On 08/20/18, along with Michael Rourke and several DDA’s, I met with Frank and Frankie Rzucek at the Weld County District Attorney’s office. While briefly interviewing both Frank and Frankie I learned the following:
• Watts stated to Sandi that Shanann “was in one of her moods.”
• Nicole spoke with Sandi that morning and was concerned about Shanann and the girls’ whereabouts.
• Shanann’s phone and iWatch were never turned off and that she charged them on her night stand each night. [This is probably a reference to them habitually being left on, in contrast to them being found off ito of the crime scene].
• The girls’ Jack & Jill bathroom doors were typically locked at night to keep Bella and Celeste out of the bathroom.
• Sandi called Watts and left a voice message. She subsequently called him again to check on Shanann.
Watts was distant with Shanann’s family the one week he was in NC. This was the last week of six weeks Shanann and the girls were in NC visiting family.
• Frank stated Watts’ relationship with his mother is not as good as the relationship with his dad.
• Frank confirmed the conflict between Shanann and her mother-in-law (Cindy Watts) regarding Celeste’s peanut allergy.
• Frankie stated that Shanann “wore the pants” in the family.
• Frank said Watts was more stern and confrontational with Bella and Celeste while he was visiting in NC the last week of the six week trip.
• Frank installed the hotel style latch on the front door to prevent Celeste from opening the door.
• Frank also said a big blue blanket was typically on the couch. Note: this blanket has not been located to date.
• Frank confirmed the outside garage door opener key pad has never worked. Nothing further.

Det. Dave Baumhover #11-02.

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