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The Irony of Ironies: Ceecee Watts and her “Failure to Thrive”

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Did you know Ceecee Watts suffered from a chronic disorder known as Eosinophilic esophagitius [EoE]? Did you know that EoE and asthma have been found to be inherited disorders related to lupus, in other words, Ceecee likely inherited serious health challenges from her mother?

Besides dysphagia [difficulty swallowing], other leading symptoms of EoE include failure to thrive. Yes, you read that right. Here’s further confirmation:

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Failure to thrive in terms of the medical diagnosis is associated with toddlers. It involves:

  • children that seem disconnected from or disinterested in their surroundings [lack of eye contact]
  • children who struggle to reach developmental milestones
  • children who are fussy

Ceecee Watts as clearly a different child to Bella, but not just due to temperament, due to something else she inherited from her mother – her health [or lack of].

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The Failure to Thrive is a persistent medical diagnosis often associated with children diagnosed with lupus-related conditions and issues. Now we understand why Thrive was such a big deal to Shan’ann Watts. She – more than anyone – was taking the Thrive’s promise to heart, literally. gettyimages-616528180-640x640


  1. Pauline

    Adorable picture of Bella kissing her doll on the balcony. Notice it was likely Nathan T. or his wife who spotted Chris barbecuing alone Aug. 12. He wouldn’t need home surveillance to capture that.

  2. Diana

    That post by Shan’ann you started off with where she’s referring to being “only 60” is a reference to Chris’s mom, Shan’ann’s MIL. Apparently while in North Carolina Shan’ann took the kids to see their grandma and grandma didnt take CeCe’s allergy to tree nuts seriously. According to Shan’ann, CeCe was at risk for an anaphylactic response to tree nuts, another reason why police were suspicious when they found the epi-pen left behind upon initial search of the house on August 13th. Shan’ann complained that Chris’s mom had pistachio nuts in her home, plus she gave other kids that were present, ice cream containing nuts while CeCe had to watch them eat it, this was AFTER telling her MIL not to even have nuts in the house while CeCe was visiting, too dangerous. I’ve seen some comments elsewhere that Shan’ann made this issue bigger than it really was, but I don’t believe that. I think CeCe’s health issues and allergies were very real. I do know too that CeCe did seem to be EXTREMELY wired or rowdy and energetic, especially compared to Bella. Besides the obvious reasons, what makes this whole case even sadder to me is that 99% of the time in photos and/or videos, CeCe always had the biggest, most mischevious smile! I think Shan’ann is guilty of wanting only the best for her girls, even though the Watts couldn’t really afford the best of everything. Although I’ve no doubt Shan’ann loved her kids, its sad that in her quest to “Thrive” and be home with them by working from home, she wasn’t really “home”, nor where they truly “Thrivin'”.

  3. Pauline

    Here’s a very sweet and tender display of affection between Bella and CeeCee, “Bella takes care of CeeCee when she was sick”

  4. Seymour Glass

    This is just my two cents. What Chris’ mom did to CeeCee, in addition to disrespecting her daughter-in-law’s wishes, is classic MO behavior from someone who has narcissistic personality disorder. It’s like Chris’ mom was thumbing her nose up and saying, “Don’t ever tell me what to do again, Shan’ann; I’ll show you” at the cost of putting her granddaughter at risk for anaphylactic shock, and her feelings from being hurt when the ice cream, in mention, was served in front of her and she couldn’t have any. All about control and revenge from narcissistic injury.

    Growing up in a home with someone with NPD, one will instinctually shut down over time. There’s even a coined term for it. It’s called “Gray Rock.” Good or bad – no reaction, kind of like a gray rock. That’s how you survive. How does Chris act by the way? Would you say Chris acts gray rock as an adult? Where did he learn this coping technique?

    For example, these types of grandmothers will always rebuff the parents’ wishes. This behavior is often trivialized, and put on T-shirts that read, “What happens at Grandma’s, stays at Grandma’s ” wink, wink.

    • Sam

      This is exactly what I was thinking. My mother has NPD and she did something similar with my kids and their cousins (my brother is the golden child). She basically gave very nice gift to my nephews in front my kids who received some very old crappy toys. She told my kids they weren’t allowed to play with my nephew’s toys but they, however, could have my kids’ toys.
      I nipped that in the bud and cut all contacts with my parents.
      I see that defiance like a NPD power play. Just awful

      • Kat

        Seymour: Do you think a grey rock/codependent is capable of murder? I’m an ex-grey rock and that really opens up a whole new line of thought! I wonder if there are any studies on it.

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