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District Attorney Michael Rourke – Post Sentencing Interview

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  1. Sylvester

    When the CBI agent asked Watts about different scenarios how he would get rid of his family the one scenario he said stuck out for me. He said “lure them into a trap….I guess.” I think he thought HE was in a trap. He’s a little young for a mid life crisis but we’re in a faster world now so in many ways I think he was having a crisis of identity, sort of being shuffled around to do make believe videos for a stupid company of his wife’s making, be a father to two little girls – even that was directed and choreographed by his wife such that he was in someone else’s movie and the only way he was going to survive was to lure them into a death trap so he could live. I think they became irrelevant to him, or he made them irrelevant, like they don’t really need him or love him, that’s how he could kill them. Because he may have thought he’s irrelevant to them. I’ll bet he’ll never understand why he did it and if he can’t tell himself why he won’t be telling us any time soon. Ultimately he was lured into a trap by the good cop bad cop and alot of other dedicated personnel including Spiderman and Captain America.

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