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Nichol Kessinger asked Watts: “Is your lifestyle sustainable?”

My impression, both on this site and the social media I’ve seen, is that folks are so busy trashing Nichol Kessinger, they’re no longer trying to figure out what insight she provides into Watts and Shan’ann.

Just prior to the two minute mark in the clip below, Kessinger covers a particularly murky area in the Watts case – the family finances. The mistress was privy to the Watts’ financial set up, but like everyone else, she was only provided a limited view.

Eventually [not knowing about their bankruptcy in 2015], Kessinger asked Watts:

“Is your lifestyle sustainable?”

If Shan’ann had been asked the same question [by anyone], how would she have answered?

At 01:14 Kessinger is asked she ever saw Watts’ bedroom basement setup.

KESSINGER: Yeah, I went down there and saw his little…work out equipment, and there’s a bed down there…all set up. It’s all clean and organized. Um…like a decent bed setup. 


  1. Marie

    Take a look at how many times Shannan moved around before Colorado. People like that have no sense of responsibility. They rent a place and run out when the rent is due. She was not concerned about money. Look at her closets. Always dreaming about her ship coming in. No real job, just robbing Peter to pay Paul with her con MLM foolishness. As far as Kessinger, she was wrong for believing a married man. I have always believed in these situations, the other woman didn’t make the vow of marriage, the husband did.

  2. Captain Cassidy

    Exactly. She ain’t exactly the first woman to be fooled by a married man! I think she isn’t totally accurate/honest in her accounts, but overall I’m sympathetic to her.

    Infidelity scares people. I think when they encounter someone who’s been unfaithful, even like this, they take all their anger and fear out on that raised nail. They can’t affair-proof their relationships. And they can’t know each and every person who’s stepped out or been the other man or woman. So when they find one, that unlucky person gets the brunt of their reaction. NK is the stand-in for all marriages’ betrayals. That cannot be really easy to bear.

    I hear she’s gotten threats and is in protection! JFC! For what, carrying on with a guy she thought was ” this close to divorced? Even if she totally knew he was nowhere near divorced, that doesn’t merit death threats. Chris is the one who made the vows.

    As for sustainability, SW probably thought she was making a lot more than she was. MLM hunbots aren’t encouraged to keep profit and loss statements. They tend to state income in weird ways that don’t take costs and expenses into account. Chris had no idea what the family finances looked like. I personally wonder if he got a rude awakening while his family was away, getting the mail. One of the first videos the cops took was of SW’s office and it was just covered in bills. I wonder if Chris saw those and was shocked. I’ve had that experience.

    • Chip

      I think you’re right about him probably being in shock about the bills. I would love to know more about the car allowance thing. If Chris was getting it too as Shanaan says in a video then where was that money going? He had a company truck. And why does she make reference to the amount being “up to” $800. Wouldn’t she know how much it was exactly? Also, the paid for trips. To me a trip is not all inclusive if the flight isn’t included. Were they charging these flights? And were these trips for relaxation or were they brain washing seminars that were mandatory?

      • Captain Cassidy

        I doubt Chris was getting this car money. At a certain stage in the MLM pyramid scheme, the hun must get a car lease. This is absolutely mandatory in most of these scams. The company pays the lease, but only if the hun makes a certain sales goal each month. If the hun doesn’t hit the goal, then the car lease doesn’t get paid by the company. Shan’ann didn’t even hit that goal every month. So at least a couple of times, her family had to come up with like $700 on the spot for the lease. They had no other vehicles they could use for personal stuff (the truck was off limits for that and had GPS installed, so Chris knew he would get caught if he drove it anywhere else; that’s likely why he chose to dump his victims at a work site. I’m not sure they’d have fit in the car and the potential of leaving DNA traces would skyrocket, most likely).

        MLMs typically give their huns an approved list of vehicles for the lease. It probably does vary a bit in cost. (Shan’ann acted like Le-Vel bought her a car, but her fellow huns do the same thing. Tee-hee,what a generous company! Ugh, gag me with a spoon.)

        So if Chris were at the level in the pyramid for a car, he’d likely be required to get one. The MLM doesn’t just hand him that money like the BAQ that an army guy gets regardless. Chris didn’t sell the snake oil himself. His distributorship existed entirely because his wife signed him up as a downline to herself. He didn’t even know for sure how the company name was spelled. So any sales he got were his wife’s doing, not his own. If she was saying this, well, it wouldn’t be the first lie she ever told about her skeevy fake “business,” I reckon.

        The trips vary. Sometimes they really are exactly what the MLM promises. I hear Younique trips are like that. Other times the hun must cover various expenses like flights to the location/ship, etc. They always feature at least a little stupid rah-rah and motivational blah-blah. I get the feeling they do that for tax reasons somehow, but I don’t know for certain.

    • mitzi2006

      There’s more reason for her to get threats than rzuceks. That is one I truly don’t get, what did they do to be getting threats? Nothing that I’ve seen or heard

      • Captain Cassidy

        I’m similarly mystified by that! Why on earth were her parents getting threats? Was it the usual internet “go die in a fire” stuff or what? I don’t get why they’re getting any hostility. Cindy Watts gets on my last nerve, but Shan’ann’s parents seem fairly nice. And not to put too fine a point on the matter, their daughter didn’t murder anybody.

  3. Shannon

    Apparently Shanann moved about 21 times before Chris came into the picture. And Chris about 7 timed.
    I bet she slipped out , when past due rent was due.
    All in all, she was Very Shady…..from start to finish.

    • nickvdl

      In one of the recently posted sets of Thrive videos, as Chip says, Shan;ann talks about Watts’ auto bonus. Well, she was running his Facebook as a separate profile. So that wasn’t his bonus and he wasn’t using it.

      In another video posted on a hotel roof in San Diego, Shan’ann congratulated Nickole Atkinson on winning her auto bonus. This was posted in late June. On that occasion Shan’ann claimed Nickole had quit her nursing job. But after the murders in mid-August, Nickole was still working night shifts.

      When I asked Nickole Atkinson directly if she’d bought a new car she said no. And thus far on Facebook [after 6 months] she still hasn’t posted any promotion about a new car.

