroll Bella and Celeste from that costly school and call the real estate broker. I don’t believe he killed Shan’ann over the kids. He loved those kids so much that he killed them? Th
    at makes no sense. The horror.

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