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First Look Inside Chris Watts’ MAN CAVE

The K9 unit bodycam footage is abysmal. It’s so bad it’s almost unwatchable. Much of the jerky footage appears zoomed in and oriented towards the roof. This means the audio is probably more useful than anything else.

There is virtually zero footage of the actual dogs, so its hard to see where they are reacting, which is a crying shame.

What the bodycam footage does show, albeit in fleeting jerky, very poor quality glimpses, are snapshots of Chris Watts’ Man Cave. Compared to the rest of the house, this subterranean area is a complete mismatch. A black garbage bag is stuck against one window near a makeshift bed, which reminds somewhat of Adam Lanza’s bedroom.

The rest of the basement is a mixture of neat packaging, housing and ventilation pipes, wires, innards and clutter that invokes the Ramsey basement.

Immediately below are screengrabs from the K9 bodycam.

Fullscreen capture 20181204 171024Fullscreen capture 20181204 170619Fullscreen capture 20181204 170743Fullscreen capture 20181204 170757Fullscreen capture 20181204 170838Fullscreen capture 20181204 170844Fullscreen capture 20181204 170900Fullscreen capture 20181204 171001Fullscreen capture 20181204 171005

Fortunately we do have another source for footage of the basement. Although it’s also pretty bad, it’s significantly better than the k9 bodycam. Interestingly, even while in the basement, the officer comments about how “everything is in its place” and how neat “these people” are.

What’s also frustrating about the officer’s search downstairs is that he opens the large white refrigerator and looks inside, but doesn’t open the large black one right beside it.

Fullscreen capture 20181204 195114Fullscreen capture 20181204 171117Fullscreen capture 20181204 194812Fullscreen capture 20181204 194818Fullscreen capture 20181204 194822Fullscreen capture 20181204 194842Fullscreen capture 20181204 194907Fullscreen capture 20181204 195013Fullscreen capture 20181204 195015Fullscreen capture 20181204 195019Fullscreen capture 20181204 195043

And then there’s this…

Fullscreen capture 20181204 222234Fullscreen capture 20181204 222304Fullscreen capture 20181204 222308Fullscreen capture 20181204 222333Fullscreen capture 20181204 222714Fullscreen capture 20181204 223514Fullscreen capture 20181204 223516Fullscreen capture 20181204 223519Fullscreen capture 20181204 223527Fullscreen capture 20181204 223605Fullscreen capture 20181204 223621Fullscreen capture 20181204 223626Fullscreen capture 20181204 223628Fullscreen capture 20181204 223723Fullscreen capture 20181204 223815Fullscreen capture 20181204 223950Fullscreen capture 20181204 224028Fullscreen capture 20181204 224116Fullscreen capture 20181204 224131Fullscreen capture 20181204 224134Fullscreen capture 20181204 224136Fullscreen capture 20181204 224218Fullscreen capture 20181204 224225Fullscreen capture 20181204 225754Fullscreen capture 20181204 230154Fullscreen capture 20181204 230210Fullscreen capture 20181204 230245Fullscreen capture 20181204 224344

Fullscreen capture 20181204 230738

Cadaver Dog Alerts inside #2825 Saratoga Trail [29th Tranche]

Where did the crime take place inside the house? The District Attorney can’t say where or when. But there is someone [if dogs can be called “someone”] who can.  And that’s why I called the TWO FACE series the K9 series. Because they cracked the case before any human’s did.

Which is why I followed their lead.

In the TWO FACE narratives [published on September 10, October 1 and November 12  prior to the release of the Discovery Documents on November 21] I’ve maintained that the murder of Shan’ann Watts occurred at the foot of stairs, right where her suitcase was originally found.  Chris Watts attacked her from behind after hiding behind a central pillar.

Fullscreen capture 20181021 235031

Fullscreen capture 20180929 184451

This theory was based on a number of factors which I explained in detail and in-depth in the TWO FACE books [and I won’t go into those explanations here]. In my view the scenario that Shan’ann arrived home, spoke to her husband [maybe looked into the children’s rooms], went to bed and fell asleep, and then was murdered in bed is nonsense and nonsensical.

One obvious reason for this is a murderer who is acutely aware of getting rid of evidence [and Watts went to a lot of trouble to go to CERVI 319 to get rid of them], he wouldn’t want a crime scene in his own bedroom. That would immediately and directly implicate him. His first, original version, if you remember, wasn’t that he’d attacked Shan’ann but that she and the children had simply vanished. Even in his statement when he finally “confesses” to Shan’ann’s murder,  he’s not specific where he attacked Shan’ann, but it’s not in his bedroom.

I knew it would come down to the cadaver dog evidence to either prove or disprove the theory. Now the cadaver evidence is available

Fullscreen capture 20181125 224914

Fullscreen capture 20181125 224923

Fullscreen capture 20181125 224644Fullscreen capture 20181125 224735-001

The evidence from Officer Lines is incredible. Not just the observations of the laundry, and Watts claiming to have gotten his dirty paws on all the clothing [except the shoes] but Watts’ dodgy demeanor too.

Lines even noticed the strong odor of cleaning chemicals [which no other investigators seem to have remarked on] and vacuum lines still embedded in the carpet. The laundry and vacuuming also show how painfully aware Watts was of leaving behind traces of himself or anyone else.

It’s unfortunate Officer Lines doesn’t specify exactly where she observed these vacuum lines.

The cadaver alerts in the basement are also worth noting.