  4. Cheryl Filar

    MLMs and their income claims are illusory. The culture that spawns them and their promoters is founded on an entitled vision of boundless progress, wealth—optimism. If selling magical elixirs doesn’t pay the mortgage today, there’s always tomorrow, when dutifully chanting the company’s can-do aphorisms will surely yield the promised land of material splendor: big houses, leather furniture, expensive cars, luxury vacations, high-end preschools, and eternal love. To challenge the delusional assumptions of this fantasy is to spoil its fuzzy enchantment with hard-edged reality. In MLM land a realist is labeled a pessimist, because not believing in the material promised land is akin to not believing in the perpetual rise of the stock market or one’s own salvation and ultimate delivery to heaven. In the meantime the bills mount on the office desk, the kids get sick, and the husband wanders off the plantation, having found a new fantasy-infused love who wants the very same “beautiful life” he’s trying to escape. All the while the now-objectified “wife” keeps telling herself that “everything happens for a reason,” and that even if bad things do happen, they always produce good or even better outcomes. When the psychopath transgressor conjures his family’s disappearance, when the world at large realizes the Watts’s ideal life has somehow become a nightmare, they erect front lawn memorials populated by soft teddy bears and pink unicorns. Further consolation is provided by online psychics who assure everyone, for a fee, that the children are safely stowed in heaven while the mother remains temporarily earthbound as she works through a few well understood anger issues. The deceased wife’s and her advocates’ post-mortem anger is, of course, directed at the husband who tried to magically disappear his family in one hastily dug grave and two oil vats. But what are the advocates really angry about—the horrific murder of an entire family or that the reality of the Watts’s tragic ending has intruded on their collective fantasy? I believe it’s both; however, I think the online hysteria that has surrounded this case really rests on an unspoken fear that the Watts’s seemingly ideal life is not sustainable—by an increasing number of aspirants.

    • Jersey Girl

      So your theory is that the tsunami of anger directed at Chris Watts is coming from people involved in multi-level marketing schemes who are motivated by an “unspoken fear that the Watt’s seemingly ideal life is not sustainable” ? LOL It’s coming from people who have never been involved in a MLM in their lives but who are outraged at the idea of a man choking the life out of his wife and young children.

      • Cheryl Filar

        This country and its prevailing materialistic culture promotes unchecked fantasies that enable MLMs and other illusory enterprises, including the stock market, which is no longer based on the production of real things but on gambling algorithms, speculation, betting. Therefore, when I talk about a collective fantasy, I’m not just referring to MLM promoters. As I said above, people are disturbed by the murders themselves. However, the hysteria directed at those who ask questions about why Chris mudered his family is remarkable, especially when the conversation is inevitably focused on their fantastical finances, on their living well beyond their means and how this environment led to a family’s destruction.

      • nickvdl

        Are you or have you ever been involved in MLM? Just curious.

    • Captain Cassidy

      The Wattses present the world a dichotomy, a long and painful instance of cognitive dissonance. They acted like they were happy, successful, and passionately in love. But in reality, they were fighting constantly, drowning in debt, and all but estranged emotionally. I do think that’s a threatening thing for most people to contemplate. Most folks will wave away that discomfort: oh he snapped, dude’s just a monster, who could have predicted this?

      I’m not sure how much of it comes from hunbots who fear failure in their scam, but I do think overall that a lot of the fascination with the case comes from that stark difference between how Shan’ann and Chris Watts presented themselves versus what was really happening off camera. A lot of people on social media present themselves in markedly similar ways.

      • Seymour Glass

        Captain Cassidy – great thoughts as well.

        I’m not on Facebook; not on any social media at all except Linkedin. I fight joining social media with every fiber of my being. In the mid-2000’s, It was a little trippy to suddenly see so many strangers looking down all the time at their smart phones.

        I just don’t understand why Chris & Shan’aan needed the physical and financial stress of a humongous house? Nate’s house next door is much smaller in scale than the Watts, but equally nice inside as well as outside per police video. Surely a family of 4 or 5 would fit nicely. My two daughters, who are close in age like Bella & CeCe, have always shared a bedroom. I wonder if Nate’s house was in the $250K range – way more feasible.

        When I read Shan’aan built a $500K house in Charlotte after her divorce, I again question why? Big houses = stress, and she had lupus, which gets worse with stress. She could have lived in a 2 bedroom condo, and had it fixed up just as nice with custom woodwork like cove ceilings and finishes. I told my husband I never again want to live in a big house and have to deal with a yard, and all the maintenance involved. Don’t get me wrong, I love high-end finishes, but you can get all that in a much smaller, cozy home.

        A lot of people are living tiny these days. They even have shows on HGTV dedicated to tiny living in response to the down turn economy.

        Please don’t think I’m bashing on Shan’ann. I think she kept an impeccable home, and loved her children very much. She kept herself in shape, and always looked put-together as well as her family. She didn’t let herself go after marriage, and she had every excuse to do so with her health issues. I do think their dire financial situation was one of the contributing factor’s in the devastating outcome, but not the only factor.

        I think Chris knew divorcing Shan’ann would be extremely difficult i.e., custody fight, child support, she trashing him on Facebook, refusing the girls to see his parents (especially them being aware of the affair), moving away from Colorado and NK, which would force Chris to move as well.

        I can see Chris playing the different scenarios out in his messed-up head, including his parents recent communication breakdown with Shan’ann, and he sought, what he thought, was the fastest way to his freedom, which ironically was the fastest way to his loss of freedom.

        People are drawn to this case because it has the most lessons to glean. It’s an all American dream to worse nightmare. It’s also one of the first cases where there are hours upon hours of video and text documentation. People feel, on some level, that they know this family.

      • brendaTX

        Why do you refer to these people as “hunbots”? What does that mean? I’m just curious where your terminology comes from and how you gained such insight into MLMs. Is there a subreddit or something? (haha).

    • Seymour Glass

      Excellent post and insight, Cheryl. You get it.

      • Cheryl Filar

        Thanks you, Seymour!

      • Captain Cassidy

        Hearing you on FM about the social media. Studies keep telling us that the more someone uses social media, the more depressed and anxious they get. The best thing someone can do if suffering depression or anxiety is to get the hell off social media. I wouldn’t be there at all if it weren’t a requirement for my job. Thankfully, I don’t have to be there much, so I’m not.

        And here are the hunbots who spend every waking moment performing for strangers for validation and praise. They live their whole lives on display. It looks exhausting. I’ve seen their marketing about it, too. “Hey, if you’re on your phone all day anyway, get paid for it!”

        Shan’ann and her husband both seemed like validation junkies to me. Chris was more quiet about it, but they came from an environment where they got taught to value and crave such attention. I know how that goes. I was like that when I was younger. I was prey for every smooth talker who paid attention to me. Even if I was in a relationship, that heady thrill could turn my head. I finally got myself figured out and haven’t even been tempted since. As Chris got in shape, he must have been shocked to start getting attention. Now suddenly he could play the drama game!

        Shan’ann wasn’t in terrible shape, but she was overweight and lacking tone and definition. I don’t hold that against her. She looked okay to me and was confident in herself! Plus, she had health problems and kids, which to me is something to cut slack over. Chris might have had other ideas, though. His girlfriend was in stellar shape, and I’m sure that was his preference. The Thrive crowd was like most MLMs pushing weight loss snake oil, namely most of them was overweight to obese. Shan’ann was nearly the thinnest woman in her circle. But I don’t think Chris found her entirely to his preference. Please don’t think I’m body shaming. I’m not. Just what we think of as thin differs from what a ripped body builder thinks of it. He seems like he was head over heels in love with NK, and her lithe, toned, slim body probably had a lot to do with his feelings. He got in shape, and she stayed behind. I’ve seen what happen to relationships like that. It ain’t good.

