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More Photos of Shan’ann and Chris Watts You’ve Definitely Not Seen




  1. Shannon

    You only see them smiling and together when away. Never like this at home.
    I didn’t realize how big Shanann was.

    • michele anderson (@lovelostgrl)

      Yes she was beautiful wasn’t she?!

    • Kristy


      • Rebecca Anich

        Yes she is big. 145 lbs at autopsy. Overweight for height, even prego

      • Gina

        Seriously I’m striving to get back down to 145! I’m 56 years old

      • Debbie Mitchell

        I’d hope they’re referencing her height!

    • AngieSays

      Jealous much? Let’s see how big you are.

      • nickvdl

        Let’s keep the discussion respectful. If you’re not sure how to do that you’ll be banned immediately. Try to discuss the case and evidence without resorting to personal insults, or insulting one another. What these photos are asking is whether the Watts couple had an authentic relationship, or whether it was real or genuine at least at this point in time. That’s a meaningful conversation worth having, don’t you think?

      • langterk

        Tiny! Even after babies! I should be so lucky!

      • Steve Taylor

        She absolutely was above ideal bmi and recommended weight guidelines. Yes she is pretty, but none of those women pushing Thrive look to be I good physical shape. How is it jealous to point the out? It seems like its a soft spot for you.

    • Serena

      She was way too good for him. He was a stupid, hick mama’s boy and she was a go getter who may not have started out with a lot, but would have ended with a lot had she been given a chance. Dude couldn’t even order an UBER without asking her how to do it and all those trips were trips she swung for them. What a colossal mistake Chris Watts was! RIP Shannan and lovely angels! You deserved so much better than that gross, lying POS.

      • Kr31

        He had no problem with his calculator app… js

    • Teina

      Big ?? Are u serious 😱

    • Lisa

      WOW to come on here and say she was big! Like really. It don’t matter how big of a person is. It’s what’s inside a person. Size don’t matter. Anyways she was beautiful and so was her babies 😢

      • Lynn

        She looked postpartum. For someone who was diagnosed w a crappy illness that effects almost every part of the body, postpartum and thick is a good thing. I’m glad she got to enjoy motherhood, but I wonder if that was part of his insane reasoning for her murder😢

    • heartbreak12

      She’s not big at all…

    • Lynn

      She looked like she had recently given birth. Many of the Thrive people did not look very fit, for people claiming to be into fitness. Definitely above average BMIs. I was also wondering if Shanann’s lupus wasn’t so bad when the pix were taken, bc she looks good. She looked healthier than most people I see who have lupus. Though, I usually don’t see lupus patients until they are sick enough to require hospitalization. All this makes it even more shocking and unnerving.

      • Jacob Johnson

        I was noticing that as well about the other “Thrive” people. they don’t look very fit and healthy. However, Maybe they are in the middle of their weight loss journey. Who knows? I have wondered if those patches had something in them to cause him to snap? There had to be something to make him snap. I know the unhappiness had to be there, but something pushed him over the edge? I saw some speculate it was the lady he was having the affair with, or he just didn’t want the financial responsibility of kids to support after they divorced.

    • Gael Crane

      Awww, come on!

      • Gael Crane

        I’m talking about u people who in death shaming Shanan because she’s”big or fat”, I thought she looked beautiful not at all big or fat as some of u claim.

      • Steve Taylor

        I don’t see people fat shaming at all, just finding the size being in contrast with what they’re selling. Shanann has mentioned it herself, so how is touching upon it negative? Like someone mentioned above, who knows what is in Thrive? The vitamin/supplement industry is unregulated multi billion dollar industry that uses a lot of that money for “donations” to politicians who vote against regulation (e.g. after 3 people died from tryptophan supplements, there was a move for regulation but the votes that shot it down were from politicians who received big donations). I think some increased physical activity would be more beneficial to the people in the pictures, than those mystery patches. If she looked too skinny, I’m sure people would wonder about that as well. No sane person is shaming Shanann. Any negativity is probably from NK or mama Watts.


      you are truly scum of the Earth not much better than Chris Watts. Can’t judge her you don’t know them you know nothing but your own Twisted nasty vile bitter jealous with evil thoughts that you have now put the paper per say. She was fat she was big? Their marriage is literally none of your business what you see on the internet you judge you nasty vile Sick *.itch.. you can’t comment about how she was killed carrying his child or about those angelic little girls because you’re truly demented you sick fuc! people like you who write Chris Watts love letters should be in that hole not her!

