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Another YouTuber implicating Nichol Kessinger

At 14:34 in the clip below the creator says, “This is a decision I will leave in your hands.” A few seconds later she’s adamant that her channel is all about the facts. The video’s title image is WOW FINALLY PROOF.

Proof of what?

She never explicitly says it, but by comparing Nichol Kessinger walking in and out of the interrogation cubicle to the indistinct figure walking out onto the driveway, the creator is trying to “prove” that Nichol Kessinger was a physical accessory to the Watts Family Murders not after, but during the fact.


During the clip of Kessinger, the background music is ominous and hollow, like something from a horror movie.

It’s quite clever. Kessinger is wearing jeans and white shoes. In the first clip of the figure walking out, Chris Watts is also wearing jeans and what appear to be white sneakers. That seems to be enough “facts” for this creator. It doesn’t seem to matter how skinny Kessinger’s legs and butt are compared to the figure walking out. It doesn’t seem to matter that you never see Watts and “Kessinger” at the same time on the driveway, nor do you see her long hair.

The ruler “measuring” the length of the respective figures is even more ridiculous. In one image the figure is closer to the camera and the trees than the other, an obvious fact based on the changing angle of the roof of the vehicle in the foreground relative to the figure behind it.  One image is zoomed in slightly more than the other.

The same creator emphasizes the “ping” off a tower in Frederick at 06:16 [about 30 minutes after Watts left his home on Saratoga Trail] as absolute evidence of Kessinger being an accessory. She was there! A single ping 30 minutes too late on a tower that she passes on the way to work is more than sufficient evidence for this creator.

What this creator and others seem to miss, is if Kessinger was an accessory [and she wasn’t] then she had to be very committed to Chris Watts. She had to be so committed to the relationship, according to these crazies, she helped him commit triple murder. But then a day later she had zero commitment to him.

Why would she be committed enough to commit murder, but show absolutely no interest in trying to help cover it up, to protect him and herself? Didn’t she just murder out of love? Why does she call the cops? Why does she talk to them for hours? What does she come back, again and again, to talk to them?

For the most part, we don’t see Kessinger in tears. We don’t see her distraught over her boyfriend having been caught, or passionately trying to defend him. Instead she appears resigned and deflated, betrayed and embarrassed.

The creator referred to above also provides what she describes as “scientific advice” on how to use Thrive/Le-Vel, and shares her “My Thrive Experience.” She models herself wearing Thrive patches and refers to the spiel of women needing to be at their best for their families and children. Underneath her video she asks those interested to message her on Facebook so she can mail samples.


The reason the Thrive promos are relevant is it goes to the standards, and motives, of the creator when it comes to truth telling. MLM companies, their products and their promoters, are hardly credible. They’re notoriously tricksy and iffy on the facts. If you want to be educated by the facts on MLMs, watch John Oliver’s take on it which has been viewed almost 20 million times and liked more than 230 000 times.

But let’s get back to this creator trying to implicate Kessinger in a triple homicide.

Finding a single fragment and turning that into a scenario is dangerous.

In the Frazee case we know his mistress was an accessory because she admitted it, and so through the Frazee case we see an example of what that looks and feels like. Krystal Kenney made a plea deal, testified in court and Patrick Frazee was convicted as a result. Kenney still has to stand trial for tampering with evidence. Besides that there is a heck of a lot of evidence proving Kenney was not only with Frazee, but moving with Kelsey Berreth’s handset after her death. She was also present when Berreth’s body was burned. Kenney also destroyed other evidence of Berreth’s, and participated in staging messages to Berreth’s employer. Kenney never called the cops, and when the cops came knocking, she initially lied, then got a lawyer, then signed a plea deal, and she’s still facing charges.

The phone records between Frazee and his mistress show a huge uptick in texts and calls back and forth, and synchronised, movement right around the time of the murder. Kenney also made several trips alone to Berreth’s home. Kenney took off work to clean up the crime scene. CCTV footage also confirms where she was, and where Frazee was, at particular times. None of this is present in the Watts case.

The main difference between Kenney and Kessinger was the length of time Kenney had been involved with Frazee – about 12 years. In that time she fell pregnant with his child, had an abortion and left her husband to be with Frazee. In Kessinger’s case, none of that happened. In a relationship of less than six weeks, where Kessinger wasn’t even aware of the pregnancy, there wasn’t time to develop that kind of I-will-kill-for-you commitment. As soon as Kessinger found out Watts was a diabolical douchebag, which was virtually immediately, she dropped him and she’s never been in contact since.

But these YouTubers don’t care about that. They care about taking a fragment of information and weaving it into a single, titillating scenario, and calling that facts. These aren’t facts, they’re fuzzy images and fuzzy logic, just as MLMs and their dodgy potions and overpriced powders shouldn’t be trusted. Creators like this one, who simply won’t stop trying to implicate Nichol Kessinger as a murder accessory, ought to have the videos that do taken down, and if they persist prosecuted for malicious defamation.


  1. Sue Dickson

    This woman is now selling Thrive and did a Vlog of herself rearranging her wardrobe the same as Shanann’s. SCARY SHIT! Emulating a dead woman?

    Get Outlook for Android


    • Sean Sinclair

      Did you notice the mk ultra butterflies in her videos now? I think she is Dr.B in the latest Armchair Detective videos. Sounds and mannerisms in voice are virtually the same!

      • Gail Phillips

        Dont be ridiculous, Dr B has her own channel called something psyche ward…..
        Dr B is a highly qualified learned person,
        Hahaha Far too inteligent6to be that person,
        A few people think she’s the lady on Plunder too !