    • CBH

      Beautifully stated.

      • Cheryl Filar

        Thank you, CBH.

    • Jaclyn

      This is a seriously enlightened and eloquent response. Very much enjoyed reading that.

  5. Shannon

    All the people who defend Shanann are Thrivers. She had no Real Friends. Her whole Life from the minute she left home at 18, has been nothing but stealing scamming and lying. She was lying to Chris about everything. Maybe he saw the stack of Bills when she was away and realized how far in debt they were.
    Too me, she was and is an embarrassment.
    The affair made him realize, just how much his life was in shambles.

    • Mustang Sally

      I don’t get the rage, animosity, and overall disgust directed at Shan’ann. There has been so much time spent in conversation about her character or lack thereof and speculation about her morals or lack thereof that contrasts quite glaringly with the questions and speculation NOT asked in relation to Chris Watts, that it’s pretty staggering.

      This isn’t just specific to you, Shannon. I’ve been noticing it as very common among a lot of the comments posted on this blog. There has been so much expectation of Shan’ann and by contrast very little expectation of Chris. The cries of “victim blaming” are most likely borne of this. Just an observation.

      • Shannon

        I think what it is, is that Shanann’s life is all over the Internet… everywhere.
        Before, during and after. Then there are the stories. You see every aspect of her, their lives. You see and hear who she is. Like I said up above. She was not a nice person….I’m being kind.

        Never do you see any other crime, to this level of getting to know the Victims and the Killer.

      • nickvdl

        I do think that several folks on this site forget about the horror of the deaths involved. One death is grotesque enough, three is almost too much to contemplate to actually gauge the level of this catastrophe. All of us are going to die one day, but the fact that these people died so young [and Niko before he even had a chance to see the world] is a vast and terrible tragedy. And it seems so unnecessary.

        When we see Shan’ann on photos or acting out in a video, it’s tempting to imagine she’s still with us. That she’s still out there. But she isn’t. She’s gone, and gone forever, and what was done to her was savage and cruel.

        We still don’t know what happened, although some progress has been made. Significant progress even.

        That being said, there are a lot of amateurs on this site who don’t understand true crime. Many who cry “Narcissism” and “psychopath” and “he just snapped” are the foremost amongst the uninformed. So when you’re meticulously interrogating motive they go, “Wow, it seems like you’re trying to understand the murderer. Why can’t you understand the victim?” A proper true crime investigation interrogates everyone and everything as thoroughly as possible. Finding the why shouldn’t be confused with justifying why. It’s not saying he had a good reason for what he did, it’s simply saying “this is his reason” for what he did, and he stupidly [whatever] did what he did because of that.

        And this is why he seriously thought he might get away with it…

        If you take time to read the blue block of text on the home page of this site, you’ll get the mission statement of True Crime Rocket Science. It’s an attempt to understand human nature, and particularly the why of crimes. Believe it or not, a lot of the heinous motives we encounter in the most shocking crimes are everyday impulses ordinary people feel and act on every day, and imagine are mostly harmless.

        I do wonder how many of those who make accusations of “Victim Blaming” are trying to weaponize an argument to score points, or foment arguments, and how many of those who genuinely believe “Victim Blaming” is happening here given the massive spectrum of coverage…are these people too daft to know the difference between victim blaming and expert analysis, or have they just landed on a single page and said the first thing that popped into their minds?

        In true crime there is the curse of having knowledge, and then having to explain to those who don’t have the same knowledge when they vigorously insist that they do.

      • Mustang Sally

        Shannon, that’s a good point as far as how much of Shan’ann there is to see online to question, analyze, characterize, and speculate upon; BUT, I don’t think Shan’ann, the Thrive machine or social media gal, is all there is to her. Even so, I think there is plenty of good to see there. I also wonder if there won’t be a lesson to be learned for some about how much of yourself to put on social media in the future and about keeping it real. I will hope that is a lesson for some of us.

        Nick, thank you for taking the time and patience for providing that additional insight. I sincerely appreciate. It is so easy to imagine her, and her girls, still here. I don’t know if that would be a blessing or adds to the tragedy for her family and friends. Maybe it’s a bit of both. A lot of both.

        I do wonder what Chris thinks about now.

    • James

      Shanann, you said “ Shanann had no real friend” I think it is the totally opposite, she got lots of best friends in the world, imagine if you did not answer the message just 4 hours, will any of your friends showed up and called the police for well check? Regarding the bill, lots of Americans families is live paycheck by paycheck, no body got killed. Unless there were 2 evil psychopath asberger; one is very talk non- stop manipulator wants Shanann’s life , one is a submissive dump follower.

      • Shannon

        She only had thrive friends. No one outside of thrive. Chris had no friends. As for Nicole, she lived 10 mins away. She is a thriver.
        There lots of murders over finances.

    • Clemencine

      Are you mad?! This woman was 15 weeks pregnat and she was killed. By her husband. NOTHING COULD APPROVE THAT. Why on Earth there are people like you who are blaming the victim? For what? For being dead? IF she was such a horrible person, such a bad person Chris Watts should get a divorce. NOT KILL HER. NOTHING APPROVES MURDER, NOTHING EXPLAINS MURDER. If you are not happy with you relationship – go away, do not wipe out your familly. My opionion is that only menatly sick people could say: yes, he killed her, but she deserved it, she was the root of evil ….

    • Clemencine

      Shannon , “The affair made him realize, just how much his life was in shambles.” – the normal person in this case will file for divorce. The normal person won’t kill anybody.
      “She was lying to Chris about everything.” – wow?! From what I read CW lied her, he even had a secret app on his phone where he hide nude photos of his mistress.
      One more thing – I’m not Thriver. I’m not even from USA. I’m from Europe.

    • Pam Foldesi

      “All the people who defend Shanann are Thrivers.”

      I had never heard of Thrive or Level before this case happened.
      Obviously, you are someone from Chris’ circle.
      You can’t get away with saying shit like that here.
      Shan’ann tried her best in every area of her life!

      Chris Watts murdered her, don’t forget that!

      • Shannon

        Excuse me there Pam.
        But your Wrong. The people Shanann Had defending her are Thrive People.
        She had No Friends.
        You must be New here.
        Do some more Research!

  6. Cheryl Filar

    Nick, agreed. I think having knowledge/facts is the crux of the matter and, as you say, the very mission of “true” crime. In terms of this case, you’re dealing with a country/culture that elected Donald Trump, who claims facts are Fake News. Although the mainstream media, who normalized Trump because he made lots and lots of money for their advertisers, finds it comforting to regard Trump as an anomaly, as Chris Watts is viewed relative to his family and the culture he was raised in, we here in America are all hell-bent on mass delusion and still stubbornly deaf, dumb and blind to our self-inflicted spiritual and material destruction, ergo the election of a madman/“reality” star—the apotheosis of this country’s entitled magical f’n “thinking.” I see the Watts’s family’s demise as a microcosm of this cultural, economic, and political disaster—years and years and years in the making.

