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Miscellaneous Bodycam Footage including Cadaver Dog Searches

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  1. Captain Cassidy

    Man, that one video of the dog handlers trying to get an object for the dogs to use. Chris is being as completely unhelpful as he humanly can! There’s that Southern passive aggression I remember so well. I wonder if he realizes that the cops there see through him as easily as I do. Dude’s not only not worried or upset about his family being missing, he seems to have deliberately tried to hinder the best allies imaginable that a parent could hope to find in such a situation. I’d really expect a parent facing a real disappearance to be wracking his or her mind trying to think of options for the dogs to use. Chris is just a lump. It’s just so striking to see it in the flesh. I can’t imagine Nickole missed it, either.

    (I have a large, super-villain smart, very take-charge cat who heard Deeter through my headphones and is now going through my house looking for the strange dog he is sure is here. Damn, that dog’s voice carries.)

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