    • Debra

      She just had 2 kids, give her a break! Maybe that bikini wasn’t the best choice. But I’m pretty sure him losing weight (and btw he had man boobs, and the biggest head on any human being I have ever seen, if we are going to criticize) made him think he was something special. He met bi-polar, crazy eyes, who is googling “wedding dresses” and “do married men leave their wives” and sending him nude selfies but yeah but she had absolutely no idea the situation she was dealing with…..she may not have been involved but I’m pretty sure she knew a lot more than she is saying. Btw she sounds like a man…and my most favorite quote “can’t believe he was lying to me” – he’s cheating on his wife!!!! Is she fcking dumb, just mentally challenged, or desperate?

    • John Nelson

      Some family photos are also sweet actually.

    • John Nelson

      Some family photos are also sweet actually

  2. Shannon

    I forgot to mention Chris is the only Guy in all these pics. But I remember her saying something about he had to be with her. Maybe no trust.

    • michele anderson (@lovelostgrl)

      Yes, apparently her not trusting him was correct since he cheated on her and then murdered her and her children. Thanks for bringing that up.

      • Steve Taylor

        Did you mean no trust on his part? I thought it was Chris who needed shanann just to order a pizza. Maybe there are other photos that we don’t see. I’m not defending the monster at all, js.

    • Penny

      Maybe she has other issues. I am scared to go away without family, due to a traumatic thing that happened to me.

      • jillkristina

        my family is the traumatic thing that happened to me. Im scared to go away with them!

    • Teina

      Shannon your shit

      • Debbie Mitchell

        Someone block this person. Unbelievable! You Teina are a horrible person.

      • Debbie Mitchell

        OMG I am sorry. I take that back. I didn’t realize the name of who said she was big. My bad!!!

      • Steve Taylor

        Does anyone know when these pix were shot? Chris is good at wearing human masks, and portraying whatever persona he thinks is befitting of the moment. Great son, perfect husband, doting dad, good neighbor, hard worker… All masks to cover the truly selfish, narcissistic , murderous monster.

        • nickvdl

          February 2017.

      • Steve Taylor

        “Your” lol. If you are going to insult someone, it would probably carry more weight if you learned how to spell 3rd grade homonyms. Your two funny.

  3. Cheryl

    I think Chris and Shan’ann were both very attractive, which, coupled with the horrific crimes, is part of this case’s allure. They remind me of the couples who are regularly selected for prom king and queen in high school, whose attractiveness is usually more relatable than exceptional. Culturally we place a lot importance on good looks and assume that those who are physically blessed and reasonably intelligent will have wonderful lives—good jobs, a beautiful home, lovely children, and a cute dog. When we see photos of Shan’ann and Chris, they are clearly posing, trying to fulfill the expectations and promise of what they have been gifted by virtue of their attractiveness —Chris doing the GQ pose and Shan’ann the beach model pose. When they fail at sustaining the ideal life conveyed in their photos and videos, we’re surprised but also secretly satisfied. This satisfaction stems from knowing that even the anointed can fall from grace, from being amongst the chosen to stand on the king and queen pedestal.

    • Martha M

      So insightul and smart reflection

      • Cindy Reynolds

        Yes very insightful !!!

    • Steve Taylor

      I wasn’t secretly satisfied bc that could have been a factor in his insane act. Not everyone feels schadenfreude.

  4. Daniell

    Omg shannon your a pos you are just as sorry as cw is rip shanann and babies gone but not gorgotten all over the world.

  5. Shannon

    These are my thoughts. I don’t Critique other posts.
    Too me she was a BIG girl. Chris couldn’t trust her either, considering she screwed around with her boss, while married to the first hubby!
    I’m 5’3 115 lb long blonde hair!
    Also with Lupus your not supposed to be in the Sun.
    All around she was a walking Liar.
    As for me being jealous…..of what?….lol
    2 sick kids, bankruptcy, 3 months behind in mortgage , homeowners taking them to court. Family members not getting along, trust issues, being treated like shit by his wife, her face timing all the time, hiding in kids, both screwing around. And so on.
    Geeezs like anyone would want that life.
    As per post, depends when pictures taken, the year, they look happy here.
    But we all know pictures lie!

    • Deanna


    • Carmen Woody

      you are sooooo right

    • Clemencine

      Wow. Who on Earth will say: I didn’t realize how big shw was for a dead woman?!

    • sandy Cross

      Did anyone ask what you look like …..uhhh didn’t think so !!

    • Kr31

      Weren’t they in some thrive magazine or catalog thing? Maybe that’s what these pics were for.. and to whomever said we didn’t know their marriage, it has been pretty much put out there. Not only on websites, but also her fb. I personally think it was a complete mess. They HAVE to look happy, to promote thrive. You’re not gonna sell a product looking mad and miserable and unhappy. She did tell her friends she was unhappy. And we know he def was.