    • Chip

      I was wondering how long it would take to drag Trump and politics into this. Another reason I am not on social media.

      • nickvdl

        It’s not a dumb or irrelevant comment at all. The owner of the Cervi ranch was/is an active Trump supporter, and a lot of political power is rolling over [and under] the oil fields of Colorado – which has a bearing on the suburban fabric. It’s not irrelevant at all.

        Cheryl’s also spot on about a culture of mendacity. The Watts family was one family living a lie. How does that translate through the legions smashing their lives into tiny fragments against the anvil of MLM?

      • Pam Foldesi

        RIGHT ON!!
        Other countries would do well to have a President who cares about his country, and his country’s borders, south and north.
        No shade to Canada intended, Canada is a great country.

    • Marie

      Please don’t bring politics into this. I am sick of politics brought into everything.

    • Seymour Glass

      Nick – I found a youtube video of Chris loading his car that morning from Nate’s camera. A lot of people were commenting that at 12:45 time stamp, you can see a small child walk up behind Chris from the garage. So I watched the video, and clearly there is a shadow of a small child that walks up behind Chris. Chris turns around and picks up what looks to be a child and puts them inside the truck. They were theorizing that it was CeCe.

      I’m going to try and find the video now. It was from a few nights ago.

      • Seymour Glass

        Here it is. Exact time stamp is 12:47. You may have to watch a few times. People were saying in comment section it looks like a small child walked up behind Chris (see shadow on ground next to driver’s side of truck – it doesn’t appear to be Chris’ shadow), he bends down and picks up what looks to be a small child, and places in truck.

        • nickvdl

          There is also clearly a Pink Panther with green stripes standing beside the wall under the light. You can spot him at 13:11 when he sort of looks forward.

  7. Chip

    I got off of Facebook over two years ago because of the kind of people like Shanaan who litter that site. Showboating, always displaying their “things” and their perfect life. Constantly trying to preach to others on how to live all the while secretly drowning in their own misery. I do feel bad for her and what ultimately happened. Especially to the little girls. But I also feel bad for Chris. He did this. He will relive this in his mind over and over for the rest of his life. A fate worse than death to me. I wish this hadn’t all gone away so quickly in the media. I think it is just the kind of thing people need to hear all the details of so that they can see what kind of influence social media has on their lives. I think the anger that gets directed at Shanaan is mainly because most people have known at least one person in their life like her. Someone that just gets under your skin. They project what happened to her onto the person they never liked and it makes it easier to justify it. Chris on the other hand seems somewhat likeable. Like someone you know “who would never do a thing like that”. At least, I know that’s how I feel about it. It’s not hard to imagine why he did what he did to her given their feelings toward one another and the circumstances leading up to it. The most puzzling and nagging thing to me is the little girls. I just can’t figure how he justified it in his mind. People want to say it was for NK. I just don’t think that was the main reason. I wonder if in his little girls he saw to much of Shanaan. Maybe their attitude and mannerisms reminded him of her. Maybe for a split second he lost it over something as simple as that. Or possibly he thought they would be better off than growing up spoiled and materialistic. Do we know if they showed him respect as a dad or did Shanaan teach them to sass him and only listen to her? It seems she would have if she wore the pants in the family. They seemed as if they loved their dad so it’s hard to know. But clearly something was wrong and I don’t think it all comes down to a 5 week booty call. Chris says she killed the kids by strangling them. People jump on that and say “they were smothered, not strangled!” If you even attempt to ponder that aspect. But what could he really see on that little screen? Maybe smothering looked like strangling to him on that tiny screen. Maybe he said strangling because that is what he ultimately did to her. Women have snapped before and killed their kids to get back at their husband. It’s not uncommon. How would people feel toward her if they found this to be true?

    • Shannon

      Chip, I have a feeling when he met NK, there were no kid responsibility. Just him and her. No sass, screaming Whinning, no one controlling him. He could do what he wanted, like she said he was living the Bachelor Life. By her saying this and he kinda bring single ….I think He liked it.
      For killing the little ones..many reasons. He kills Shanann, no mother figure, no grandparents as much, financial ……he still has to raise them, pay for them….look after them. His Hatered for Shanann made him kill the kids.
      Not so much a Bachelor anymore. He would have been Stupid to continue with NK – full-time. Those last week’s before murders he was distancing himself from all three of them. He was simmering inside…..slowly.
      His mind was in overdrive. Maybe Shanann’s texts to him while away, set him off.
      I believe he learned alot about himself in those 5 weeks alone. Realizing what a fucking mess his life was in.
      Financially, she got them into a big ness. Wonder if because of her….they first went bankrupt. Her patterns tell me she was the cause of it. Her history with money is not good.
      Moving 21 times? Why,…..rents not paid….taking funds from shady car place…leaving the first house super fast.
      Usually one person does the bills…..she shifted so much around….it even caught up to her.
      She needed Chris more then she Knew….his job, his help. She was Desperate to keep him.

    • Maria

      Shanann, I bet you “never” watched the video of how FBI agent Tammy got Chris to admit killing video,. Don’t you know It was the “FBI investigation tactic” to “implying to Chris” that “maybe Shanann did something to the kids” and gave “example of another mom killed the kids in another case” ..they needed him to admit that the family was killed, the rest could be figured out latter . Remember, before he admitted any killing, after FBI agent Tammy have exaple if mom killed the kid; Chris asked” why the mom killed the kids?”
      No offense, but I feel only 3 kinds of people will believe Shanann killed 1. Killer’s family( conflict of interest) 2. Mistress’s family ( conflict of interest) 3. People never watch and listen the following video of Chris vs FBI carefully. Here is video of FBI implying to Chris- Another mom killed the kid

      • Shannon

        Yea I did Marie. There’s always a good / bad cop. Chris was weak.

  8. Chip

    As for the Trump comment. I did not say it was dumb. But I do think it is irrelevant. And it begs for commentors to jump track onto politics and start bickering about that.

    • Cheryl Filar

      I respectfully disagree. I think Trum is a manifestation of our delusional culture.

      • Captain Cassidy

        He’s a symptom. I agree, it’s not irrelevant that so many people can neither recognize nor accept the truth. We don’t need to get into politics, but the mindset involved is all around us and hurting people.

      • Teresa

        I don’t. Most of us who voted for him (and will again) saw someone who knew business, talked about immigration when no one else would and who helped the employment landscape for millions of people. The culture of this country has been going downhill since the 60’s, due more to Hollywood than anything else.

