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A Quick Word on Chris Watts’ Work Truck

How many vehicles did the Watts family own? We know Shan’ann had a new white Lexus. Chris Watts had a “work truck”. Wasn’t there a third vehicle? Well, there should have been, since Shan’ann bragged early on about both of them earning their Thrive auto bonuses straight out the gate.


When the police impounded Chris Watts’ the work truck [as described in the first TWO FACE book] it was this vehicle.


download (3)

It doesn’t look particularly new or particularly spiffy, does it? This truck A Ford is also referred to in the 2015 bankruptcy filing, which means it may be at least three years old, but more likely even older, probably a 2012 – 2014 model.

[Update: The Ford work truck is a 2015 model, so it may not be referenced in this filing.]

Fullscreen capture 20181022 225649

We know that when the Watts’ moved to Frederick from North Carolina in 2012, it was part of a work transfer for Chris. He worked as a mechanic at a Ford Dealership, and Shan’ann worked in internet sales for the same company. Hence the Daily Beast quoting Greg Alore about the dynamic he observed between his married employees at the Ford dealership.

Fullscreen capture 20181022 001831

It’s likely Chris Watts got his “work truck” from the Ford Dealership, and perhaps Anadarko assisted with the payments when it became “their” work truck, when Chris Watts started working for them as an operator in early 2015. That was the year they filed for bankruptcy [06/05/2015], and the year their second child Celeste was born [in July 2015, about a month after the filing].

The truck appears to be a 2012 Ford Super Duty F-250 SRW Lariat. It has a retail value of about $33 000.



Fullscreen capture 20181022 224455Fullscreen capture 20181022 225023

It’s also possible Chris Watts used his auto bonus to help pay for this vehicle, and it’s entirely probable he was still paying the vehicle off six years after buying it, perhaps on a hire-purchase type deal.
No other vehicles besides this vehicle and Shan’ann’s vehicle appear in their social media. What this shows, possibly, is a clear difference between the approaches of the husband and the wife to spending, and to financing – including big acquisitions.

In keeping with his personality, Chris Watts seemed more conservative in his spending. And in keeping with Shan’ann’s mushrooming extroversion, she seems to be less conservative in her spending and saving choices.

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  1. Pauline

    This is morbid, but it looks like there is enough room in that backseat to put one body on the floor and stack two on the seat. A “super duty” truck.

    • nickvdl

      It does but hundreds of fragments of the girls’ hairs were found in the rear bucket area. It seems unlikely that he’d travel out in the open with the bodies there, too risky, but on the other hand, there’s a risk of cadaver odor and blood leaking and soiling the upholstery on the inside of his truck – as infamously happened to Casey Anthony. So it’s hard to say either way at this point.

      • Pauline

        Chris Watts does seem to be rather a neat freak, doesn’t he? He ties up the backyard swingset with some kind of cord so that he can mow under them, he makes perfect criss-cross lines with his lawnmower in the front including the little strip, he likely edges the grass too, and weren’t the dishes washed and neatly stacked when the police came in for a look around? So he would also take pride in his truck, with it’s leather seating. I wonder if he put the bodies in a bag in the flatbed, then tied a tarp over them? He’d have to get big enough bags, maybe from work. Score another point for premeditation. But then we have a sheet, found at the scene, which suggests he yanked the bedding off the bed and wrapped a body with one of the sheets. If so, that would suggest several trips upstairs, and I don’t think he wanted to waste any time moving upstairs and downstairs, without lights on as well.

        • nickvdl

          I’ve been wondering who had the more OCD, him or her. I think her, but he may have OCD in a lot of ways we’re still unaware of.

      • Carol

        The back seat you’re showing is from a crew cab though, The extended cab which is what Chris’s work truck has does not have as much room and trying to get an adult into the back with the front seat just pushed forward rather than having that back door would be much more difficult.

    • Cheryl

      I’m sorry; I had to laugh at the “Super Duty” truck reference. Gallows humor. Cops use it all the time. I think it preserves your sanity.

  2. Pauline

    Yes, it does Cheryl.

  3. Connie Wells Suitor

    Actually this was Chris Watts take home work truck owned by his employer Aardco thus they had GPS to track the truck movements anywhere it went. Employees like Chris was allowed to only be used for work, employees were not allowed to have family drive in it or use for personal purposes.. There were FB videos posted at different times where SW and CW each one of them earned the Thrive auto bonus. There are rules involved only acquiring of certain few pre-selected luxury vehicles such as Lexus, BMW etc. Fact was Shanann ran Chris Thrive business where Chris was in her organization down line but she did all the work of sponsoring new sales reps, more or less running two business centers, as Chris was an introvert so he would not be good at sales and promotion. I am assuming even though Chris earned the car bonus my guess is they couldn’t get the financing for the new car as his credit maxed out likely low credit scores as house was 90 behind credit cards maxed out even though you can earn this car bonus you have to have the vehicle in your name assume lease or buy and he didn’t get credit approved. If that’s the case then you don’t get the auto bonus which is how most of these MLM vehicle car bonuses work. I think a truck they had before was Chris’s likely was repossessed in his first B.R. filed. I still go back and forth I realized Sunday he unusually contacted work mate Kodi Roberts where Chris volunteered via text while at the kids birthdays party to take Cervi 319 which indicates premeditation. Even so I wrestle with the idea did he murder the kids first then Shanann as in premeditation or did he as he states acted in a fit of rage he describes with Shanann where he strangled her then the children who are both light sleepers but mainly Bella woke up witnessed what Chris was doing, he then he felt no choice but to smother each child. Obvious premeditation must come into play In any event no matter what Chris was doomed from the start due to Shanann Thrive daily friends popularity, close friends and family constant in contact with her daily, all the technology phones, social networks, cameras and digital devices track you and trap you. In USA when it comes to murder maybe the lonely prostitute or runaway gets abducted murdered they are not so greatly missed, but a middle class or upper middle class type all American family with beautiful kids, lovely looking wife Shanann their family, friends, plus media is not just going to let it go lightly as they simply came up missing. (Scott Lacy Peterson ring a bell?) One more thing I think the media reports on the Tinder and gay lover who came forward is hogwash not ever proven other then their word. Police did not believe either ones story. I think this was Chris 7 to 8 year itch many married men get as a first time for an affair, fell hard head over heels for Nicole Kessinger, and went off the deep edge living in a false reality world, fell out of love, lost his ties to his wife and kids due to the 6 weeks away driving him to doing the unspeakable act of murdering Shanann and the kids….Sad case of a wonderful family gone wrong by a deeply disturbed Chris Watts.

    • Pam Foldesi

      Yes, you’re so right.
      Nobody can kill anybody these days, and hope to get away with it.
      Sheesh, I hope.

  4. Paul

    You should correct this post.

    The truck CW was using was a work truck belonging to the company he worked for.

  5. Stephanie

    You people do not do very good research at all, the vehicle that was listed in their bankruptcy was Chris’s Ford Mustang, which is on Shan’ann’s social media, Chris’s work truck is a 2015 F250 owned by Anadarko, in fact they are selling it, I confirmed it was his truck by the VIN # which was listed in the discovery

    • nickvdl

      Did you notice this blog was posted on October 22nd, 2018, about 3 weeks prior to the release of the Discovery Documents?

  6. Judith Contreras

    Just wondering why you think he bought the truck? Oil companies here in Texas supply the trucks to their field workers.

    • nickvdl

      Are you able to see the date of this blog post?

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