  6. Carey

    She is the perfect size the way guys like them , I am not a fan if shanann AT ALL , and I have my thoughts what happen that night but this girl was perfect size . Men like risk curves and ass

    • Kay

      Yikes…no. I feel like only overweight women say these false statements to make themselves feel better. Also literally no one cares about what men like or prefer. Plus not everyone has the same preference either. Let people have their own opinions.

      • Kr31

        I think his preference was very similar in looks with shanann and NK. I looked at some pics and had a hard time telling the difference at first. Even this new “Anna” looks similar. I wonder if SW knew what NK looked like…

  7. Kate

    These pics are sad to me. A bunch of doughy middle aged people with ridiculous patches all over themselves.
    And I’m sorry – yes, Shanann is big in a bikini. But they all are – and it’s OK to point this out because they’re literally selling this crap as a lifestyle to be HEALTHY AND LOSE WEIGHT.
    It’s a joke.
    I wouldn’t have ever dreamed to bring up their bodies if these were normal vacation pics, but it’s all fake and staged. From the lovey-dovey pics (where are the other husbands??) to the awkward Thrive product placement….. None of this is real or desirable.

    • Cheryl

      Early thirties is middle-aged? And these women are big? What kind of impossible standard are we imposing on others and ourselves? No wonder people are going batshit crazy and sporting ridiculous patches, and buying big houses they don’t need and can’t afford, and leasing luxury cars, and killing their “middle-aged” 34-year-old, size ten wives and dumping them, kneeling, face-down in remote grave sites along with their murdered children in oil batteries. No wonder. We need a patch that will protect us from absorbing the soul-dead-size two destructive ethos of our shallow culture.

      • Lori Stephens

        Lots of wisdom & insight Cheryl! I think Shanann represented a lot of girls in that part of her life that has a husband & little ones to tend to. I know very few men who would take care of their children like he seem to. I think he must’ve felt emasculated or defeated at times. But in the end, when it’s all said & done now get a divorce!

    • Jacob Johnson

      I don’t know, I think the company she worked for paid for the trip they were on in these pictures. That is why the product placement was there, Plus I was curious as to maybe they used the pics as a promotion? some of them are great pictures. They did look happy, but like Shannon stated above, pictures can lie!

  8. Amy O.

    Just a heads up due to the headline on this, you probably want to change it, because I have definitely already seen all of these pictures. They are all very public on Shanann’s Facebook page.

    • nickvdl

      When you see a picture you haven’t seen before, let us know.

      • Steve Taylor


    • Jacob Johnson

      Is her facebook page still up? Did they turn it into a memorial page?

  9. Shannon

    It is a memorial if you want call it that.
    Big picture all about Thrive and numbers to call.
    On Mom’s page Dad’s page and Nicole page….all pushing Thrive. FB.
    Type in and look at their pages.

    Forgotten are Shannan and the girls.

  10. Shelly

    Shanann was very pretty and she and her husband look very happy in the photos. Chris is a sociopath and for a while he was happy but maybe being a husband and father became too hard for him and after he found out she was pregnant again , it just was too much for him. He then had the time to look elsewhere and found Nichol.That was the turning point for him. He wanted out of his marriage and thought being with Nichol was more beneficial for him. That’s when he decided to kill his family. Shanann was a hard worker. These trips were really business trips. She was supporting the family with Chris. They needed 2 paychecks because they were big spenders.

    • nickvdl

      I thought he was a narcissist. Or he had Asperger’s Syndrome. Can’t we just call him an Evil Monster – is that a clinical term?

  11. wolfiebear

    Shananne looks healthly and very happy so does Chris in these pics, she says they met when she was at her ut most lowest point in life and he wouldnt leave her alone even after she pushed him away so many times, she eventualy fell head over heels for Chris and was blinde dto his sexual liasons with male prostitues, tinder one night hook ups and mistress etc, he however i believe saw her FB posts and knew she was outgoing extrovert that he needed to be with in order to maintain a normal front to other people, he hid behind Shananne let het say great things about him and loved it and lappe dit up, he could see she was loved cared for respected and honoured by everyone who knew her, no man that feels the need to lead a double life is in love with anyone but himself, he used her until the point he thought he had learnt what he needed from her, he also lost weightstarted to look healthy good looking etc and got to big for his own boots and decieded he longer wanted Shananne but didnt want to be seen to be dumping a preganant wife, so wanted to be a victim and try and make out he told her he wanted to leave she got emotional, left her ring phone purse clothes and kids meds as if to hint she has killed herself and kids, he would have let that run for his entire life becuase hes a hick prick that got a bit confidence an dthought was too good for everyone and clever than the police an dgeneral public, i hate him i truly do, that mistress of his is pyscho and even now shows no care for Shananne an dkids murders just herself but did she caus eit NO, Chris was still hooking up on tinder on her, had they married and had kids she too would have suffered the same fate as the more sly and secretive he got the cleverer he thought he was………..what a loss to the world, this case has deeply effected me and broke my hart never ever would i have thought it even possible for a man to do such a thing, its so unusal.