      • Captain Cassidy

        Isn’t it astonishing how many people don’t understand that Donald Trump is a fraudster and conjob? Three letters is all it takes to make that point:


        That’d be the MLM our Liar-in-Chief got involved with. It’s hardly the only scam he’s ever committed to (see: Trump University, Trump Steaks,etc), but it’s what makes your observation so relevant. His Republican co-cowards in Congress had already made it crazy easy for MLM scams to gut millions of hardworking Americans already struggling to pay their bills. Amway all but owns the party by now. Lobbyists working for the MLM industry have helped destroy the regulatory power of the FTC and the FDA, which is why so many MLMs feel free to make outrageous medical claims like Thrive does. And education, the bane of all broken systems, won’t save us now that Trump has installed the conniving wife of an Amway founder’s son into the position of Secretary of Education. And just last year, Trump and his party nearly passed a law protecting MLMs from accusations of fraud. Dude’s neck deep with one of the most predatory and evil industries ever created.

        Considering how central MLM scams were to this murder, one would think the connection you drew was easy to perceive, but some folks need stuff drawn out, I suppose. Maybe Shan’ann would have found a real work from home job if our government had stomped on MLMs long ago like a lot of countries in Europe have. Not saying it would have saved her life, just that it would have alleviated a lot of the stress pushing the marriage to the brink, and who knows, maybe they’d have just been like so many other couples in that exact same sort of dynamic.

  9. Cheryl Filar

    Nick, as per your question, which I think was directed to me: have I ever been involved in an MLM. The answer is “no.” I worked for retail stores and local banks for about 13 years and then local government for the remaining 31.

    • Marie

      I agree with Chip. Do you enjoy our country being ripped apart Cheryl?

      • Cheryl Filar

        No. Of course not, which is why I’m hopeful the divisive madman Trump will be removed, along with his enablers.

      • Captain Cassidy

        It’s so weird to see someone thump her chest and make snide, utterly aggressive comments indicating a purely tribal us-vs-them outlook, and do it all to pretend that their tribal enemies are the truly divisive ones here. Cut it out. Your display will make you feel good and no doubt give you a smug feeling of joy when other tribe members pat your ass with likes, but it accomplishes nothing except to increase the division already in your heart. Vote for whomever you want, as long as you vote. Threatening to do something that is guaranteed to harm yourself out of spite just makes you look childish. Literally nobody cares what you’ll be doing in 2 years. Keep your mind on the topic.

  10. Cheryl Filar

    And that’s it for talking about for my discussing politics, as I realize that’s not what this site is about.

    • JC

      It’s a bit tricky to completely ignore it though. Remember the oil leak which was an excuse for CW to visit the Cervi ranch on Monday morning? That’s pretty much at the center of the prosecution’s argument for premeditation. It has direct influence on how political motivations would come into play. Take a look at the reason Mike Cervi went to prison:

    • Teresa

      Why am I not surprised that a “former government worker” doesn’t like Trump? Trump isn’t divisive-he merely stands up for the forgotten Americans other politicians claim to care for while making us pay to destroy our own country.

      • Cheryl Filar

        As Shan’ann so often said, “amazing.”

      • Captain Cassidy

        Wow, that’s pretty divisive as well. You’re as objectively wrong as it is possible to be about every single assertion you made, but your canned talking points have absolutely nothing to do with the topics raised on this forum. One can’t change minds about dogma like this, so I won’t. I’ll just say that I truly hope you may one day manage to link your own combativeness and inappropriate behavior with that exact destruction you dread. Please stop attacking people. Cheryl answered a question she thought was aimed at her.

        BTW: Your smearing of government workers is both shocking and childish. Almost a million families may enter financial crisis thanks to the grandstanding of your idol. They include the FDA workers fighting hard to keep your family safe from tainted food, the park rangers who keep your kids safe while they play, the FTC that makes sure to keep scams from your home, the airline security workers who work for free during shutdowns so you can travel by air, and more. I’m just at a loss to understand the short-sighted vengeful impulse that drove you to insult her like that.

  11. Shannon

    I would like to say. Chris is just as much at fault as Shanann is. Maybe those screaming matches were him smartening up, realizing how their lives were going in the wrong direction. He might have been trying to stand up to her. We don’t know exactly what words were exchanged. He might have been trying to fix the finances, trying to understand what was going on. Shanann might not have realized or heard him. She could have said, Hey we can work it out. But it was to late.
    It’s Horrible what happened here. Where were her parents when she was there visiting, why didn’t they again try to help them. Where were her Thrivers friends….
    No one spoke up, no one said…Hey Shanann, do you need help.
    Her Videos were a Cry for help, and no one was there to help her. Help her realize, her life is a huge mess. There not friends to me.

    • Seymour Glass

      Cheryl, Shannon, Chip, Nick, Mustang Sally and everyone else – you all have thought-provoking posts here. I agree with Shannon when she writes that his hatred for Shan’ann was why he killed the girls. In fact, his parents had no pictures of Bella & CeCe in their house (per Shan’ann’s text to friend after nut incident) while having lots of pictures of Chris’ sister’s children, Bella & CeCe’s cousins. I think I read that Chris’ dad had tattoos of only Chris’ sisters children names, not’s Chris’ children. So it seems that even his own parents saw the girls as “Shan’ann’s kids” and not “Chris & Shan’ann’s kids.”

      I think a lot of onus rests on Chris’ parents. Chris’ mom broke him in his primary and adolescent years while his personality, or lack thereof, was still forming. Ronnie was a classic enabler to the tyrant. Please go look at Chris’ high school grad picture in the tux. Look into his eyes, then tell me they are norma-looking eyes. I see evil – no soul – in this picture as well as a few others before he met Shan’ann.

      I find it striking how much Chris changed from the nice, smiling dad in the family photos with Shan’ann and girls to someone you don’t even recognize in his mug shots and court appearances. You would not think it’s the same man. And I read when Chris’ leg continues to shake during sentencing it was not from anxiety or sadness, it was from anger/rage. Does this mean he was wearing a mask this whole time? What we see now was always the real Chris? I shudder to think what went through Shan’ann’s head as he strangled her, to see him without his mask on.

      As far as Trump, I get what Cheryl is saying. I went to a university that heavily supports Trump. Only went there because I got a scholarship. I grew up in a similar home/dynamic like Chris, and it was all about survival – getting out on your own – at all costs. There was no time to invest in who you are as a person, to thrive (no pun intended). So I went to this school b/c I didn’t know where else to go and didn’t have know what to do. Today, I’m embarrassed to say where I went, and don’t even tell anyone, especially living in a pro-democrat city.

      I’m neither left wing democrat or right wing republican, think both parties are disconnected with the American people, Hillary & Trump included. There’s intolerance and hypocrisy on both sides.

      • Mustang Sally

        Thank you, Seymour. Your post from awhile back about CW going “grey rock” has really stuck with me. I thought that was a great perspective and powerful insight.

        As for Cheryl, I’m beginning to believe she should also become a writer, if she is not already! I appreciate how she extrapolates and extemporizes her thoughts and theories. I don’t always agree, but she and the very similarly minded Nick surely make me think!

