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“Did This Controlling Wife Take Things Too Far?”

Did Shan’ann?

Someone on Patreon shared this video in a random comment. The basic personality dynamic is similar to Shan’ann and Chris Watts.

We know Shan’ann was controlling; Shan’ann herself said so, her friends said so and Watts said so. But just how controlling was she?


  1. lingeringson

    Good Lord.
    I’m speechless, and that doesn’t happen often. What a horrible existence for both. She is never content, and he must have terrible insecurity.
    How did they make it through dating, much less planning a wedding?
    It’s awful, but no explanation for killing your daughters.:-(

  2. gblackwood15

    Absolutely horrifying! He’s allowing her to treat him like a child instead of a partner. Shame on her. Shame on him.

  3. Ralph Oscar

    If those two remain married, I only hope they never have children. Allowing that woman to be anyone’s parent would be child abuse.

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