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Frankie Rzucek Speaks – and he’s angry

On the 28th of December Frankie Rzucek appeared on YouTube in a 27-clip apparently filmed by his father Frank on his phone. The rant is littered with expletives and refers to those in any doubt about who he is as assholes.

In the video and in the comments, Frankie and Frank sound miffed about trying to participate in a LIVE broadcast, but being repeatedly censored by Armchair Detective. Armchair Detective subsequently posted a weird video in reponse of himself walking without talking through Christmas lights while posing the rhetorical question:

Time to decide?

Fullscreen capture 20191230 021857Fullscreen capture 20191230 022616Fullscreen capture 20191230 022628

Fullscreen capture 20191230 021642

Elsewhere, Mary Marlowe’s name also came up. Frankie referred to the true intentions of some YouTubers who “[are] not for our family or for justice [but] for views and consiracies [theories]…”

Fullscreen capture 20191230 021737

Mary Marlowe wasted no time in uploading an apology titled Frankie I heard you loud and clear before pledging to cover other cases aside from the Watts case.

Fullscreen capture 20191230 022554

Fullscreen capture 20191230 022604

This is Mary Marlowe’s pledge to stop posting on Christ Watts.

Update: TCRS was alerted by folks on the CrimeRocket forums that Frankie Rzucek also referred to CrimeRocket and Shakedown in the comments section below his “Angry Video” posted on YouTube on December 28th, 2019.

Although these comments were later removed, the screengrabs [posted below] were taken before they were taken down. TCRS views these comments and threats of litigation in a very, very serious light.

The protocol for lodging a complaint about any coverage perceived as unfair or inaccurate on CrimeRocket is to 1) use the “Email Tab”, 2) identify yourself, 3) identify the communication as a “Dispute on Accuracy of Content” and 4) to specifically refer [provide the link] to the page and the content that is in dispute.

If the dispute is legitimate, in the interests of full transparency, the complaint and page or pages it refers to as well as the identity of the complainant will be published on CrimeRocket in a separate post. Where appropriate a retraction/update or acknowledgement of an error or edit will be provided as well.

TCRS should not be conflated with other conspiracy sites. TCRS content is rooted in evidence, legitimate sources and generally verifiable information. TCRS will vigorously defend any and all unfounded accusations around so-called inaccuracies and/or slander.

TCRS is a neutral platform with a passionate and committed approach to the truth and truthtelling, to facts and forensic evidence. TCRS is well aware of the legalities surrounding true crime coverage, not just in regards to the Watts case but many others. It is careful to honor these, just as it honors the law and the legal approach to true crime and criminal cases.

In the past, TCRS has also vigorously pursued legal recourse against others who have appropriated its published true crime content, including but not limited to documentary filmmakers.  TCRS reserves the right to respond to spurious or misleading accusations and other misrepresentations. TCRS will not be dictated to on who, what or how its true crime coverage will be conducted.

In terms of the grey area, where victims or families may feel their story is being either impinged or misconstrued, or perhaps misrepresented on other channels, TCRS provides the option of a Guest Post section.

In terms of the Watts case, it’s available for those from the Rzuceks or Watts family, or friends or acquaintances who wish to have their voices heard on a credible platform in order to “set the record straight”  on a particular issue they’re unhappy with.

TCRS however reserves the right to decide whether submissions of this nature have merit, and whether they should be aired on the TCRS platform, or not.



  1. Richard

    Armpit detective video clearly shows he has lost the plot

    • AlyBaba

      But TCRS has posted videos on who was more attractive NK or Shanann? Hardly innocent himself .

  2. JBosh

    I used to watch the Armchair Detective, but I saw what her brother sees in the man…dollar signs! Thankfully he has his own site now, so he can get the word out for the family. How awful, for people to be profiting off this triple murder. Especially when the victims family wants them to cease!

  3. Frances

    AD is not doing anything that other Watts creators aren’t doing:
    1. 99% of them accept money from subscribers. I see nothing wrong with asking for money, we are adults, it’s YOUR decision whether you donate or not.
    2. These Watts creators are ALL speculating, (except for the ones that are just reading thru the Discovery Files, and books, etc., word for word) because we DO NOT know exactly what happened.
    3. Most creators, (like AD), ARE in favor of the Watts family, and like the rest of us, only want justice.
    ❤️🙏 Shanann, Bella, Celeste, Nico 🙏❤️

    • nickvdl

      AD is not doing anything that other Watts creators aren’t doing>>>Are you out of your fucking mind? Not everyone is putting theories out there about shadows running around the driveway that are a revolving door of suspects. It’s defamatory, unethical and pure conspiracy theory. There is a difference between creators that aren’t based on conspiracy theory and those that are. Wake up!

  4. Sylvester

    youtuber James Bogart refutes AD, which I found to be quite comical – the shadows theory, the red car, which way Bette Marcoux would have gone down the street to the gym, etc. As for Frankie he’s choosing to read everything on social media. Whatever he sees he’s lumping into one category. His mother (using Frank’s phone) says “God gives everyone free will” and so if that is the case then Frankie doesn’t have to read and respond to everything he sees. Dr. Phil offered Frankie, specifically Frankie on his show, free therapy and I would take him up on that. I would welcome it. I too would be consumed with rage, grief, I imagine it’s difficult for him to “move on” when the topic of conversation among his family members is always the death of his sister and his nieces. Trying to stifle free speech isn’t the way to go. Sometimes you just have to get off your computer, get a new phone number, cancel your television subscription, run a mile every day or lift weights, cycle, get up and get moving. Let people know you will not live the rest of your life defined by an evil act and stop lashing out. The more you resist, the more it persists. (And that’s my sage wisdom for Frankie Rzucek – may he find peace.)

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