        I could go on and on about how many posters stand out with intelligence. You know who you are and I appreciate each of you for adding something to my world. Thank you, Nick, most especially, for allowing the opportunity through this forum.

        And now, without further interruption of my ramblings…

    • Captain Cassidy

      Screaming matches happen because stuff isn’t getting resolved. Someone doesn’t feel understood. An offered resolution is rejected. Someone feels insulted somehow. Expectations turn out to be inaccurate. Frustrations mount. Emotions escalate. And then someone bursts out with words or deeds that can’t be walked back.

      I don’t assign Shan’ann any blame in her death, obviously. What happened to her still stuns me. It’s so cruel and grotesque. And I think Chris did it because he couldn’t handle his mounting stresses. He wanted out, as far as he could get, as fast as he could get, and as completely as he could get. He wanted a do-over, a new life.

      Well, I guess he got it.

      A lot of folks look the other way when couples fight. That neighbor of theirs sure did. A lot of people knew they fought and that things got really intense sometimes when they did. The time to fix things likely came and went well before Chris had his first affair. It’s so sad to see how SW tried to patch up her marriage. Maybe she realized too late how far their alienation from each other had gotten, and maybe she was going about it in the less than ideal way. She was trying.

      • Shannon

        I’m sorry. But I find your comments / posts to be nothing but rambling on about nothing.

      • Mustang Sally

        Captain Cassidy brings up a good point. What if someone had intervened? What if someone had approached CW and said something to the effect of, “Hey, man I heard you two screaming at each other. Is everything okay? My wife drives me nuts sometimes, too. If you ever wanna get out and go for a beer, I’m always up for it. I need a break from time to time.”

        • Shannon

          It’s a screaming fighting verbal argument between a married couple. Who is gonna intervene. The neighbor?
          They said they heard them fighting all the time. Most people mind there business.

      • Mustang Sally

        Exactly. What if there is a lesson to be learned here?

      • Cheryl Filar

        Captain Cassidy: I find your posts beautifully articulated and compelling, and not just because we agree on some of the cultural and political issues that are foundational to this case.

    • Maria

      Shanann-it’s not hard to figure out—It is only the mistress’s family and killer’s family will desperately brainwash the husband and the public — how missable was their marriage life and how bad is the wife. Because It is conflicts of interest. It is very evil to trash the poor victim. All Shanann’s friends testified she is a overbearing mom and loving wife; you can also see it in their text message and FBI interview friends witness videos. -they all said- This couple was totally in love, BEFORE Shanann’s 5 weeks trip.

      – Reference 1 –Photo of Shanann & Chris was in love 6-25-2018 San Diego’s trip
      — Reference 2– link of mistress texted Chris for free hotel holiday inn hot stay won’t cost you a dime LOL” on 6/30/18

      • Shannon

        Well obliviously Chris had different thoughts. I’m sure Chris knew how his parents felt about her. They were together 8 yrs! As for the mistress and his parents brainwashing the public…..where. she’s in hiding and we haven’t heard a word from his parents…have we?
        Video of Chris learning she’s pregnant, my but does he look Happy….lol
        Remember Shanann lied about alot of things to her Thrivers, whose to really say when they started to change.
        Maybe Chris was playing the game……waiting.

  12. Rewind The Truth

    Keep in mind: Before this mistress had sex with Chris on June 27, 2018 (discovery report), Chris looks like totally in love with Shanann, The proof: Shanann texted Chris” How can you change in 5 weeks, before I left , you can not get enough of me” ……..{..My speculation and theory are the following } : I can imagine the talkative and jealous mistress brainwashed Chris about the financial burden :. ..
    Mistress: “.Chris, listen, Shanann and her kids all had ongoing medical problems. This would keep you in life long debt. If you divorced your wife the debt would still exist and more.; divorcing Shanann would be extremely difficult i.e., custody fight, child support….Poor you… Do you realize what a fucking mess your life are in now… Shanann is so materialistic and spoil ..she got you into this big mess of credit card debt and bankrupcy.?. Everything in Shanann’s huge house looks soooo expensive, leather furniture, expensive cars, and luxury vacations. Oh.. Their education expense are sooooo expensive: their high-end preschools which is $2000 per kid per monthsX 3 kids are $6000 per month… . Shanann ‘s facebook and your facebook are painted a family perfect picture for herself. she actually trashing you on Facebook, And Shanann is so horrible..she refuse the girls to see your parents forever.. Shanann is so mean to your mom……your poor mom……..Now..Shanann’s 3rd kid is a boy (ultrasound result on Wednesday Aug 8 ) is a very BAD news.. I am scared to death”.. because I knew you-Chris always want a boy;”I don’t want to lost you… I am scared that you will never “do it ” once your son is born, your life will be in a even bigger mess, bigger debt, bigger responsibility,…. and worst of all… I may leave you forever…..If you do not handle them now…. I got plenty of date waiting for me.”……Too bad..I wish I can build a beautiful life with you and did what you have done with Shanann ” ………………******************{..All Above pure speculation )*****

  13. Sylvester

    I checked the pre-school (for up to 4 years of age) at the Primrose school and tuition is $850 a month per child, which includes the after school program (if you wanted to leave them there 9-3). It’s less for half days. And less for under 4 year olds.

    • Cheryl Filar

      Wow! What were the Watts thinking? This info goes right back to the sustainability issue. I recall making the decision to have one child based on several factors. Primary amongst them was the cost of full-time childcare, because my husband and I worked full time. Another factor was how much time and overall resources (time, food, clothes, college fund, etc.) would we have to devote to one let alone two? I’m glad we had one. She’s now 33 and turned out well. I think our decision has something to do with that. Again, what were the Watts thinking? Or not…
      Thanks for the follow-up, Sylvester.

      • Sylvester

        Yes Cheryl, it’s still expensive isn’t it? The breakdown is for less hours spent there. 9-3 is a long day for a 4 year old. Weren’t both of them in pre-school for half days before, or not. I’ll look up the schedule again. Pre-school is just a fancy word for daycare.

      • Sylvester

        Primrose takes children 6 weeks to 6 years, and afterschool programs for kids up to age 12

        5 full days (9-3) $890 monthly
        3 full days (9-3) 545
        2 full days (9-3) 390
        5 half days (9-12:15) 490
        3 half days (9-12:15) 290
        2 half days (9-12:15) 220
        Then there is the enrollment deposit starting at 5 full days – $300
        Pre-school is 3-4 year olds; after school program K-4th grade

        Might be a different fee schedule for under 3 year olds, doesn’t say. If they are taking them at 6 weeks I would think a nice warm bassinet and plenty of diapers, but no classes!