  2. Sylvester

    There’s an element of obsessive compulsive “disorderliness” to these MLM causes in that it seems to attract people who feel they have very little control over their lives to begin with. So they latch onto some sort of routine that the companies provide and then proceed to enroll everyone else in that same routine in hopes of fixing them as well. When you wake up you take your pills, you drink your shake, you apply a patch – but it can be anything in the MLM companies – there is a routine to them or “they don’t work” so you are told. There are slogans you memorize that send you along your way – “it works so you don’t have to” or “work your plan and plan to work”, etc. All these companies do is feed the obsessiveness in your own life. I think if the Rzucek’s were honest they might say that Shan’ann was an obsessive personality type, and once she found her new religion and cause, Thrive, she became more obsessed and forgot about her relationship with her husband. MLM companies are extremely destructive, not only financially, but to relationships. Maybe the Rzucek’s think, mistakenly, that Thrive was a good positive thing in Shan’ann’s life, and they are understandably desperate to hold on to something of her, and her children, that was such a big part of her life – even if it is a negative. They don’t want to see that it was a big negative, on top of her death and the death of the children.

    And it’s similar to the obsessiveness Patsy Ramsey put into the pageant competitions for her little 3-6 year old JonBenet. Once she won a few of the competitions then it became an all out effort to groom her for an eventual Miss America title in that everything else around her was ignored, the house, her brother, her many illnesses and the bed wetting. If Shan’ann turned her obsessive- compulsive eye to her business, her house and children and ignored her marriage, Patsy Ramsey obsessively groomed JonBenet, and ignored everything else. But for Shan’ann Thrive was the vehicle that fed the obsessive compulsive disorder, and magnified it.

  3. Sean Sinclair

    In regards to the video “WOW FINALLY PROOF” OK try to follow me please , 1st person coming out of garage, white shoes!!…Same person! 5:02 thru 5:20 all white shoes. 5:30 thru 5:58 all white shoes! All gas can diversions! 6:23 changed into over sized  boots till end!

  4. Sean Sinclair

    In this video…
    OK try to follow me please , just trying to help, Im a father as well!!

    Lines 1828,1829 she comes home @ 148am …..get it? She disarmed the alarm system herself at 1.48am { line 1828 says Vivint FROM HER PHONE! NOT WALL MOUNT PAD BY FRONT DOOR OR INSIDE GARAGE DOOR } WHAT WAS IN HER HAND WHEN SHE GOT HOME AT 1,48Am? HER CELL PHONE WITH THE DISARM PAGE FROM VIViNT ON IT! {light greenish-blue- all light sources were bluish in video} THE PHONE CONNECTED OUTSIDE WHEN SHE pulled up. When they pulled up it should of showed her getting out of the vehicle as well.{ by CNN so its gotta be good? } LOOK FOR YOUR SELFS ! A.D. HIMSELF MADE THIS VIDEO! (At 3.07— 4.26 same color of disarming screen at Vivint , NOT A BABY MONITORE!! And theres Shannans phone record!!! What!!!!{ ) if she didn’t it would wake up everybody. It explains how she took her shoes off at door, dropped off suitcase by stairs, walk in kitchen left purse on island, totally explains why there’s no video. At lines 1836,1837,1838 are “Assigned Secure Sockets” It means the multiple routers in the house are running security checks, security Ipads are communicating. At 4.22am { line 1839} it was re-armed, its why it says on that line ” NO MVMNT PER DISCOVERY” PER DISCOVERY MEANS= 1ST LOOK AFTER POWERED OR RE-ARMED! At 4.30am line 1842 says SW / Ipad / DHCP IP, address is different than the address on line 1808 at 10.52pm when CW went outside .The DHCP IP address is off by one number meaning its the twin pad {1. next to front door and 2. inside garage door} that comes with the package from Vivint. At 4.30am line 1842 I presume someone’s erasing ANY data on the pad next to the inside garage door for the system.

    So the question I have is when did CW re-arm the system after Line 1808 at 10.52pm and after NK arrived at 11.20pm??
    Answer= line 1814? It’s been removed!

    More proof of Shannan was on Vivint app
    At :37

  5. Sean Sinclair

    I also believe “JimevaFam” channel is Dr.B that’s in armchair detective router video. Same voice and mannerisms. It’s a huge cover up! They lead people down all these paths when it’s right in front if them. They’re consistent about the basement. There IS NO BASEMENT DOOR SENSOR! Look at original walk thru. It’s a diversion.

  6. Sean Sinclair

    Not to mention the Huge MK ULTRA SYMBOLs in JimevaFam’s videos

  7. Evelyn

    There might not be proof, but I watched her interviews and she (Kessinger) doesn’t act like someone who is innocent. She deleted her phone and says such conflicting things. Looking up amber frey? Ugh. She is sketchy.

    • nickvdl

      There’s a difference between not being innocent and being an accessory to triple murder. A big difference.

  8. Jenn H.

    I admit that for awhile I was skeptical of NK being a accessory. However, there is absolutely zero proof of this. It’s so important to really look at all the evidence and reasons why NK isn’t a suspect, rather than buy into what other You Tubers are are assuming. I appreciate analyzing all possibilities in a case.
    To implicate someone of a crime without proof, (not ones idea of proof), or coming up with theories based on shadows, is wrong. Also, thinking about how it would be if people were doing the same to them, how would they feel? I’ve also thought about the fact that gathering people to follow a narrative like this can be harmful.

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