    • Steve Taylor

      I don’t think he left her stuff on purpose, he just didn’t have time to clean up and never thought Atkinson would have the cops at his house. I agree with every thing else. He was an uneducated, chubby, hick when he met her. He lost some weight, met the office hoe, and didn’t know the difference between lust and love, so the family had to go. As far as unusual, sadly it is not. Christian Longo, Vincent Brothers, john list, Neil entwhistle, Philip Austin……

    • Kr31

      Wolfiebear really??? I’m not trying to argue. I think they used eachother. I think they were both narcissistic. It was her her her, and thrive. I know she loved her kids. She has said a lot if mean things about CW. And he obviously liked the game, of her pushing him away. But to say this is unusual,??? Have you not noticed how many men are killing their wives, children and unborn babies?? Cause they just can’t leave.

  12. High Quality Opinions

    These women all look like carbon copies of the next. Same haircuts, same bright overly patterned clothing, same false brightly colored nails, (same looks of desperation hidden behind fake plastered on smiles) on and on. I see a bunch of shallow, unoriginal, grasping, selfish, materialistic, bored housewives. All looking for a fun time job that gets them away from the husband and kids, all living way beyond their means, all putting on a show. Shanann allowed her life, and her family’s lives to become a low budget commercial for a scammy rip off MLM product that may have contributed to this tragedy in several ways (not to mention an annoyance to family and friends). She and Chris “double patching”, Chris loaded with caffeine (that’s all Thrive is- a multivitamin loaded with caffeine for “energy”), sleep deprived (his mistress said he “could NOT lay down and sleep tho his body wanted it his mind didn’t”) , tired of living his life with a cell phone stuck in his face (and he better react just right or face the scorn of his wife and her friends) not to mention the debt, credit cards so maxed out that an attempted purchase of shampoo was declined (did you SEE her closets? Yes, PLURAL! Fck, Amelda Marcos! Who needs that many shoes and bags!?) , being sued by the homeowners association (maybe the airfare for just ONE of these fancy trips would have paid that BILL?), mortgage in foreclosure (again), only 3 years out of a bankruptcy (nearly a half a million in debt that time), finally SNAPPED. It’s nature. Back any animal, including the human variety, into a corner long enough and even the most docile and tame will eventually fight its way out. Sad situation. Feel so sorry those little kids- the only TRULY innocent victims in this dysfunctional, narcissistic, selfish SHAM of a “family”. People need to get back to what’s important. Living beyond their means like this never ends anywhere good.

    • Mr. G.

      You really don’t take any prisoners do you?
      WHO, are we to JUDGE?
      Commenting about the finances is ONE thing, but to say such HARSH comments about the women?
      Your wife, (if you are married) has to be one PERFECT LADY to live with such a judgmental male.
      YOU must have a perfect marriage and a perfect financial situation.
      If you do, then, good for you…

    • Nicky

      Absolutely spot on!

  13. David

    As a lifter for over 40 years……it is clear to me that Watts was experimenting with testosterone/and or testosterone boosters. It is clear as well that he had no clue what he was doing. In the beach pictures it is apparent that he has gynecomastia…….or “bitch tits”……..his testosterone and estrogen levels were way off……This can play games with mood and demeanor…..

    • Galley One

      His “bitch tits” could’ve been from eating a vm lot of meat with hormones in it. Happens all the time to people. I’ve seen so many men like that and you know it’s their diet. Meat that’s not organic and pumped with hormones will give men this effect.

  14. Mustang Sally

    I love that these women are smiling and posing confidently in their swimwear or beach clothes. They look to be having a great time while enjoying each other’s company. It’s truly heartbreaking to know how life ended for Shan’ann because of the choices Chris made for his in the time since.

  15. Mr. G.

    No one, deserves a death like this; especially the beautiful children. Shanann was a lovely lady and a wonderful Mother. Beauty is on the inside. Our world became a sadder place after Shanann and her children passed on.
    When you make a comment, think about how YOU would feel if strangers made unkind comments about YOUR loved one…

  16. Killer

    Now I know why he killed her, it was because she took that pic of chris when he was working out…

  17. Tharika Fuhrerr

    Sorry but at an itty bitty dwarf height of 5 foot 3 a 115 pounds is kind of on the heavy side. I am 5 foot 7 and 118 pounds so you are not a prize honey.

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