        Bella would have turned 5 in December, but as an age 4 year old was she going to be going to pre-school 5 full days a week? Was Celeste going to be going 5 full days a week? That’s a long day for a little kiddling. What was Sha’nann going to be doing all day as a “stay at home mom”? Sorry Sha’nann. Obviously I have a judgment about mothers who plop their kids in daycare all day when they are so young. My judgement is why have them if you don’t want to spend time with them. But as I say, it’s one of my “judgements.” You sound like you and your husband were prudent, and thoughtful to the needs of your child.

    • Mustang Sally

      How do they differentiate between “up to 4 years of age” and “under 4 years old”? Isn’t that basically describing the same age group?

      • Sylvester

        yes – I misspoke.

    • Chip

      Great research Sylvester. Do we know how often they went and how long they had been going there? That is an awful lot of money to spend when you are home all day and can do it yourself. I wonder how much work time was actually spent on the Thrive thing. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around what the job actually was. Just a few facebook videos everyday or was there real work involved? Anybody familiar with it?

      • thetinytech2018

        It wasn’t actually a job. She was making hardly anything, actually probably losing money. It’s a pyramid/ponzi scheme but with a product so technically that makes it legal. Your money comes from recruiting other people not selling the product, and Shanann was doing neither. She wad spending upwards of 300 a month on product to get no return.

        Its not really a work from home job in the traditional sense. They don’t get paid hourly, technically they’re independent contractors and only get a small commission off what they sell. Only the top 1% make money and Shan was far from being in that top percent. You basically buy all the product from the company and then annoy friends and family on Facebook trying to guilt them into buying your product or signing up with your code to become your downline. What you saw is exactly what her job was. Making FB live videos and posts all day trying to get others to believe this product was so great. Trying to get them to sign up so she makes something… Anything. It actually drives people into debt, it’s pretty much that Amway scam but in different packaging. If you have Netflix, watch “Betting on Zero” and you will get the idea of what kinda scam she was involved in.

        Why these women never realize that in real business, you don’t recruit people to do your exact job, that would be creating competition and saturate the market. There’s so many red flags its unreal. She wasn’t really working, just pretending to while losing money.

  14. Maura

    People are upset with NK because she presented two different sides in her interviews and actions. They don’t add up as one truth. One side has things NK told police:
    • I didn’t know his wife’s name.
    • I don’t use social media.
    • I didn’t know about the baby.
    • We only dated 2 months; I barely knew him.
    • I told CW to fix his marriage.
    • I wanted to build a beautiful life with him like he did with SW.
    • I deleted texts and pictures because I was disgusted with him not to hide information.

    The other column lists her actions:
    •She Googled SW in Sept. 2017.
    •She was on LinkedIn and Facebook and had friends remove her photos.
    •SW’s social pages were public so NK could see them via Google including the pregnancy video.
    •She questioned CW when he last slept with his wife, researched the boxes of condoms he had at home, and asked if he and SW were trying to conceive.
    •Texted her friend about how men she dates always have something wrong. She wants a man who hasn’t married or had kids. But, she said she never said anything against the kids.
    •After 30 days of dating she pressured CW to finalize his divorce or lose her, get an apartment and separate bank account; that other men had asked her out.
    •Said he’d damaged their relationship by being in two relationships at once.
    •She Googled wedding dresses after dating 2 months.
    •She sent him many naked or semi-naked photos of herself during their affair and while he was in NC “his last chance to fix his marriage.”
    • All of the comments she made criticizing his life with SW.
    •Deleted texts: What was not recovered from NK or CW’s phones?

    CW lied to his wife for months in addition to cheating. If CW had opened up to SW in January that would have been the time for them to try counseling. Not when he was ready to leave.

    We don’t have hours of videos containing CW’s lying, cheating, coldness to his family during the last month, the things NK was telling him during their dates or the planning for murder he did in order to judge him accurately. He also contributed to their financial mess and borrowed money from his 401K to pay the mortgage.

    @RewindTheTruth brings up good points especially the idea that NK verbally conditioned CW against his family:
    1. Before SW left for NC her marriage didn’t seem to be in bad shape to HER as CW couldn’t keep his hands off her. Otherwise she may have shortened the trip. She was going to cancel her last trip when she knew they were in trouble. CW wanted her gone so he could date NK and access the kids for his plan.
    2. NK spent time discussing every aspect of CW’s life with his family and may have brainwashed him against them using their poor finances as a weapon: (Shannan and the kids had ongoing medical problems that would keep him in life long debt, child support, alimony, medical bills, expensive schools, etc. Everything was blamed on SW, probably even the 3rd child).

    Over the 6 weeks SW was away NK painted a negative picture of what CW’s future would look like after a divorce. He believed it and acted accordingly.

    • Mustang Sally

      Great points, Maura! I’ll add that several people have pointed out the long break while his family was away in NC probably allowed CW a better look into their financial situation, but don’t wonder why he wasn’t being more realistic about solving the crisis he was supposedly discovering. Instead he was aggressively pursuing NK (last work email from her to him states something to the effect that she wants what he has so she thinks it’s best they back off and keep it friendly…within the week, they are reportedly having sex 3-5 x’s a day), planning getaways, buying her trinkets (cards, gifts, jewelry), buffing up, dining out, plotting murder, and basically avoiding any real responsibility for anything. “I’ll just start checking off all of those boxes after I dump my family…” Simple.

      SW was barely on that plane out of Colorado before he was onto NK.
      The seemingly sweet, shy, passive guy with “no game” was somewhere else, too. NK is no innocent victim but she was played, also. The player was on the field in full gear.

    • Cheryl Filar

      This is an excellent analysis, Maura. Thank you.

  15. Rewind The Truth

    Mustang Sally, Who was pursuing who first? you are confused. He was well-known for quiet, in a shell, no game nick name-Rain Man at work.
    *Question 1: Who googled the spouse’s name in Sept 2017? *A:* She did
    *Question 2: Who initiated the first email on June 11, 2018? *A:* She did.
    *Question 3: Who texted and invited to ” free hotel hot stay wont cost you a dime & road trip”*_ on June 30, 2018? and texted him “Are we bad people in July? ”
    *A:* She did.
    Who targeted who first? too obvious… she initiated emails to a married with little kids on 6/12/2018 + wife just announced pregnant yesterday 6/11/2018 on the facebook)
    1: Text message screen shot.
    2.First emails before any sex
    2. Discovery pdf page 1887, 615 )

    • Mustang Sally

      I’m not confused.

  16. Shannon

    Daycare is ok for learning purposes. But Shanann was a stay at home mom…..wasn’t she.
    She knew they couldn’t afford it. Put them in daycare, miss a few months, pull them out….then what. Embarrassment.

    • nancyjames3358

      SW stated she was leaving her job for LeVel so she could be home with her girls. So why were they at the school 4-5 days per week?

      • Nick

        Good question Nancy.

      • Shannon

        Because her Monsters were to much for her to handle. Soon they won’t need Naps. In her Videos she is constantly complaining about them, hiding from them.
        I don’t know Anyone who acts like this, and I wouldn’t want to either.

      • Cheryl Filar

        I think Shan’ann initially thought she could do the MLM work at home along with taking care of the kids. However, when she realized the children were too interruptive, especially when she was initially developing the business, she decided to put them in daycare. Coupled with this, I think Shan’ann’s rigid need for order and structure made the chaos tied to toddlers intolerable. In several videos she talks about the mess Bella and Celeste made and how it’s driving her crazy. At first, I thought she was just being a martyr, but realized disorganization was intolerable to her—which is ironic given the state of their finances…that she controlled. Perhaps she needed an outlet from her rigidity and over-spending provided that psychological relief.

      • Ralph Oscar

        I wondered about that myself. Just what was SW doing with herself all day without the girls there? Oh, right – manicures and pedicures with her Thrive friends and videos and shopping!

  17. Ella

    A woman shouldn’t leave her husband alone at home for five weeks. When the cat’s away the mice will play!

  18. Chip

    I think this all starts in a girls head when she is young. Being overly spoiled. By the time they’re preteens the pressure is already on to have a perfect family when they’re old enough. They care more for the “milestones” that get them attention. Prom, engagement, marriage, getting pregnant. The guy who fits into all this is a bit player. Sometimes the girl gets lucky and actually falls in love. But that still takes a backseat to “the game”. Over the years and with social media that pressure to keep up with or outdo your girlfriends has gotten out of hand. Just look at what most young brides think their weddings should be today. Costing tens of thousands of dollars. Setting the couple up in huge debt before they even cross the threshold. I would image Chris and Shanaan’s wedding dept was probably a part of that bankruptcy. Then, it’s “gotta get my forever home”, “my dream home”, 3 car garage, open concept, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, walkin closet (but not for him, the idiot, for me!) and the now all-important farmhouse kitchen. Then fill the house with crap and professional photograhy of yourself as if it is fine art or something. I guess there’s always been the pressure to keep up with the Jonses but nowadays that pressure is resulting in murder.

    • Cheryl Filar

      I think the eternal love fantasy fuels the marriage industry—and it is a business, one that eventually supports other enterprises, such as the housing industry—the promotion of the just-got-to-have HGTV dream home. So many are focused on the fantasy they don’t consider the reality of a long-term relationship, which is in itself hard work and not always pleasant. Although my mother did a lot of things wrong, she never promoted marriage as some ethereal bond with a magical soulmate. She told me it’s hard work and you’re going to need a sense of humor to navigate its ups and downs. She was right. However, sometimes hard work and a sense of humor aren’t enough, but an overriding sense of reality will enable you to know when it’s over, or should be. Neither Shan’ann nor Chris was engaged with reality, and it ultimately led to their, and most tragically, their children’s destruction.

      • thetinytech2018

        Beautifully put and that’s something I’ve pointed out before, both CW and SW had this disconnect from reality. Can that help? Sometimes. I love my career but like all jobs it has its days where you kinda gotta go on “autopilot” and disconnect from reality in a way. However they had a different disconnect that wasn’t healthy. They thought by ignoring problems they would go away, or if they wished hard enough money would magically come from nowhere and help them out. I don’t understand that part, they were seemingly so common for people who had another kid on the way and were about to lose the roof over their head.

      • thetinytech2018

        Comfortable* not common

    • Ralph Oscar

      “Then fill the house with crap and professional photograhy of yourself as if it is fine art or something.”

      I love this so much!

  19. Sylvester

    Watts house goes to auction in April. The Rzuceks filed a wrongful death civil suit against Watts which will be heard this year. And, the state wants $70K restitution from Watts. My question is how is Watts going to pay the restitution, and the wrongful death judgment assuming they will get one, if he’s not allowed to profit from the murders, and the sale of the house goes to the bank.

    • Shannon

      April 17.2019. House.
      OJ still hasn’t paid anything to anyone.
      They’ll never get any money from him.
      After bank, debts take it…’s over.
      I doubt Chris will ever talk to a journalist or book writer.
      Some places have it so prisoner can’t make money off deals.
      But we had one here who did. He paid some to the families, his wife.
      Chris is in PC….. probably 23 hrs a day. Out for exercise. But with money he can buy things for his room, tv, bolted down. Books, magazines. I think people sending him money, plus family.

  20. Sylvester

    In a way O.J. is paying, but it’s not much. The Goldman’s got all proceeds from book sales of “If I Did It” put in their name and when I found that out I bought two copies. Still, I wonder if Watts will get anything from the sale of the house. 6508 Saratoga Trail, the house Watts was checking out 8/13, sold 9/11/18 for $500,000. Now if what is owed is somewhere in the neighborhood of $378K, and the highest bidder bids close to $500K, will Watts get any of it?

    • Shannon

      Oh I’m sorry. I thought they hadn’t received anything. Goldman’s. I just read house priced at about 638.000.00. I don’t anything will be left. Hard to say.

      • Shannon

        Sorry wrong amount.

    • thetinytech2018

      I think he was able to get away with “If I Did it” because he wasn’t found guilty in criminal court. Now CIVIL court was a different matter but there isn’t any “guilty” or “not guilty” in civil, just a plantiff and defendant and a judge deciding if a party needs to be made “whole” or not. If he had been found guilty of murder in criminal court, O.J. Would’ve never been allowed to write that book. Was it in poor taste? Absolutely and I’m glad the proceeds went to her family. Kris Jenner also tried profiting off the death I a way, she wore a garbage “cook book” years later where she named some microwavable nacho recipe after Nicole claiming it was her favorite, the public saw through that and called her out. I always find this like that in poor taste, where someone tries to use a tragedy to profit. Speaking of which, the cult members of Thrive! trying to use Shananns death for profit is downright disgusting, tasteless and low class. That even goes for her family that’s been profiting off of it by encouraging unsuspecting people to sign up and buy product. I could maybe understand if it was going to some foundation or non profit in her honor, but that’s not what they’re doing. Her family should be ashamed of themselves but we know that won’t happen.

      • Shannon

        Thank you

    • Marcie

      No, as the house is in pre-foreclosure and set for auction in April 2019. The foreclosure estimate is $376,627, which is probably close to the Watts’ mortgage. It was assessed at 484k in 2017 and would probably sell for that or more.

  21. nancyjames3358

    I don’t think NUA and SW mother have the same attitude towards LeVel/MLM as most of us. I’d bet they do not connect SW’s MLM business to what happened to them or CW’s evil deed. To them, this has nothing to do with the crime and therefore will keep on promoting the product.

  22. Sylvester

    Well I agree with you there nancy. Are her parents still promoting it? By the way, just a little factoid, Leonard King’s second wife was also involved in Le-Vel.

    • Mustang Sally

      I had read that also. Probably learned about it through stalking her new love interest’s ex-wife as normal curiosity in any new relationship. The takeaway here being that it is quite unbelievable NK was in the dark as much as she claims about Shan’ann at any point in her relationship with CW.

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